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Magic of Solstice Tour Featuring KJ Hawkins

Welcome to day 19 of the Magic of Solstice Fantasy Writers' Tour 2015!

250x250 ButtonIf you haven't done so already, you'll want to sign up for the tour on Facebook. Lots of fun stuff happening there this month and it's not too late to join in. Lee Dunning and I will be hosting tomorrow and I have and excerpt from Shadow Stalker: Bound by Fate (Episode 7) and I'll also be doing Part 4 of the Shadow Stalker Scavenger Hunt. Today KJ Hawkin's is sharing a feature from her upcoming Tarzinea Series, called Fumbling Hands.
KJ Hawkins is a young fantasy author making her way into print. She has had a strong love for fantasy since she was nine years old.
As an adult the magic stayed with her inspiring her to write stories of adventure and magic.  Hawkins, at her best, brings personality to every word she writes, exciting her readers with every page.

Fun Fact

KJ Hawkins is actually a pen name taken from the initials of her real first and last name. Hawkins came from her favorite childhood film, Treasure Planet, the lead character is James Hawkins!

Connect with the Author

The Magical Muse BookAbout The Magical Muse: A Collection of Fantasy Stories

Stories of fantasy ranging from dark, to light and inspiring, bring life to this anthology.  The creatures featured throughout, both good and evil, display the devastating or wonderful personalities they were given by the authors who created them for your enjoyment.

About my story in The Magical Muse:

Trisha finds herself in the clentches of a monster like know other. She has to fight her way to freedom only to find herself looking at deaths door. Will she survive the fight or will a secret hidden from her be her saving grace.

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Fumbling Hands by KJ Hawkins

He dodged.
Clank…the two swords embraced.
Blonde hair smacked him in the face as he pivoted onto his left foot. He growled in irritation when his foot groaned under the pressure.
Definitely got rusty being in that mountain for so long. She lunged he shifted his weight again, but this time Kero surprised him.
She kicked out with her right foot knocking his feet out from under him.
Rikkin fell to the ground. He shifted his weight to his shoulders and flipped to his feet as her blade went down into the ground. Rikkin heard her growl in frustration. Several months now they have been training and she still hasn’t manage to beat him yet.
Perhaps it’s time to throw her a bone. Maybe that will help her with her self-esteem. The option of letting her was rejected as his eyes darted across the onlookers. He couldn’t afford taking it easy on her. Kero was supposed to be ready for war any minute and letting her win wasn’t going to get her where she needed to be.
Clank…the swords clashed again.
Her speed increased. Rikkin laughed pushing his momentum to match hers. He started to see her frustration getting out of hand. She was no longer thinking, her anger was getting the best of her.
Well, it is time to shut the show down. He dropped his guard and Kero took the bait. She lunged at him. Rikkin pivoted to the right grabbing hold of her sword arm twisting it back behind her.
Kero yelled out and dropped the sword. She threw back her head hoping to make contact with his. But, Rikkin anticipated the move and lurched his head.
Rikkin blocked her from kicking out his feet in a silly attempt of hers to use his weight against him. She managed to break his hold on her arm by biting him.
“By the Gods!” He bellowed.
She maneuvered but didn’t escape. “Let go that hurts!”
“What do you say,” Rikkin demanded.
“I surrender,” Kero squealed. “Now let go of my breast!”
Rikkin was so heated up he didn’t notice where his hand was sitting. Apparently he grabbed a hold of her right breast in the confrontation. His face turned red from the shock and released her.
Rikkin watched as she straightened her blouse to better cover her chest.
“Sorry, about that,” he stated.
“Yeah right, bet you were just looking for an opening to grab those beautiful breasts!” yelled Jimmy.
Rikkin growled at the comment and stopped over to the boy sitting on the fence. He grabbed him by the collar. “Watch yourself boy,” he snapped. “I will find a damn reason for you to wish you were never born.”
“Fine, geese keep your pants on man,” Jimmy responded. “No, reason for you to get you panties in a twist. Was just joking with ya.”
He threw the boy back and glowered at him. “Don’t you have some chores to get done stable boy,” Rikkin snapped.
“Yes, sir,” Jimmy said. “I’ll get on them right away.”
Rikkin watched him scurry to his feet. He made a kicking motion to the boy’s rump as he took off running towards the stable. Damn kids in this time are nothing but disrespectful.
“Are we done for the day?”
He turned his attention back to his pupil. Rikkin examined her seeing her covered in sweat. When his eyes stopped on her breasts he felt heat in his cheeks.
“Umm…yes that is all for today,” he stammered. “Best go get cleaned up for your lessons with Christophé."
“Okay,” she said. “Same time tomorrow?”
“Two days,” Rikkin stated. “Best get caught up on your magic training.”
He saw the look on her face. Rikkin ignored it, hoping she would go away. He didn’t want to admit to her that he was uncomfortable with what occurred. Holding her that way was too familiar.
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