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It's Just Business... the Romancing of Ahjumma: 2 Weeks in Busan - A #Romance #Novel by Wanda Voy

I write stories and stuff about very unlikely people, in very unlikely relationships, in very unlikely situations.

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The first of the series “It’s Just Business… the Romancing of Ahjumma,” “2 Weeks in Busan” introduces Ki Soo and Lee Ho-Jun, players in the Seoul business community.

Ki Soo, a woman of 45 and expat from the United States, is Chairman of the Board of a huge advertising corporation and Lee Ho-Jun, a man of 25, is her Director of Creative Services.

“2 Weeks in Busan” is a romance novel, yet covers several controversial topics in its plot line, including cougar/cub relationships, gay relationships, child abandonment and abuse, crime against women, and corporate espionage. Meanwhile, the reader is lead through a growing romantic relationship, and descriptive elements of South Korea, her history, and culture.

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Keep reading for an excerpt:

It was well known Ki Soo adored the company of young men. At every corporate gathering or any event covered by the media, she always had an extremely pretty flower boy behind her.

Per her given protocol, they were not seen touching her, other than lending a hand to get in and out of vehicles or to step up and down stairs. Rumors were always spread, though, about their activities away from the paparazzi, perhaps for good reason.

She operated this way for 15 years, ever since she founded FloridaCorp, five years after taking residence in Seoul. During those 15 years, not once did she decorate her arm with an employee, that is, until now.

Lee Ho-Jun entered her office with his campaign proposal in hand. The proposal was for an advertising campaign intended to target women 40 and over. The product was a high-end, sophisticated hybrid car with very nostalgic styling.

He gave his report, standing rather casually, but not disrespectfully. He sported an air of relaxed confidence. She couldn’t help but note he looked exceptionally beautiful in his nicely tailored suit.

In addition to his fetching appearance, she knew he had in him a well-rounded business savvy, a useful tool in the sales and creative side of advertising. Because of this, his status in the Seoul business community was high, despite his young age of 25.

“I would suggest giving the vehicle a test run, to get a feel of this car meant for women over 40, Ki Hoe Jang-nim.” He gave a very slight smirk. “They gave you a prototype to drive and flaunt. Perhaps your upcoming networking conference would be the perfect opportunity. The car can be shipped to Busan if you wish.”

She leaned back in her chair, sizing him up. He was trying, subtly, to wiggle himself into the networking conference.

She challenged him.

“Lee Jun Moo-nim, can I assume you wish to observe how I, a woman in that age group, handles the car? I would hope you would use your findings to develop further this winning campaign.”

“Only if you wish. I would not want to intrude on your personal time,” he said, getting a little excited his plan just might be working.

With formality, he handed her a flash drive containing the report, using the right hand with the left-hand underneath, holding back a large imaginary sleeve.

“While I agree the newly appointed Director of Creative Services would benefit from observing someone in that demographic using the product,” she stated, “I have to suspect something else is going on here.”

She leaned back in her chair.

“What are you up to?”

“She read me like a book,” he thought.

“Yes, I did,” she confirmed, making him realize he just verbalized his thought, a very bad handicap of his. He realized that lying to her about his intentions would only make his now compromised situation worse.

“I wish to be your escort during your upcoming networking conference.”

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