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Kingdom of Honor (Kingdom Journals Book 3 – Jude’s Story) by Tricia Copeland

Tricia Copeland grew up in Georgia but now lives outside the mile-high city of Denver, Colorado. She not only draws from personal experiences, but creates adventures and fantastical journeys for her characters. She feels it is important to portray bravery in the face of turmoil and challenge.

Her contemporary romance Being Me Series includes the novels Is This Me?, If I Could Fly, Think You Me, and the finale, Being Me. These new adult books follow a college co-ed named Amanda, from her freshman year to her senior year, as she navigates a huge crush, first love, and an intense personal tragedy. More than just romance novels, the series chronicles a young adult’s journey to womanhood, diving into coming of age, personal growth, and recovery themes.

Tricia also writes in the young adult space. Her first YA paranormal work, entitled Drops of Sunshine, features Nina who hopes to escape her family drama at a summer camp for the visually-challenged. Problems ensue when she realizes the campers can hear her thoughts. This novella is available free in Spellbound, a summer themed anthology of YA stories. Tricia’s second YA work, a dystopian tale featuring Jema and Troy, is entitled Lovelock Ones: Native One, and can be found in The Butterfly Box. In addition to Native One, The Butterfly Box includes seven adult healing themed novellas. All proceeds from this anthology benefit Doctors Without Borders. A follow up to Native One, Bred One, will be available January of 2018!

Copeland’s latest books are the YA paranormal fantasy romance, Kingdom Journals Series, including Kingdom of Embers and Kingdom of Darkness. In the first journal, you read a first-person account of a modern-day vampire-witch hybrid named Alena who finds her soul-mate, Hunter, who realizes he is a witch. The second, gives a glimpse into the mind of a girl who believes she suffers from schizophrenia. Camille discovers, she is the witch of the trinity, destined to break the curses put on the witch and vampire species. The third and fourth books of the series, Kingdom of Honor and Kingdom of War, are due out in September of 2017 and June of 2018, respectively.

An avid runner and paranormal fan, Tricia enjoys hiking, trivia, and Scrabble.

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Kingdom of Honor
Kingdom Journals 3 – Jude’s Story

Jude only knows one thing: he must rescue Camille. It doesn’t matter what must be done to save her from the evil coven, he will do it. The path is convoluted and there is much pain to endure. If he can rescue her, will she still have her magic? What will his role be once she is found? How does he fit into the trinity’s prophecy? Find out in this fantasy adventure novel that finds the Kingdom Journals characters traversing the globe in search of Camille, and the key to breaking an age-old curse.

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Keep reading for an interview with Jude from Kingdom of Honor:

Where were you born?

I was born in Los Angeles, California on the spring equinox, March 21, 1999.

Do you have a close relationship with your family?

My dad travels a lot and my mother struggles with manic depression and drug issues so I was mainly raised by my grandparents, Nan and Pop. When I'm seventeen I discover my father is a witch and mother is half-vampire.

Who is your enemy?

My friend Camille and I were taken hostage by Michael's coven, an evil coven of witches. They wish to use a magical dagger to free all of their fallen ancestors from purgatory by putting their souls into vampires.

Tell us a little about your world, and where you fit in?

My friend Camille discovered she was a witch at the same time I did. She realized hallucinations she was having were really visions of two other witches she is linked to, Alena and Hunter. They like Camille, were born on the summer solstice in 1999. They are the children of light and the prophecy states that they are to free witches from a curse that limits how long they can live in one place. We also believe that witches' souls will pass from Sheol where they are imprisoned to find peace.

What are your goals?

I escaped from Michael's coven but they are still holding Camille. I will rescue Camille and make sure she stays safe.

What was the most exciting adventure you've ever been on?

Camille and I met during a camping expedition in Iceland. We went hiking, ice climbing, explored glaciers, and kayaking in the North Sea. From there we traveled to Italy where we were held hostage in a castle and trained to be witches.

What do you regret most in your life?

My biggest regret is leaving Camille to go rescue her father. When I returned she as gone, captured by Michael's coven. I only have one aim now, saving Camille.

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