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The Foragers: A #SciFi Novel by Katherine Nader

I'm an aspiring author and screenwriter currently living in different parts of the world. For the past two years, I've been travelling and experiencing collective living with friends, family and even strangers. We all have one thing in common which is meditation. I'm an active member and a volunteer for Sahaja Yoga Meditation that has helped me become who I am today. I love traveling to SY seminars, festivals, concerts, even volunteering at schools for the celebration of Inner Peace Day.

Learning about cultures, traditions, religions and even spirituality has given me perspective on many aspects of my life and a sense of 'the self.' I try to capture all these experiences in my writing. For example, The Foragers takes place in Japan, a place I visited and lived in for 3 months. I came to learn about the First Nations called Ainu. Not many people know about them, so I have mentioned them in the series. I've also been to South Korea and witnessed the harshness of the forced military service on boys once they come of age. I portray this through another character. The Kan is actually a sixth sense/intuition that martial artists practiced in Japanese history.

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About the Book

"A re-imagining of the Hunger Games, where descendants of a royal samurai clan, the Ainu commune, a South Korean soldier, an American agent, and Japanese assassins work together to win The Foragers Contest." -GW

A group of contestants are multi-tasked to compete for the honor of becoming the Ultimate Forager. In order to pass the initial round, they must secure one of three registration badges, their own, their predator’s or their prey’s.

Among the contestants, two assassin clans seek recruits to win their battle for power over S.S.O. A former government agent, a boy looking for his father, an assassin, and an orphan are enemies on the path to becoming an unlikely family.

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Keep reading for an interview with Maya, a character from the book:

Who is your enemy?

Daremoga watashi no tekidesu. Everyone except for the Italian children I saved from assassination. I can't trust anyone or risk them getting killed by the S.S.O. They're everywhere.

Tell us a little about your world, and where you fit in?

That's exactly what I'm trying to figure out right now, whether I belong with the Kan, the Mori or no clan at all. But I'm a fighter and will keep trying to find my place in this world.

What are your goals?

Currently, I need to make it into the next round of the game or die trying. We'll see how it goes from there.

What is the greatest obstacle you have ever had to face?

Breaking in and out of a vault with three idiots. Oh and did I mention it's deep within a mountain? Imagine doing that ... twice.

Where is the best place to visit in your world?

Anywhere but the Shirakami-Sanchi forest, unless you have a death wish.

Do you have any hobbies?

I like to sharpen my kunai and sometimes I use them to make a fire. I've also used them to fight a bear once.

If you had one day left to live, what would you do with your last day?

Everyday feels like my last. I hope to one day put an end to the S.S.O so I don't have to keep watching over my back. I will spend my last day as I have on all other days--getting one step closer to taking them down.

Monday, 15 January 2018

The Order of Actaeon (Waxwood Series: Book 1) by Tam May

Tam May was born in Israel but grew up in the United States. She earned her B.A. and M.A degrees in English and worked as an English college instructor and EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher before she became a full-time writer. She started writing when she was 14 and writing became her voice. She writes psychological fiction, exploring characters’ emotional realities informed by past experiences, dreams, feelings, fantasies, nightmares, imagination, and self-analysis.

Her first work, a short story collection titled Gnarled Bones And Other Stories was published in January 2017. She is currently working on a novella series called the Waxwood Series. Set in a Northern California resort town, the series explores the crumbling relationships among the wealthy San Francisco Alderdice family. Book 1, The Order of Actaeon, will be released on January 18, 2017. In the book, the Alderdice family son and heir falls into the hands of a charismatic older man obsessed with power and leadership during a summer vacation in the resort town of Waxwood. The second book, The Claustrophobic Heart, brings in Gena Flax, a young woman who must cope with the mental deterioration of her aunt during their summer stay at Waxwood. In the last book of the series, Dandelion Children, Daisy, the daughter of the Alderdice family is drawn into the disturbed life of the man who ruined her brother during one rainy summer in Waxwood.

She is also working on another book, House of Masks, about a woman who is mourning the death of her father and gets drawn into the lives of her two neighbors, one eccentric and one embittered.

She lives in Texas but calls San Francisco and the Bay Area home. When she’s not writing, she’s reading classic literature and watching classic films.

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You can also join Tam’s Dreamers Reading Group, for a chance to chat with others about books and opportunities to read advanced review copies of Tam May’s books, as well as special promotions and giveaways.

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About the Book

Sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted.

Jake is the heir of the prominent Alderdice family in San Francisco. Although dearly loved by his sister Vivian, his passion for art and his contemplative temperament make him a pariah in the eyes of his tyrannical mother Larissa.

When the Alderdices spend their yearly summer vacation in the prominent resort town of Waxwood, Jake meets Stevens, a charismatic older man. Stevens’ paternal authority and obsession for power and leadership fits into Larissa’s idea of manhood. Jake develops a hero worship for Stevens who in turn is intrigued by Jake’s artistic talent and philosophical nature. Stevens introduces him to the Order Of Actaeon, a group of misanthropes who have rejected commercial and conventional luxuries for a “pure” life in the woods.

But behind the potent charms of his new friend and seductive simplicity of the Actaeon lifestyle lies something brutal and sinister that Jake could not have anticipated.

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Keep reading for an excerpt:

“I’d like to meet Jake and Vivian’s father,” Stevens said. “Will he be coming down here some time this summer?” Jake gave him a stony glance. He was sure Stevens remembered what he had told him about Raymond.

There was a few minutes silence while Jake felt they were all trying to think of how to respond without lighting the fire of shame to the Alderdice name.

Vivian was the first to speak. “We had different fathers. Mother was determined to wipe any trace of them off the face of the earth and she damn near succeeded.”

“My daughter uses vulgar words, Mr. Stevens,” Larissa said. “But she’s not far wrong.” Her polished fingernail trailed the damp cocktail glass. “I am once a widow and once a divorcee. I took back my maiden name and gave it to my children. I wanted to give them their dignity back.”

“Mother finds any flaw undignified,” Vivian said in a tight voice, “My father was a weak man who died of a heart attack and Jake’s father was a cheating bastard who went away when Jake was three years old.”

Larissa’s face darkened with the mark of her rage and she pushed the empty cocktail glass away from her a little too savagely, making it tumble to the grass. Jake quickly picked it up and set it gently on the table.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked.” Stevens’ head tipped just enough to show humility but not so his eyes were totally hidden.

“No,” said Vivian. “You shouldn’t. But now that you have, tell me, Mr. Stevens, does a man who abandons his son to run off with a younger woman fit your theory of defending what is precious?”

“That’s enough, Vivian,” Larissa snapped.

“I don’t mind answering the question, Mrs. Alderdice,” said Stevens. “I find it reprehensible, of course.”

“Of course,” Vivian echoed.

“But sometimes people should run away,” he continued. “When they’re too volatile or too dangerous to be around others, that is.”

“You mean,” said Vivian, her voice softening, “sometimes hurting others becomes an act of love.”

“Something like that,” he said. “For some men, the rules are different. It’s not always easy to understand.”

“Explain it, then.” Vivian leaned forward.

“Viv, I don’t think — “Jake began.

“I don’t mind,” said Stevens. “I have nothing to hide.”

“I must admit, you have me curious,” said Larissa.

Stevens smiled then. It was the smile of the Cheshire cat, hanging solitary but mystifying.

“The boundaries aren’t as rigid with primitive people as they are in so-called civilized society,” he said. “Jung knew it. So did Freud.”

“I’m not sure I understand,” said Larissa.

“Taboos aren’t as neatly categorized,” he explained.

“You mean you can sleep with your father or mother and not be damned?” asked Vivian.

“Don’t be disgusting,” Larissa said with a wince.

“I don’t mean that at all,” he said, a little edgy. “Even primitive people have lines they won’t cross”

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The Clown Forest Murders: A #Mystery Novel by A.C. Brooks & R.R. Brooks

Robert R. Brooks (R.R. Brooks) spent his career doing pharmaceutical research and development. Now living in western North Carolina, he has published both fiction and nonfiction, including science fiction and fantasy stories exploring strange encounters and issues of doubt and belief. Leo Publishing released his epic fantasy novel Justi the Gifted in 2015. A science fiction tale and second fantasy novel are in the works. He is a member of the Blue Ridge Writers Group, the Appalachian Round Table, the Brevard Authors Guild, International Thriller Writers, Inc., and the N.C. Writers’ Network. He maintains author’s pages on Facebook, Amazon, and Goodreads.

Andrew C. Brooks (A.C. Brooks) works in internet technology in California. When he’s not training for an Ironman competition, he writes. He has published a short story, extensive blog materials (, and technical writings ( His college-connected psychological mystery with R.R. Brooks is one of several novels of humor and adventure he has written.

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About the Book

At age eight, Dave Austin witnesses his brother’s savage murder in rural Norwich, New York, but amnesia suppresses the memory, and the killer escapes. Locals suspect an itinerant, a pedophile, or a disturbed friend maddened by psychedelic mushrooms.

When Dave starts college, pressures at Princeton and alcohol elicit dreams, each one revealing a bit of memory. Then come visions as Dave senses the killer return. Images of teenagers killed where his brother died precipitate a crisis, and David returns to Norwich to find his dead brother’s friend, a disturbed witness who knows something. Dave’s appearance alarms his psychiatrist, the officers who hadn’t solved the case, and especially the killer, who knows he should not have let the young Dave escape.

Now the killer must correct his mistake. When a crazy farmer invites Dave to learn the killer’s name in the Clown Forest at midnight, how can he resist? He may learn what he needs to identify the murderer—if he gets the truth, and survives.

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Keep reading for an excerpt:

As if it wasn’t enough to have nightmares, he suddenly realized these were more than just bad dreams…

Dave read the story twice, feeling dread. He should feel distant, uninvolved. The crime didn’t happen on campus or in the town of Princeton. Not even in Norwich. He didn’t know the victim. It was unfortunate and heinous, but what did that have to do with him?

Dave jerked, his body shaking. Two puzzle pieces fit together—his fear and the carnival killing. He feared the carnival murder because it was like his brother’s and Carter’s—the same modus operandi. Repeat criminals tended to do things the same way, picking the same types of victims, the same locations, the same way of entering. Didn’t Ted Bundy pick similar girls?

Didn’t Son of Sam, Dave Berkowitz, choose the same locations where lovers parked? Didn’t Gary Ridgway, the Green River Killer, prefer strangulation? If it was the same MO, could it be the same killer?

Dave re-read the paragraph on how the carnival worker had died. The phrasing about repeated blows to the face, even after the victim was surely dead, was exactly what had been written about his brother’s death.

One other detail finally hit him. Shocked, he realized he’d dreamed about the carnival murder on the same night it happened.

He’d gone to sleep before midnight and the kid was killed just after midnight. It wasn’t precognition he was afflicted with. It was co-cognition.

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