Friday, 13 January 2017

Firefly Kayla's Gift by RM James

About me, well I live in a small rural town in Georgia just five minutes from the border of South Carolina (not South of the Border—that's too far). I'm originally from Queens, New York.

I have a furry companion name Bailey she is my best friend as well as my therapy cat. I love her to pieces! She knows exactly when I don't feel well and jumps on my lap. She is a diluted torti-shell with attitude galore!

My career in writing started in 2012 when I stopped working due to some ailments I've been battling and because didn't want my college education going to waste, I thought of contemporary romance. Honestly, writing wasn't my first career choice being a doctor was (now don't laugh). I wanted to help people.

I love to quilt, paint-by- numbers, practice yoga, meditate, drink lots of coffee. And oh, got to love that fried chicken and fries!

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"I did not realize her physical wounds needed healing but her mental ones too."

Distraught, and hurt, Kayla Grayson drove at an excessive speed after an intense argument with her husband miscalculating a sharp curve and landed in the median pinned under her car. Close to death, she received help from an unlikely stranger, unknowing her life would change--forever.

Cain Westbrook, wealthy, hotel entrepreneur, cotton grower and single, made it a habit of protecting his existence by avoiding or perpetrating any serious mistakes that could start a witch-hunt for his kind. Six centuries alone, he did not expect to find his true mate dying on the side of the road on the interstate. He berates his actions for leaving his newfound mate and the possibility of her wreaking havoc from her thirst; he recruits his two best friends to exhume her body after her funeral where the extraction did not go as planned.

After awakening in strange surroundings, she struggles to adapt to her new life after making her abusive spouse, her first kill, blinding her of Cain's love, her powerful gifts, and dangers of dark forces after her blood. In spite of this, over time, she came to know Cain and understood his reason for changing her and feelings for him bloomed. Yet, her insecurities kept her from progressing until his evil brother kidnaps her. The injuries she suffered were fatal; the damage to her psyche was too great giving up the will to live.

Cain never realized not only her physical wounds needed healing, but her emotional ones did as well and did what he thought would bring her back by declaring his love.

Follow Kayla's progression as a new vampire in Firefly: Kayla's Gift.

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