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Keyed Up: A #Romance #Novel by Laura M. Baird

Wife, mother, former U. S. Army, dental hygienist, and published author. After writing for many years, my publishing dreams came true in 2017, now with eight releases. I hope to provide readers with what I love: emotional romance with contemporary issues, laughter, and a variety of heat. When not writing, I'm a voracious reader. I love connecting and engaging with readers and writers and supporting my fellow authors.

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Penelope Dixon is stepping out of the shadows of her father by becoming the resident pianist with the Seattle Symphony. But how will an unexpected reunion with her first love from years ago affect her plans? Composer Sebastian Mauer foolishly pushed aside his love for Penelope, thinking it was for her own good at the time. But one look rekindles the love that never dwindled, and he'll fight for a second chance at their once-in-a-lifetime love.

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Penelope had been greeted by several people, and engaged in brief conversation before continuing to roam. Half the tables had already filled, and within the hour, the Symphony’s director, as well as the conductor would be making speeches before the merriment really got underway.

As she began walking toward the window, she continued to scan the room, admiring the women in their beautiful gowns along with their gentlemen partners in their handsome tuxedos and suits. Quiet conversation filtered around her as the melody of “Silent Night”, composed by Austrian Franz Xaver Gruber, added to the festive feeling.

After circling the tree, she stopped in front of the window to admire the snow blanketing the outside, the expanse of white gleaming under ambient light. Penelope then focused on watching the gathering behind her through the reflection of the glass, as if viewing it from another dimension. Patrons lingered, sipping from their flutes of champagne, while others flitted from group to group, making introductions and adding to the conversations.

As she continued to observe, movement caught her eye, and there stood Sebastian, encased in his tuxedo. He looks dashing! She chuckled to herself at her thoughts. And although with the distance she couldn’t see his eyes, she knew they were a light green and were no doubt sparkling. At least they had last night. Dark brown hair waved casually about, giving him a rakish look, as opposed to most of the gentlemen present with styled hair, slicked with gel.

As Sebastian greeted those who approached him, he smiled broadly with his full lips, making his matching dimples appear below his cheeks. The small cleft in his chin was somehow an enticing feature on his smooth face.

Penelope felt herself smiling just watching him, both eager and nervous for him to be near. He continued to slowly make his way throughout the room, and when he came within ten feet of the tree, he looked up, his gaze colliding with hers. She was dazzled by his smile as it grew even wider the longer he stared. She couldn’t help but blush and duck her head, and when she looked back up, he stood right in front of her. Her quick inhale preceded a gasp, and he was quick to apologize for apparently startling her.

“I’m sorry, Penelope, I didn’t mean to startle you. Are you here alone?”

“I am. Father wasn’t feeling up to attending, but insisted I come and enjoy myself.”

“And are you? Enjoying yourself?” She was certain his smile was one of mischief.

“I am now,” she stated boldly. She quickly cleared her throat and rushed on after seeing his brow inch up. “Don’t you think the ballroom looks magnificent? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so stunning.”

Sebastian looked around as if taking in the surroundings for the first time. “Yes, the decorators have certainly done well.” When his gaze landed back on her, his intense look sent shivers across her skin. “But nothing compares to the stunning vision in front of me.”

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