Monday, 23 February 2015

The Rogue's Odyssey by Louise Findlay

Louise Findlay Books LogoLouise Findlay writes fantasy (generally short stories) and inspirational poetry. She enjoys reading and writing about mythological creatures such as angels and demons but has a soft spot for vampires. Louise is currently in the midst of writing a vampire novella about two vampire clans whose deputy’s clash in a big way, entitled A Spy in the Sagax Vampires.
She generally writes ebooks but she’s apart of a few anthologies which are in print and plans to release a print verson of a collection of poetry at Christmas time this year.
Heroes with an edge are always fascinating and when the metier is poetic, the romance tends to rise exponentially because, after all, everyone loves a rascal who’s only a heartbeat away from being on the wrong side of the tracks, but who somehow always battles on to win the day, whether that’s fleeing from dastardly henchmen, or fighting a terrifying dragon.

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The Rogue's Odyssey Cover FinishedAn excerpt from the poem:
It was the dead of night, on horseback I fled,
fled from the knights of the realm.
Their intent, to flay me alive,
was keeping me going, keeping me going.
A rogue I was, honourable though,
but they were scarce in supply.
They hit me, dead, dying, I fled,
traversing through the wood.
I had to survive, survive I did,
through the snowy wood.
I stopped for a second, to revel,
in its wondrous beauty,
but I had to keep going, had to keep going.
This journey I had to make,
the dangers worth the rewards.
The money was good, oh the pay was great,
A wizard was paying my way.
There was a more, primal reason,
a directive I had to follow.
The fate of the kingdom, rested in me, rested in me,
despite the knights following.
The knights,
corrupt they were,
twisted by the darkness.
Their lord,
dark at heart,
instigated the curse.

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  1. Hi, Renee. Thanks for posting here. I thought today would be a good day to release it because it's also my birthday. Again thanks for posting.

    1. Awesome Louise! Happy Birthday and you're welcome! :-D

    2. Thanks. (Argh. The blogger profile thing is so annoying.)


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