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Ms. Creant: The Wrong Doers! by E. A. Barker

E. A. describes himself as a collector of ideas and a purveyor of dot connections. He attempts to present his findings in an entertaining fashion in an effort to encourage people to read—especially men who are reading far too little these days. E. A is an advocate of education for its ability to affect social reform and actively promotes the idea that a global conscience is possible.

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Ms. Creant: The Wrong Doers!
Life With Women: The Long-Awaited Instruction Manual

This book was created for everyone from young adults to seniors. It was written from a male’s point of view, speaking to men who are endlessly struggling to understand the opposite sex. For women, this is a fascinating journey inside the male psyche. The book gives a young reader a glimpse of the future, with a recommended time-line for key life events. Mature readers, who have already experienced much of what is discussed in the book, should come away with a new found understanding and perhaps even closure. Ms. Creant is a controversial, entertaining, yet informative look at everything which influences human behaviour including: relationships, life, health, biology, philosophy, sociology, theology, politics, genetics—even physics. E. A. Barker shares twenty-four “inappropriate” stories of life with women. The author based these stories of women behaving badly on his real life experiences, spanning four decades of his search for an ideal partner. The lessons taken away from the book will serve to help readers make better choices, become more aware, grow and change—at any stage of life.

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Keep reading for an interview with the author:

Did you have a hard time sharing your work with the public?

You will definitely feel some anxiety baring your soul to the general public.

What inspires you to write?

Worry for humanity.

What is the quirkiest thing you've ever done while writing?

Writing naked.

Do you prefer ebooks, print or both?

I love paper books. I love libraries and bookstores. I am very concerned about a future where thought and knowledge can be deleted at the press of a button.

What made you decide to self-publish?

(E. A. is grinning here.) A complete and total lack of interest by the traditional publishing world.

What is the best thing about self-publishing?

Larger royalties and complete control of: cover, title, interior, pricing, and marketing.

Would you recommend self-publishing to other authors?

Only if they fully understand what will be required of them to get their book noticed.

Are you a pantser or outliner?

I am a fly by the seat of my pants outliner. First I wrote a memoir, then the outline changed to include humorous quotes. Next, I inserted the more scientific parts and the outline was redrafted again. Finally, the outline was again altered as the extra chapters were written.

How long does it take you to write a book?

Ms. Creant required four years of my life: one year researching, one year writing, nine months of editing and publishing work, and now I am in the marketing phase which will continue until October of 2017.

Do you write about real life experiences, or does everything come from your imagination?

As I am a nonfiction writer, Ms. Creant is very much about real life experiences.

Do you ever base your characters on people you know?

All of the thirty-ish people discussed in the book are or were quite real.

What inspired your current work?

A seemingly endless string of women who did not understand themselves.

What was the hardest part about writing your latest book?

I had to relive every heartbreak of my life and it took an emotional toll while writing it. The upside is I achieved the closure I was looking for. I am happier today.

Do you have any advice for other authors?

It is a job and you will have to work very hard or spend lots of money to be a success. Learn the process before publishing. There are far too many authors who believe they can see their own mistakes and who believe they can do everything themselves. They are essentially putting out unfinished works only to become upset when they receive a poor review due to editing or proofreading issues. You need a handpicked team. Alpha readers cannot be fans. Fans will tell you that your story is amazing and are rarely qualified to speak to the quality of your writing. Use a qualified editor and prepare to be devastated by what they point out. It will make your writing and your book better once you come out of the depression they caused. Expect to rewrite sections. Expect to flush out ideas. Expect to add chapters and even change the ending. Ms. Creant was an eight chapter book intended as an e-book only release when I wrote The End for the first time. It became much bigger and better, now having the potential to reach a much larger audience. When you are sure you are done, don't publish it. Give it to a qualified proofreader for line editing (punctuation and grammar changes). They will see the missing words that you believe are there. They will make punctuation changes to make each sentence more reader friendly. If you self-publish or are published by a small press, make sure you have a marketing budget to produce arc's, author copies, promotional items, launch events, websites, social media campaigns, e-mail campaigns, snail mail campaigns and plan to exhibit your book in the world's largest book conventions. Be aware, you must do all this within the first year after release. Lastly, beware of the social media time suck. All social media work will never equal the sales generated by REAL world door knocking. Popularity, a.k.a. likes, follows, shares and re-tweets will not pay the rent.

Do you have anything specific you'd like to say to your readers?

Thank you and I hope you found something within the pages that made you consider new possibilities.

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