Wednesday, 18 July 2018

The Heart Collectors: A #Horror #Novel by Scott Lesperance

Scott is an author who lives in upstate NY, surrounded by horror props and collectibles.

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About the Book

Detectives in upstate NY investigate a series of bizarre murders. What they discover is even more bizarre. Crime/drama with fantasy elements.

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Keep reading for an interview with the author:

Why did you decide to be a writer?

I wanted to entertain.

What authors have most influenced you?

Poe, Lovecraft, HG Wells, Jules Verne, Barker

When did you first consider yourself an author?

When I finished my first book

What is the biggest obstacle you face as an author and what do you do to overcome it?

Writer's block, just walk away and come back later

What is the best compliment you've ever received as an author?

"You love to write and it shows."

What is the best writing advice you've ever received?

Write for yourself

Do you prefer ebooks, print or both?


What made you decide to self-publish?

It's the easiest route.

What is your writing process?

It's usually at night, I listen to music.

Do you write in first or third person, past or present tense, and why?

Third person, past

How long does it take you to write a book?

Depends on the length

How do you come up with the titles for your books? Do you find it difficult?

It relates to the general idea.

What are you working on now?

Collection of short stories

What inspired your current work?

Various movies, dreams

What was the hardest part about writing your latest book?

Coming up with fresh ideas

Monday, 16 July 2018

Aeron (The Guardian League Book Four): A #Romance #Novel by TK Lawyer

TK Lawyer has always had an interest in the strange and unusual and she’s a romantic by heart.

She writes passion-filled paranormal romance with Angels and Wolf Shifters- weaving tales of alpha males willing to do anything for the one feisty, curvaceous, strong-willed woman who has won their heart. Her alpha males will go to any length to please their mate, in and out of the bed.

She invites you to enter her world and be entertained. After all, she writes for you.

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About the Book

Kim is stuck in a desperate situation – one she never thought she’d wind up in. Her husband has given up. Kim wants her freedom but she’s scared of the unknown. To find true, lasting love is her dream but is it possible?

Little does Kim know who she seeks is searching for her.

Aeron loved and dated. But he never found the right one. As leader and founder of the Guardian League and co-protector of his charge, his responsibilities kept him active; however, something was missing. His life wasn’t complete.

He sought a perfect, unique combination: fiery and spirited with the right mix of nice vs. naughty. But this elusive minx was nowhere to be found. Until the day an enchanting vision caught his eye and he walked straight into a line of people awaiting coffee and beignets.

Now that he’s found her, he’s unwilling to let her go. But does Kim have the strength to trust again?

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Keep reading for an excerpt:

Aeron wanted her, but he wouldn’t force her. If she came to him, she would come willingly and of her own choice. That was the way he loved her; wild and free to voice her own opinions, to be who she wanted to be. He’d never confine her or subdue her will in any way. Besides, to do so was a cardinal sin, a punishment an angel would answer to the Council for. Still, that wasn’t the reason he wanted Kim the way she was. He loved her candor and her fiery, rebellious spirit. Her basic nature is what he embraced. She was a challenge to him.

He would temper her, yes, when she was naughty, but he would do it with love, knocking down her wall of self-preservation, shattering her negative perceptions and introducing her to limitless possibilities, with him. If Kim walked away from him, she would say “no” to all Aeron offered. He would take nothing less.

One particular night, he kneeled by her bedside, stroked back a stray hair from her forehead and spoke to her soul. His mind reached out to her in a shared telepathic communication she’d recognize in her restful state. His hand lingering in her hair as he whispered the nickname he came up with after being in her presence a short while. It suited her well.

“Beautiful kitten, I grieve in your presence, for you do not know me yet, but I have fallen, deeply and madly, in love with you. You hold my heart, all of it, and my happiness lies with you and what you will ultimately do. Know that you are worthy of so much more. If you are courageous, you will have support. Break free from your bonds and live again, darling.”

Aeron smiled as he watched her chest rise and fall. He caressed the back of his hand across her left cheek, listening in on the steady beating of her heart. His gorgeous beauty. His kitten. It pained him she didn’t know him.

“Dream of me.” He placed his hand on her forehead. A white light exited his palm and entered her mind, feeding her images of Aeron, threading them through her imagination.

“I love you.” He lifted from the bed and glanced over at Tom, sleeping soundly in between loud snores as he lay on the other side of the bed.

“Take care of her.” He directed his words to Tom. The request drifted into Tom’s subconscious accompanied by an image of Kim.

“Until we meet.” Aeron leaned over Kim and planted a soft kiss on her cheek. “Be well.” He sighed and disintegrated into the air.

Friday, 13 July 2018

A Head Full of Random Thoughts: A #Poetry #Book by Rick Perry

Rick Perry is a retired English teacher, coach, and administrator with an avid interest in books, movies, sports, politics, education, and current events. After 35 years experience in both public and private education, he is eager to spend time writing and sharing his thoughts and opinions on a wide variety of subjects.

Rick has been married to his wife Patti for thirty years and they have two children, Scott and Caitlin. His first novel The What If Project was written in November during the 2016 NaNoWriMo event. The book is now available in paperback and multiple ebook formats. Recently, he released a collection of poetry A Head Full of Random Thoughts. He is currently working on a new novel and finishing a previously begun young adult tale. Two other novels are in the revising and editing stages.

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About the Book

A Head Full of Random Thoughts is a collection of accessible modern poetry inspired by the people and memories of an everyday life. Although a handful have been posted online, most are being seen for the very first time! The book features over 80 original poems grouped into five sections. A handful have been published online, but most have never been shared before now.

In “Observations on an Everyday Life,” the poet takes a look at a variety of common, ordinary situations. “People” includes a series of tribute poems about family and friends. “Social Commentary” contains poems about politics and current events, from the view of a Christian conservative. “Memories of Days Gone By” looks at childhood memories, or fragments of the past. The final section, “Just the Way I Feel,” contains the odds and ends, those introspective pieces that come late at night.

Written over the last two years, these are the random thoughts that bounce around inside the head of a poet. Some are serious, some are whimsical, but all are honest and heartfelt.

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Keep reading for an interview with the author:

Why did you decide to be a writer?

I am a retired educator and I have always loved to write. Following my retirement, my son encouraged me to look into NaNoWriMo and I wrote my first novel in 2016 just to see if I could do it. Since then, I have written two more novels and my recent book of poetry.

Did you have a hard time sharing your work with the public?

After I completed my first novel, I had a very easy time sharing it. I gave it to a few close friends, did some revising and editing and found myself eager to publish. It was a little scary waiting for reactions, but overall, I was excited to be able to share my stories with other people.

Do you have a "day job"?

I spent thirty-five years in education, teaching English, coaching, and eventually going into administration. After retiring in 2015, I have committed to investing time in writing.

What genres do you write?

Up to this point, I have written mostly fiction. My latest project is a collection of poetry, but I have already begun work on my next novel.

Is there a genre that you've been wanting to experiment with?

I have an idea for a science fiction novel, but it is somewhat out of my comfort zone and I have not yet worked up the courage to begin. What attracts me, and scares me, is that it is not like anything I have written before.

How often do you write?

When I am in the middle of a project, I try to write at least something each day. Revising and editing are much harder for me and I tend to write much less when I am doing so. I also blog weekly.

How long does it take you to write a novel?

Two of my three completed novels were done during NaNoWriMo and completed in 30 days. That doesn't count the revision process which obviously adds to the time devoted to the novel. The third novel took about two and a half months. Once I have begun, I tend to get the first draft done fairly quickly.

What authors/books have most influenced you?

My favorite author is Stephen King, but I also love John Grisham, Michael Crichton, Lee Child, and Gillian Flynn.

When did you first consider yourself an author?

Probably when my first book was published and I actually held the first printed copy of the paperback in my hands.

What are your goals as an author?

My current goals are to publish the next two novels (which are already written) and complete at least one more that is in the planning stages. Beyond that, I want to keep writing and try to get my books out to a wider audience.

Are you a pantser or outliner?

I am a little of both, but mostly a pantser. I have a very broad outline in mind when I begin, but the story often takes its own course once I start. As I write, new characters appear, and new situations pop up that I never anticipated, and I go with the flow.

Do you write about real life experiences, or does everything come from your imagination?

My first book was entirely fictional, but my latest is almost all based on my experiences in education. Although I am writing it as fiction, most of the stories are based on actual events. I am changing the outcomes and combining different locations, but most of the experiences really happened.

Do you ever base your characters on people you know?

The book I hope to publish next is a fictionalized memoir about my experiences in education. Most of the characters in the book are based on real people. Fortunately, as a work of fiction, I can combine characters and their actions and even make them nicer (or meaner) than the real people on whom they are based.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Nightfall: A #Romance #Novel by TK Lawyer

TK Lawyer has always had an interest in the strange and unusual and she’s a romantic by heart.

She writes passion-filled paranormal romance with Angels and Wolf Shifters- weaving tales of alpha males willing to do anything for the one feisty, curvaceous, strong-willed woman who has won their heart. Her alpha males will go to any length to please their mate, in and out of the bed.

She invites you to enter her world and be entertained. After all, she writes for you.

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About the Book

Tamara’s spicy scent thrills, seduces, and weakens him like no other. She is his and he wants her. Unfortunately, she is done with men. Tamara’s been burned too many times in the past and she’s not looking for a relationship…..ever. But when she finds a stray dog on her doorstep she decides she wants a relationship with a male, after all- that of pet and pet owner.

Josh is not a dog and he has no interest in staying her pet. He has one burning desire- Tamara- in his bed, nightly and permanently. He will stop at nothing to convince Tamara they are better together and that he needs her, forever.

Their paths are intertwined and their future is inevitable but will Tamara allow Josh to love, cherish and protect her? Or will she say goodbye to the amazing, dedicated man whose loyalty and sweet promises could shatter her walls completely and consume her with desire?

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Keep reading for an excerpt:

He considered the worst part about switching between a wolf and a human—having no clothes to change into.

If Tamara was around and she welcomed it, he would be able to tolerate this as a minor inconvenience. He would gladly switch back into his nude human form for their mutual delight, but it would wreak havoc in public places and situations. When it came to being out in public, he preferred to be a wolf. No one ever noticed when a wolf was naked. It was expected and accepted.

Taking out the iced tea, he poured a glass for himself and gulped down every drop. The water Tamara provided for him was a sweet gesture but it wasn’t enough for his increased libido and insatiable thirst, especially when she was parading around nude in front of him. He choked, in mid-gulp, and his breathing turned raspy as the image of her luscious body floated across his mind.

He walked into the master bedroom that, as Nightfall, Tamara forbade him to enter. Searching through the bathroom closet, he found a towel and modestly wrapped his bottom half in it. This way, if any neighbors became curious and happened to notice him, they’d conclude he was merely a guest in her home instead of a pervert or worse—an intruder with the worst intentions for Tamara. He grimaced. He wouldn’t allow anyone to hurt her in any way. With him around, she was protected and safe…always. She was his mate and he would willingly die keeping her alive.

Clicking the power button on the TV remote, he sat on the loveseat and luxuriated in the lingering smell of her scent wafting from the cushions. He melted into the seat inhaling the sweet, enticing aroma, imagining all kinds of delicious, erotic possibilities with her devilishly tempting body.

Lord, she was sexy.

If she were here right now, she’d need protection from him.

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