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Deepest Scars: A #Romance #Novel by Tricia Copeland

Tricia Copeland grew up in Georgia and now lives in sunny Colorado with her family. In addition to the award-nominated Being Me series, her books include Best Book Award Fantasy Finalist series, The Kingdom Journals, Lovelock Ones, a post-apocalyptic dystopian adventure, and Drops of Sunshine, a YA paranormal novella. Find all of Tricia’s books on her website!

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“He jests at scars that never felt a wound.”
― William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

A new job, new city, and new friends seem like the perfect solutions for healing Zack’s broken heart. A fiery red-head, with passion for all of his favorite activities couldn’t hurt either. She seems perfect for him, and he's immediately drawn in. The romance blossoms, but Zack is side-swiped when he learns she's hiding things. Is the relationship worth salvaging or do her scars run too deep? Don’t miss Zack’s story in this Being Me series stand-alone companion novel!

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More about Deepest Scars…

Zack's love life has been on the fritz for months. How could he, again, have been so delusional as to believe Amanda would choose him. But now he's in a new city, working towards his dream job. He's found new friends and hikes, camping trips, and volleyball tournaments fill his calendar. Having given up his casual hook up strategy of meeting girls, he's focused on his career and experiencing all the southwest has to offer. Enter Liz, a fiery red-head with passion for all of Zack's favorite activities.

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“Ask her out,” Carlos yells after me.

I wave a hand at him as I walk away, thinking maybe Carlos is right. I need to get back in the saddle, or I’m going to end up wearing sweaters and raising cats. But I don’t want to be like I was before, moving from girl to girl with no rhyme or reason. Maybe I’m overthinking it. Most guys on the team are older than me and still dating around, at a different club with a different girl every week.

Finding an empty treadmill is easy on game days, and I take the one against the wall. I pop in my earbuds and start my run playlist. Before long, all I am thinking about is my feet hitting the treadmill deck and the sweat beading on my forehead. At six miles, I slow my pace and walk a few minutes. I take a quick shower and head to the market to pick up something for dinner.

Weaving through the aisles, I find some veggies and strip steak to grill. My phone buzzes as I join a checkout line. Abe’s message reads:


Shaking my head, I text back: K, THX.







Man, I must be out of the loop. How long have they been dating? It’s been six years, but she was my first. My chest tightens. Abe, Adam, and I had our Bar Mitzvah together. Didn’t she break up with me because I was too hometown? He works as a loan guy at the bank down the street from our neighborhood.

“You want to check out, dude?” the guy behind the counter asks.

I throw my items on the belt, slide my card, and grab the loaded bag. Outside, I take deep breaths of the hot air. I got over Ashleigh years ago and wonder why I’m upset. Probably if I wasn’t coming off the blow from Amanda, I wouldn’t care. Quit being a pansy, I think.

Over the row of cars, a flash of red hair catches my eye, and I do a double take. Liz stands hand to hips outside her car door. You don’t care, I force into my psyche. But I’m not that guy. At least her name doesn’t start with an A. I wind around the truck and approach her as she’s using a cereal box to fan her front seat.

“Everything okay?” I ask.

Her head turns, and her eyes grow wide. “Zack?”

“Yeah, grocery shopping. Not stalking.” I motion to my bag. “What’s up?”

“Nothing. It’s fine.” She blows her breath over her forehead.

“Tinted windows would help. I got mine done—”

“I know. My neighbor said the same thing.”

“I have a guy. He had a fair price and came to the hospital lot. I have Monday off. If you want, I could be there when he comes.”

She shakes her head. “My neighbor gave me a name. Brad’s a firefighter, so he should be safe.”

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