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For the Love of a Gangster: A #Romance #Novel by MD Loveheart

M.D. Loveheart is not one author, but two. A husband and wife from Montana, Mary and Don first began writing together in late 2017 when working on the Konin Romances, a series of books set in the fictional kingdom of Konin. Since then, they have not stopped writing. Their love for romance literature and ancient cultures drives each and every word.

Though one member of the writing duo will have sometimes a stronger voice on a particular project, both actively participate in the writing and editing of each and every novel or story that shares their name.

When Mary and Don are not writing, they enjoy spending time outdoors and visiting their grandchildren.

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About the Book

Giuliani is the most powerful mob boss in the City of Angels... or at least he was until he was found dead in his home.

In the wake, the mob boss's surprise death, the members of Giuliani’s empire scramble to seize control of the organization.

Tony has always been a loyal gangster, but when he finds himself caught in the middle of the mob's squabbles, he no longer cares what his fellow mobsters have to say. He only cares about one thing: a former cop named Rachel, the unlikely love of his life.

Rachel is everything to Tony and when her life is threatened, he will do anything to fight for her.

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Keep reading for an excerpt:

Melanie walked to the long metal bar that stuck out from a wall in the large room. She had to edge her way around the swirling bodies of the obviously intoxicated people enjoying their night. There were smiling, happy people all around her. She felt a pang of sadness as she watched the crowd. She wanted to be one of them. She wanted to be out at the bar enjoying this night – New Year’s Eve. She desperately wished that her coming year had a bright outlook, but she wasn’t so sure.

This past year had been especially rough. Things at home had been less than ideal with her boyfriend, Chris. Their relationship had started out like a fairytale, but that changed over the three years they had been together. She wasn’t sure if they had just grown apart or if their love had truly ended.

When they met, Chris was charming and confident in himself. It was as if her life had been a romance novel. He wrote poems about her beauty and how much he loved her. He took her on dates that usually ended with them sitting by the lake and enjoying each other’s company and the setting sun. She remembered how handsome he looked in the orange glow as the sun started to disappear behind the skyline.

The night would usually end with them going back to his apartment, which was nothing special, but it was his home and she had always felt honored to be in such a private space. His walls were filled with posters of musicians he loved, though most of them were completely unknown to Melanie. He would sing her love songs while he played his guitar, making her stomach turn flips all the while.

It was easy for Melanie to fall in love with him. She was sure that any woman in her situation would do the same. His good looks were matched by his charming personality. He had a few black tattoos on his forearms and the rest of his body, not too many, but just enough to show his personality through art. His muscles rippled under his shirt and took her breath away when he bore his bare chest. His strong arms had always made her feel safe and comforted.

But without warning, things took a turn for the worst. Suddenly it was if his feelings for her changed while she slept. Gone were the days of music and laughter. Instead, there were arguments and cold shoulders. He stopped playing his guitar for her. He stopped reading her poems and passages from the books that lined his walls. The man that replaced him was a complete stranger.

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