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Release Tour – Time’s Tempest by M.J. Moores

I’m excited to be taking part in M.J. Moores blog tour for her new bookTime’s Tempest: The Chronicles of Xannia Part One. I’ve included some information about her and her book, some links you can use to connect with her and a guest post written by her.
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M. J. Moores began her career as an English teacher in Ontario, Canada. Her love of storytelling and passion for writing has writing has stayed with her since the age of nine. M. J. relishes tales of adventure and journeys of self-realization. She enjoys writing in a variety of genres but speculative fiction remains her all time favourite.

Time's Tempest - 3D CoverBook Description

The end of the word or just some nut-job trying to get innocent people killed to validate his own endgame? Taya’s not sure, but either way it’s up to her discover the truth between fate and destiny in this divided land.

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The Idea Manufacturer

Written by M.J. Moores
The curse of many a writer is too many ideas and not enough time. But where do these ideas come from? It’s different for everyone and yet, you’d be surprised at the amount of overlap there is from one writer to the next.
Now, take me for example – give me a few key pieces of information and I can build you a solid novel outline in about 30 minutes. Ask me to write you a short story and I’ll still be searching for ideas a month from now. It seems that what I like to write about requires a minimum of 80,000 words in order to be told right. But if you re-word your request and ask me to write a scene that’s a part of a larger storyline – okay! I’m with you, I can do that… but I wouldn’t call it a short story. In fact, leading up to the publication of my novel I released several free Lost Chapters that are prequels to the main story. I call them chapters because when you read them you feel like there should be something that comes before and there’s definitely something big coming after.
With all that said my main source for ideas are my dreams. I just happen to be one of those people who not only dreams in colour but my brain will formulate intricate stories and play them out for me as if I were watching a movie. When I wake up, if I don’t immediately write down everything I remember (which usually consists of 11 pages – odd number, I know, but that seems to be my average), I lose it. I generally have either a really clear first chapter with chicken-scratch notes on the continuing plot or I start with the most vivid scene I can recall and then piece together what came before and/or after. I have two dream journals with nearly 40 stories hidden in their pages. I started recording my dreams in grade 9. So, you can see that I don’t have these awesome story-dreams every night; they are few and far between but still, a person can only write so fast and that’s 40 more stories than I have time to write right now.
What’s interesting to note is that my debut novel Time’s Tempest did not come from one of those story-dreams and neither will the next series I write beginning this NaNoWriMo. I got the idea for Time’s Tempest from my husband (boyfriend at the time) back in 1999 on New Year’s night – Y2K; it’s interested to see how different people react to a possible cataclysmic event… and I got the idea for my next series The Hollow Kiss from a fellow writer’s site (Tara Sparling Writes) and a joke book title generator for crime/mystery novels. As excited as I am to pop open either of my dream journals and dig in to one of my truly fascinating dreams-stories, these two ideas were just that – ideas… unfinished thoughts of what if taunting me to tease them out. My dream-stories are little pre-packaged plot bundles waiting to be opened. I found myself needing to know more about these other two ideas to the point where they wouldn’t leave me alone until I’d flushed them out. Of course, by that time I was so invested in each story that it had to be completed.
Something I’ve learned along the way though, is that if stress is a factor in my life my creativity suffers; my dreams are random or I don’t remember what I’ve dreamed at all (if I can even sleep depending on how severe the stress is) and I don’t have the space in my mind to follow a day-dream based on a given idea. Therefore, my writing suffers and it stopped altogether when I attended university – exams, labs, practicums, tests, projects, work and a long-distance relationship ruled my synapses for five years. Then, I was stressing about my wedding, getting a job teaching, and developing lesson plans every night so that I didn’t look like an idiot in front of my students or peers.
Once I found balance in my life, where I had a number of go to lessons for classes and the world slowed down enough where the stress was minimal or manageable, my ability to be creative with my personal writing returned. I was following Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs where I couldn’t self-actualize until certain other basic necessities were met. So now, even though life is just as crazy as it was when I was going to school and starting my career (I’m the mother of a toddler, editor, freelance writer and am still happily married) I know to look for those moments of balance that allow me to free my mind and explore my creative side in order to let my ideas flow and permit myself to be inspired. This makes me whole; sane; and able to call myself a published writer. I firmly believe that too much stress will block anyone’s ability to be creative and if you find yourself struggling for ideas, perhaps you too need to de-stress. I firmly believe that one of the reasons writing retreats came about (and are now advertised as part of a writing-norm) is that we all need to find a way to relax and enjoy ourselves. The unfortunate part just happens to be that when you’re a writer, relaxation equals inspiration.

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Release Tour - A Review of The New Mrs. Collins by Quanie Miller

The New Mrs. Collins - Blog Tour Banner

I have the privilege of participating in Quanie Miller’s Blog Tour this month for her new release, The New Mrs. Collins. I’ve written a review for you to read, but first I want to share a little about Quanie and her book.


Quanie Miller grew up in New Iberia, Louisiana. She fell in love with reading at an early age and spent most of her time at the Iberia Parish Library discovering authors like R.L. Stine and Christopher Pike (she was often found walking back home from the library with a stack of books that went up to her chin). She holds degrees from Louisiana State University and San Jose State University. She has been the recipient of the James Phelan Literary Award, the Louis King Thore Scholarship, the BEA Student Scriptwriting Award, and the Vicki Hudson Emerging Writing Prize. She is the author of The New Mrs. Collins, a southern paranormal novel, and It Ain’t Easy Being Jazzy, a romantic comedy. She lives in South Carolina with her husband and is currently, as always, working on another novel. To find out more about Quanie and her works in progress


It took her twenty minutes to walk back to the house on the lake, and all she could think about was finding something to chop off that bitch’s head. She would do it and God would just have to forgive her. What could she use? She looked at all the trash in front of the house that she’d hauled from the shed. The wheelbarrow. Boxes. Lumber.  The pruning saw. The blade was sharp. And over ten inches long.
She picked it up by the handle and walked into the house.


I don’t step out of my normal reading genre of high fantasy too often, but sometimes something really catches my eye. Quanie Miller didn’t disappoint me with her first paranormal novel, The New Mrs. Collins. The story is about a Louisiana woman, Leena Williams, who has her fiancĂ© stolen by Adira Collins. Adira is no ordinary woman, though. Not only is she beautiful and sophisticated, but Leena learns the hard way she also has a very dark secret.
The book has a well thought out plot with characters that you can really relate with. I was drawn in from the very start, and had a hard time pulling away. She introduces the characters early on, and you can’t help commiserating with Leena when she is, for all intents and purposes, left standing at the altar. Having psychic abilities isn’t a bad thing, but as you learn how Adira uses her abilities to get what she wants, it sends shivers up your spine. Still, it’s hard not to sympathize with Adira as you learn of her past.
The New Mrs. Collins is a great read, whether paranormal thrillers are your usual read or not. It’s a gripping story that really pulls you in, and I highly recommend it.

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