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Magic of Solstice Tour Featuring Ali Cross

Welcome to the 29th day of the Magic of Solstice Fantasy Writers' Tour 2015!

250x250 ButtonIt's been a great month, but there's still more to come, so if you haven't done so, sign up on the Facebook page. Jan Marie and Lee Dunning will be hosting on the final day of the tour tomorrow. I'll also be sharing an interview with Shai from my Shadow Stalker Serial. (Something about what Ali is sharing).
Ali Cross grew up watching Bruce Lee movies and dreamed of being a kick-butt martial artist like Cynthia Rothrock. Well, she never became the kind of ninja she envisioned, but she does hold a black belt in awesome. She lives in Utah with her kickin' husband, two sparring sons, one ninja cat, one sumo dog and four zen turtles. And a cache of nunchucks, staffs, kamas and other dangerous ninja-weapons.
Ali moonlights as Alex Banks where she writes wild middle grade adventures set in the faraway places of her imagination.

aliauthorpicsmConnect with the Author

About Become (Desolation #1):  It’s never too late to choose.

Sixteen-year old Desolation Black wants nothing more than to stay in Hell where it’s cold and lonely and totally predictable. Instead, she’s sent back to Earth where she must face the evil she despises and the good she always feared.
When Desi is forced to embrace her inner demon, she assumes her choice has been made—that she has no hope of being anything other than what her father, Lucifer, has created her to be. What she doesn’t count on, is finding a reason to change—something she’s never had before—a friend.

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Boxed Set_CVR_eAbout Desolate (Desolation #2):  Where darkness lives, all will become desolate.

It’s been two months since sixteen-year-old Desolation Black chose Earth over Hell and her friend Miri over her eternal love, Michael.
Desi goes through the motions of life: school, training, remaining vigilant against the forces of darkness, but her dreams are full of the choices she wishes she could change. When she’s injured by a strange demon, old temptations arise, and the lines between good and evil blur. Desi discovers those choices aren’t so final after all.
And this time, the power of love—for a friend, for a lover—may not be enough to save her from the darkness that lurks within.

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About Destined (Desolation #3):  Destiny isn’t fate, it’s choice.

Choosing is a bad idea, because Desi always makes the wrong choice, and sometimes there are no do-overs. Certainly not this time, when all has been lost and Desi can’t even save herself, let alone her friends. For Desi, the hardest thing is letting someone help her, to accept their sacrifice on her\behalf. But that’s exactly what she’ll have to do in order to save the worlds from Helena’s destruction.
The goddess of Helheimer, long imprisoned by Desi’s father, Loki, is free at last, and she’s bent on reclaiming what once was hers. The nine worlds will be drawn into war, over Hell, over Earth, with innocent humans as meaningless collateral.
While Michael and the Gardians of Asgard, along with the golden-armored Valkyrie, lead the battle for freedom, it’s Desi who holds the destiny of all the worlds in her hands.
Can she set aside her doubts, once and for all, and claim the gifts that are hers to bear? Can she accept the sacrifice that is made for her and Become all that she was created to be?

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Magic of Solstice Tour Featuring Melissa Barker-Simpson & Gina Briganti

Welcome to the 27th day of the Magic of Solstice Fantasy Writers' Tour 2015!

250x250 ButtonWow! Only three days left to go, but even if you haven't done so, yet, you can still sign up to the Facebook page. There's still a lot going on. Tomorrow we have three hosts: C.B. MacGillavry, Allison D. Reid and Rebecca Jaycox, plus I will be sharing an excerpt from Shadow Stalker: Separate Paths (Episode 10), which incidentally has been released today and is available on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords, and a little tidbit about my fascination with fantasy. Today Melissa Barker-Simpson and Gina Briganti will be sharing an excerpts from Changing Worlds: A Double Book Anthology.

About Melissa

I've been writing since, well...since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. I often look back on those earlier stories, and apart from laughing at the heavy-handed drama, or cringing at my inexperience, I am reminded that I have always lived in other worlds.
MelMy first novel was published in 2008, and I love nothing more than working on a new project. The voices inside my head invariably pull me in different directions, so although I try to work on one thing at a time, those who know me would tell you it doesn't always work!
I have a full-time job which, though does not involve writing per se, incorporates my love of language. As a British Sign Language Interpreter, I get to translate information between two languages which is (mostly) fun.
I have two beautiful daughters who bring me great joy. They also keep me grounded, because otherwise I would have my head in the clouds permanently!

Connect with the Author

Gina Pic 2 head 300ppiAbout Gina

Gina Briganti has been writing since she could hold a pencil. It has always been a comfort that to create she needs only three things; the pencil, the paper, and her imagination.
She lives in beautiful Joshua Tree, CA, the setting for her debut paranormal romance series, Natural Gifts.

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Changing Worlds 2About Changing Worlds: A Double Book Anthology

The Contract (Prequel to the Fractured Series)
By Melissa Barker-Simpson

After the Demonic War, a battle which devastated the mortal realm, humans now stick to the world’s major cities. To even the score, and to protect those cities, hunters joined together to establish cells across the globe. Maddison Wood is part of an alpha cell within the north of England.
Though a skilled fighter and powerful witch, Maddison can be brash, and unpredictable. She has a penchant for trouble, and is usually the first to volunteer in battle. When she accepts an assignment to protect the Hympe King, Tobias Locke, Maddison’s fate becomes bound to his. As the stakes change, and she finds herself trapped inside the bowels of an enemy camp, Maddison must fight for her freedom, her independence, and for a prisoner who has not seen the light of day for almost a century.

Excerpt from The Contract

The noise in the room snapped off like a muted television channel. No, not muted, she thought as she stared around the table – someone had hit the pause button. It meant only one thing. Orion Reece was in the building.
Shit. Can this day get any worse?
She waited for the fireworks which usually accompanied his arrival. Orion enjoyed to flaunt his presence. He was a god of unrivalled power, one who followed no rules but his own. It was something he had in common with the Fractured, the dark souls responsible for the Demonic War. Rumour had it he’d aligned himself with Draco, their leader.
She saw the gleam of his pale blonde hair first, alight with the depth of his power. Either that or he brushed it a hundred times a day. His dramatic pause at the end of the dining table made her want to roll her eyes. It was nothing compared to the levitation trick as he raised himself onto the edge, his boots making no sound against the scarred wood. Her lips actually twitched in an effort to hold back the smile.
Everything about him was designed to draw a woman; the tall, sculptured body, the strong jaw, the sinful mouth. The effects were lethal. As he walked gracefully down the table, the obstacles in his path slid out of the way; plates, glasses, cutlery, they all moved as he did. His gaze swung from left to right, taking in those who had become mere statues.
“You’ve got to admit,” he said in a dark, seductive voice. “That’s pretty impressive.”
It would be more impressive if you weren’t such a dick.

Saunders' Choice (A Natural Gifts Novella)
By Gina Briganti

Saunders finds himself in a plane of existence called the Dreaming, where he encounters Velvet, the most exciting creature he will ever meet.  The answer seems obvious, but Saunders’ life has never been easy.
Grand sandcastle on the beach during a summer day
Grand sandcastle on the beach during a summer day

Excerpt from Saunders' Choice

Velvet visited with her dear friend Riddle for most of the next morning.  He showed her the history he had added to his sandcastle walls while she was away on the tour.
One of the designs was a story from a world she hadn’t seen before.  She suspected that it was where Riddle, and possibly Debra, came from originally.
The story was about happy, content, creatures practicing the art of creating, sometimes with teachers, and at other times on their own.  The final, cleverly painted frame of the story depicted the accomplishment of a luxurious looking natural world, full of wildlife, lush green trees, and crystal blue waters.
“This is a beautiful story.”  Velvet planted a kiss on the top of Riddle’s head.
He blushed, as she thought he might.  There were times when she held her kisses back, just so she wouldn’t embarrass him.  She enjoyed his new art too much to hold back this time.
“Thank you.”  Riddle mumbled, and then cleared his throat.
“Can I ask questions about it?”  She’d learned long ago to respect Riddle’s privacy and wouldn’t push the point if he was reluctant.
Riddle didn’t hesitate.  Apparently he already decided what he was willing to share about the story.
“You may have one
then your questions
will be done.”
He didn’t always speak in rhyme, but the few who were lucky enough to know him knew that when he did, he was imparting a true gift.  Few people knew Riddle at all.  Even fewer had heard him speak.
One question.  Velvet pondered.  The perfect question then popped into her head.
“What does this story mean to you?”  Velvet settled onto a chair while Riddle looked from her, to the picture, and then back again.
“It means that we all have a greater gift than we realize.  We can create infinitely more than we give ourselves credit for.”  Riddle settled himself into a chair like Velvet’s, and then smiled at her when he saw that she understood how much he meant what he said.
“Thank you for sharing that with me, Riddle.  It means a lot to me that you did.”
Riddle simply smiled.  They sat together in companionable silence until Velvet decided to try a few of her new physical comedy jokes on him.
Riddle smiled and clapped, feeling giddy.  Seeing Riddle acting so happy was one of the best feelings Velvet could imagine.
Long ago, Velvet had knocked on the sandcastle door with the simple goal of telling the creature who lived there that she thought it was an incredible looking sandcastle.
The door had opened on its own, and Velvet stepped inside without hesitation.
Riddle took a small chance in allowing a new creature into his home, but his intuition was much more developed than Velvet understood at the time.
When she saw him for the first time, and accepted him completely through her reactions, they became friends.
Their friendship was one of the most important in both of their lives.

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Shadow Stalker: Separate Paths (Episode 10) by Renee Scattergood

Episode 8 300 dpiEpisode 10 is here! Yay! :-D
As I mentioned before, I'm going to be doing things a little differently now. Instead of doing the tours and blitz's like I used to, I'll be hosting release parties on my Facebook Page and Twitter (and I'll be throwing things up on Google+ as well, just not as often). I will be running them for about two weeks following the release, so if you're following me and you have elected to receive my newsfeeds, you should be getting them.
This time around I'll be sharing an interview I did with a reader below (and I might do this often so if you love my stuff and want to be interviewed, contact me), little excerpts from Episode 10 each day, a words scavenger hunt, and some other fun stuff.
And now for my interview with Debra Mauldin. Debra has been following my Shadow Stalker Serial from the very beginning.

Hi Debra, thanks for taking the time to do this!

It is my pleasure, Renee

As I said, you've been following the Shadow Stalker Serial from the very beginning. How did you hear about it?

I was working with a group called ‘Dragon Knight Chronicles’ and we did a book tour on Shadow Stalker: The Hidden Truth (Episode 1).

What were your first thoughts when you started reading Episode 1: The Hidden truth? Was it what you expected?

My first thoughts were, “here is a science fiction fantasy that I will thoroughly enjoy’. So far it has been everything I expected, plus more.

Has there been anything about the serial that has caught you off guard or surprised you?

The graphic torture scenes, in what I believe was Episode 8, caught me completely off guard. Until then, the violence had been hinted at, but now it was fully voiced through Auren, no less.

What do you like most and/or lease about Shadow Stalker?

I love the entire story and cannot think of anything I like less.

Is there anything you would change if you could?

I wouldn’t change a thing. I love your writing.

What would you say to anyone who hasn't read the serial yet?

Pick up a copy of Shadow Stalker: The Hidden Truth (Episode 1) and read it. I bet you will want to read more.

Are you looking forward to the Savior of the Serpent Isles novels being released starting next year?

I can hardly wait.

Finally, is there anything you'd like to ask me?

Is it easier, or harder, to write in episodes than chapters?

Wow, that's hard to answer. It's not really easier or harder. It's different and writing the serial is definitely a different skill set to writing a novel. I think writing a serial is a lot like writing a short story in a way. You need to be focused on the main plot and there isn't much in the way of subplots. You also have to be able to leave off with a cliff hanger that will make people want to come back a month later, but not so much of one you'll make them go bald. And you don't want to leave them hanging too long, so you need to work with a regular release schedule so they know when the next one is coming. It's a balancing act that I'm really still learning.

I think writing novels is less hectic and more relaxed, at least for me. I don't feel as much pressure to get it done because until I set a release date, there is no expectation for the work to be done by a certain time. 

Anyway, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions, Debra, and for all the support you've given me over the last year. You have no idea how much I appreciate it!

You are more than welcome. I truly love to read your writings!

You can catch Debra on her blog, Mama Bear Musings. And don't forget, there are now two ways to get Episode 10 Free. You can share my pre-order post for the next week only and email me the links, or you can sign up for my newsletter!

Cover Reveal of The Fallen by Melissa Barker-Simpson

This weeks author spotlight is a cover reveal for Melissa Barker-Simpson's soon to be released novel, The Fallen. I'm a big fan of Melissa's work so I'm really excited about this one. Hope you all enjoy the feature and buy the book when it's out. You can also read a novella she's written for this series in a bundle she's released. Info is below! Enjoy!
MelMelissa Barker-Simpson has been writing since  she was knee-high to a grasshopper. Melissa often looks back on those earlier stories, and apart from laughing at the heavy-handed drama, or cringing at her inexperience, she is reminded that she has always lived in other worlds.
Her first novel was published in 2008, and Melissa loved nothing more than working on a new project. The voices inside her head invariably pull her in different directions, so although she tried to work on one thing at a time, those who know her would tell you it doesn’t always work!
She works a full-time job, which does not involve writing per se, incorporates her love of language. As a British Sign Language Interpreter, Melissa gets to translate information between two languages which is (mostly) fun.
She also has two beautiful daughters who bring her great joy. They keep her grounded,  otherwise she would be stuck in the clouds permanently!

Connect with Melissa

The Fallen

After the Demonic War, a battle which devastated the mortal realm, hunter cells were established across the globe to serve and protect every living soul. Maddison Wood is part of an alpha cell in the north of England. But Maddison has a new role now; her responsibilities as Watcher. She belongs to a legion of warriors assigned to serve the Fallen; guardian angels afforded the privilege of residing on Earth.
When Maddison is drawn to the city by an event which resonates hundreds of miles away, she is thrown into the path of a newly fallen angel. But Obadiah is no ordinary angel. He is a Prime, and his presence symbolizes a new threat. There is a war coming, and Maddison must form an alliance if she has any hope of winning this first battle. After all, the Fractured are a formidable enemy; a group of lost souls - powerful creatures of darkness who crave to destroy those who belong to the light.
The Fallen is the first of the Fractured Series written by Melissa Barker-Simpson. She has travelled down many roads as an author over these last few years; genres include fantasy, science-fiction, and crime - all with an element of romance. Melissa currently has four ongoing series, with the Fractured being the most current. This is her journey into a world she has been dying to share for years.
Just a short few weeks ago Melissa released the prequel to her Fractured Series in a double book anthology with Gina Briganti, entitled Changing Worlds. The prequel, a Changing Worlds 2novella she named The Contract, began a tale which will continue on July 30th. This cover reveal is the first step on the road to promoting The Fallen. Stay tuned for her pre-order announcement, which will follow next week.
The countdown to release day begins now! Make sure you don’t miss out by signing up for Melissa Barker-Simpson’s Newsletter. All subscribers will receive a special discount for being part of her mailing list.
In the meantime, check out her novella in Changing Worlds. You can buy it now on Amazon KindleSmashwords and other online retailers. It's also available in paperback!

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Magic of Solstice Tour Featuring Nichole Giles

Welcome to day 25 of the Magic of Solstice Fantasy Writers' Tour 2015!

250x250 ButtonWe're getting down to the wire now with only five days left in the tour, but it's still not too late to sign up on Facebook and check out everything going on there. Tomorrow Charlotte Henley Babb and Melissa Barker-Simpson will be hosting, and I'll be sharing an excerpt from Shadow Stalker: Turning Tides (Episode 9) and doing Part 5 of the Shadow Stalker Scavenger Hunt. Today Nichole is sharing some interesting facts about herself as well as an excerpt from her book, Water So Deep.
Nichole Giles, the author of DESCENDANT, BIRTHRIGHT, and WATER SO DEEP, has lived in Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and Texas. She is a huge fan of all things paranormal and magical. Her dreams include owning a garden full of fairies, riding a unicorn, and taming the pet dragon she adopted at a recent local ComiCon. His name is Zane. She also loves to spend time with her husband and four children, travel to tropical and exotic destinations, drive in the rain with the convertible top down, and play music at full volume so she can sing along.

1smaller head shotConnect with the Author

About Water So Deep

Seventeen-year-old Emma Harris is drowning on dry land.
No one knows what’s happening to her, and she’d like to keep her evolution from human to mermaid a secret, but the truth is getting harder and harder to hide. From her adoptive family, from her friends, and especially from the irresistible James Phelps.
Her time in the ocean is spent dodging a possessive merman, while her time on land is split between caring for her special-needs brother and squeezing in every last possible moment of human life. She soon realizes falling for James is unavoidable when he constantly comes to Emma’s rescue and somehow manages to see through her carefully constructed icy facade to the vulnerability she lives with every day. Everything about James makes Emma yearn for a life on land she just can't have.
When Emma’s brother disappears on her watch, James is the only person she trusts to help her save him. But even if they can save her brother, nothing can prevent her return to the sea. Whether she likes it or not, Emma is changing—unable to breathe without yielding to the tide—and it's only a matter of time before she's forced to surrender forever.

3D book image WSDBuy the Book

About Birthright

Two months ago, Abigail Johnson saved the life of the boy she believes is her destiny and defeated an army of demons that have pursued her ancestors for centuries. Now, she and Kye should be taking their place as leaders of the new generation of Gifted, but the curse they thought was broken has returned, and every minute together brings them closer to death.
When remaining shadow demons attack again, the Dragons send Abby to Mexico. But she isn’t any safer here than she was back home. The shadows have tracked her, the locals expect her to help with their own demon problems, and the more time she spends away from Kye, the more she doubts the destiny that ties them together.
When the demons destroy her safe house, Abby has no choice but to take the fight to them. The arrival of an old nemesis throws their careful plans into disarray, and Abby and her friends find themselves facing new adversaries in a battle that turns fatal. This time, not everyone will make it out alive. 

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About Descendant

Seventeen-year-old Abigail Johnson is Gifted.
Blessed—or cursed—with Sight and Healing, Abby lives an unsettled life, moving from place to place and staying one step ahead of the darkness that hunts her. When she arrives in Jackson, Wyoming, she is desperate to maintain the illusion of normalcy, but she is plagued with visions of past lives mixed with frightening glimpses of her future. Then she meets Kye, a mysterious boy who seems so achingly familiar that Abby is drawn to him like he’s a missing piece of her own soul.
Before Abby can discover the reason for her feelings toward Kye, the darkness catches up to her and she is forced to flee again. But this time she’s not just running. She is fighting back with Kye at her side, and it’s not just Abby’s life at stake.

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13 Random Facts about Nichole Giles

  1. I am the oldest of eleven children: two biological sisters, four biological brothers, and four step-brothers.
  2. I don’t like to read books that don’t involve some kind of romance, kissing scenes included.
  3. I must have lived during the regency period in a past life, because I love corset-style dresses and costumes. For Halloween, I’ll probably dress up, even though my kids won’t.
  4. My favorite ice cream flavor was discontinued over 10 years ago, but I still hold out hope that Ben and Jerry’s will bring back their Island Paradise flavor.
  5. My favorite food in the world is steamed snow crab.
  6. Whenever I struggle with creating or writing, I like to go for a drive with my convertible top down. I’ve even been known to do this with snow flurries in the air.
  7. Nichole’s ultimate dream house: on a white-sand beach, with lots of windows, palm trees in the yard, a huge patio, and within walking distance to a number of friends’ homes. Also near great shopping. It should also have a dedicated library where I can write.
  8. I have a growing collection of fairies. Statues, paintings, etc. And I’ve started picking up mermaids as well. I love to be surrounded by fantastical creatures.
  9. I have four kids. Two boys, two girls, all nearly grown.
  10. When I was in high school in Arizona, my friends and I haunted a local hangout, where I became highly proficient at playing air hockey.
  11. During my junior year, I had the opportunity to go to New York with my choir, where we sang in Carnegie Hall. We also toured the city, largely without supervision.
  12. My favorite candy includes Kookabura licorice and Black Forest gummies. All varieties of both.
  13. I have kissed a stingray, petted a shark, high-fived a sea otter, and hugged a dolphin, but I have never wrestled an alligator or tried to housebreak a lion—and I don’t think I ever will.
Thanks for hanging out with me for thirteen random facts. You can learn more about me and my books at

Excerpt from Water So Deep

BY THE TIME SHE HIKED down the steep embankment and around the tide pools to her cove, the pressure in her chest squeezed so tight, black spots floated in her vision. Not a good sign. It had only been five days since her last swim— usually she was good for seven. 
Emma hung her bag on a rock that jutted out of the cave wall and stripped off her clothes, breathing deep, squeezing her hands into fists to avoid the panic creeping up on her. Panicking stole precious air from her half-converted lungs, and she was already on the verge of passing out. 
If she did pass out, she couldn’t get to the water, and if she couldn’t get to the water, this terrible pressure wouldn’t ease, and if the pressure didn’t ease, she would soon stop breathing altogether. It would be hours before anyone missed her and came looking, and by that time, she’d be shriveled like a washed-up fish, and probably just as dead.
By the time she’d put on her suit, her vision blurred and she had to step carefully, trailing her hand along the wall of the shallow cave so she wouldn’t trip and hurt herself before she got to the water. Finally at the edge, she sucked in a last breath of air and dove, relieved as slits opened up to gills in the side of her neck and water filtered through them, finally allowing her lungs to expand.
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Magic of Solstice Tour Featuring Louise Findlay

Welcome to day 23 of the Magic of Solstice Fantasy Writer's Tour 2015!

250x250 ButtonThere's only a week left to the tour, but there is stil plenty of time to sign up to the Facebook page. Tomorrow we have three hosts: Debbie Manber Kupfer, Ali Cross and RJ Mirabal. I will also be sharing an interview with Drevin from my Shadow Stalker Serial. Today Louise will be sharing a character interview with Ameria from her book, A Spy in the Sagax Vampires
Louise Findlay writes fantasy (generally short stories) and inspirational poetry. She enjoys reading and writing about mythological creatures such as angels and demons but has a soft spot for vampires. Louise is currently in the midst of writing a vampire novella about two vampire clans whose deputy’s clash in a big way, entitled A Spy in the Sagax Vampires.
She generally writes ebooks but she’s apart of a few anthologies which are in print and plans to release a print version of a collection of poetry at Christmas time this year.

Louise Findlay Books LogoConnect with the Author

About The Magic Christmas Dragon & Other Poetry Tales

There was a dragon that hated Christmas because Santa never gave him any presents. Every year he tries to ruin it for everyone in Wintaru. Read the tales about fairies, elves and goblins who try and thwart this dastardly dragon.

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Louise Findlay - Dreamless RoadsAbout Dreamless Roads Anthology 

Join us on the Dreamless Roads where we step across the threshold into the unknown to discover words that have turned into worlds of imagination, legend and, of course, fantasy. Commune with your inner elf, or dwarf, quest with heroes and warriors, and cross the borders into the land of gods and dragons ~ and the past and future realms of possibility and adventure.

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About The Rogue’s Odyssey (Also included in Dreamless Roads anthology) 

Heroes with an edge are always fascinating and when the métier is poetic, the romance tends to rise exponentially because, after all, everyone loves a rascal who’s only a heartbeat away from being on the wrong side of the tracks, but who somehow always battles on to win the day, whether that’s fleeing from dastardly henchmen, or fighting a terrifying dragon.
The Rogue's Odyssey Cover Finished“Certain parts of the poem flowed B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L-L-Y where the commas were utilized to perfection” Review quote by Mr. Controversy at The Review Board.

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About A Spy in the Sagax Vampires

The Vampire Clans have been able to co-exist in relative peace (with a few bloodbaths here and there) but when a spy from the Fortis Clan infiltrates the Sagax Vampires, will Sagax fall and the spy get out alive or better yet, sane?
1 year later, an emotionally scarred deputy seeks out a human on a whim. Chasing her to a rooftop, the human mysteriously falls without any cause. Why?
Waking up, there is no response from her, even under torture. That’s something the Fortis Clan is happy to accommodate.
Spy VampireFinding out she has a seemingly incurable illness, helping the human takes Ameria back to the Sagax Clan. Leona, the vampire who hurt her is the only one who could possibly create a cure but will she help?

Discover Louise’s Progress
Read an excerpt

An Interview with Ameria from A Spy in the Sagax Vampires

Who is your enemy? What makes you enemies?
Well apart from the many people that are dead at my feet and the near entirety of vampires including some of my own clan, I would say Leona that slithering chameleon of a vampire. She should've been a Viavori. Her mental powers are at par with theirs and she has that ruthless nature. I helped eliminate the Viavori and I will end her.
Tell us a little about your world, and where you fit in?
I am the deputy of the Fortis clan. It is one of the most powerful vampire clans there is. While our main enemy is the Sagax clan we are at odds with most of our other fellow vampires, Viavori most of all. I keep a rein on the most dangerous of my clan and carry out justice where it is needed though that justice is usually execution.
AmeriaWhat are your goals? What would you like to achieve?
To get back to normal. I am weak and I should be strong. Getting rid of these headaches would be a worthwhile venture as well. Sagax should have an answer and I get rid of this ridiculous human there as well.
What is the most important lesson you've learned about life?
That skill with a weapon is vital. Being able to defend yourself is a crucial part of being a vampire. You were dead otherwise especially in the Sagax clan. The defenceless only survived in a weaker clan and the clan wars got rid of most of them.
Who has been the greatest influence in your life? Why?
Kozani, obviously. He is my sire, my mentor and the leader of the Fortis clan. He taught me the finer points of sword fighting and we used to spar him with his katar (claws) and me with my sword.
What is the greatest obstacle you have ever had to face?
Not running away from Kozani's suicide mission. It was volunteer only. It had to be. We did not expect to make it out alive. We were loosing clan members to the Viavori and we had to do something to deter them. We saw the bodies and I was horrified to the core. If you thought we were pyschopaths compared to the Viavori we were fluffy little bunnies. I am glad I went. We avenged our fallen comrades and brought a measure of peace between the Viavori and the rest of the vampire world.
Where is the best place to visit in your world? What places should visitors avoid?
It depends upon your allegiance though some vampire clans are more dangerous than others. The place that humans inhabit is the safest and if you dare go into the Viavori's liar... well you must have a death wish. Kozani and I did deter them but they will prey on anyone that comes near.
What kind of clothing do you prefer to wear?
Black and sleek. I could not part with my knee high black boots. Black is such a great colour. It is elegant and hides blood stains. I like blood but being constantly drenched in it is tiresome and ruins most only clothes.
What do you own that would be hardest to part with? Why?
My sword. My razor-edged sword forged with platinum. I have had it for so long and it has been at my side through countless skirmishes and wars and it was a gift from Kozani. Ameria, scourge of the Viavori was engraved upon it after our suicide mission together.
What was your greatest achievement?
Culling the Viavori. They are the vampires that frighten the rest of us even we Fortis. The suicide mission Kozani and I went on achieved a thing that no one else had ever done. Kill a Vivori. The Viavori are unspeakably bastards. Their skill with weapons rivals our own and with the mindset of the worst of us they are the epitome of murdering psychopaths with the skills to inflict pain upon a mind like a darkened heart of a Sagax vampire.
Name some of your bad habits.
Trying to carve my skull open when I have one of those mind shattered headaches. I think it is a remnant of that blasted Sagax vampire nearly breaking my mind.
What do you regret most in your life? Why?
Now, the needless deaths. Some of the people I murdered were necessary as they threatened me and mine but there were people I killed just for the hell of it. To feed my bloodlust and I had plenty blood. I gorged myself on it and some of it I did not even drink.
If you could change something about yourself, what would it be? Why?
Now, my entire life. Then, nothing. I am falling apart at the seams. Before I revelled in death and now I just cannot stomach it. Something that drafted Sagax vampire did to me no doubt.
Would you ever or have you ever lied? How do you feel about lying?
Of course I have lied. I am over a thousand years old for soul's sake. It is a necessity. I have been living a lie as a Sagax spy and that was deception at its highest. I do what I have to to protect myself and my clan.
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