Friday, 20 April 2018

Ms. Creant: The Wrong Doers! - A #SelfHelp Book by E. A. Barker

E. A. Barker believes he is an average guy in mid-life who has led a mostly average life. His readers may not agree with his assessment. The single biggest difference between him and most other people is his pursuit of knowledge. Throughout his life he never stopped asking the simplest question: Why? E. A. describes himself as a collector of ideas and a purveyor of dot connections. He attempts to present his findings in an entertaining fashion in an effort to encourage people to read—especially men who are reading far too little these days. E. A is an advocate of education for its ability to affect social reform and actively promotes the idea that a global conscience is possible.

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Ms. Creant: The Wrong Doers!
Life With Women: The Long-Awaited Instruction Manual

This book was created for everyone from young adults to seniors. It was written from a male’s point of view, speaking to men who are endlessly struggling to understand the opposite sex. For women, this is a fascinating journey inside the male psyche. The book gives a young reader a glimpse of the future, with a recommended timeline for key life events. Mature readers, who have already experienced much of what is discussed in the book, should come away with a newfound understanding and perhaps even closure. Ms. Creant is a controversial, entertaining, yet informative look at everything which influences human behaviour including: relationships, life, health, biology, philosophy, sociology, theology, politics, genetics—even physics. E. A. Barker shares twenty-four “inappropriate” stories of life with women. The author based these stories of women behaving badly on his real-life experiences, spanning four decades of his search for an ideal partner. The lessons taken away from the book will serve to help readers make better choices, become more aware, grow and change—at any stage of life.

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Keep reading for an excerpt:

Thank you for conquering the planet for us and keeping us safe, but we can take it from here. We will remember you fondly.

There is another way of viewing these observations, which I endorse. On the opposite side, one could argue men are nearly perfect, and have been perfect all along. We do not require as much genetic improvement as our female counterparts. Maybe it is the female of the species which is flawed, and in need of all this upgrading. Anytime you are bored, have this conversation with a woman — you will not be bored for long.

My promotional products in support of the book will have the following sayings, one for each sex:
XX Genetics proves WOMEN are evolving 50% faster than MEN!
XY Genetics proves MEN need 50% fewer genetic upgrades than WOMEN!

To produce a proven scientific fact, it requires completed experiments, which produce an irrefutable result. When it comes to men and women interacting, we are still in the observation stage, so my findings are at best, a humorous hypothesis.

“THE BATTLE OF THE SEXES” rages on — and we men are losing.

Take some consolation in knowing, both life and women, are more predictable than you think.

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