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Magic of Solstice Tour Featuring Louise Findlay

Welcome to day 23 of the Magic of Solstice Fantasy Writer's Tour 2015!

250x250 ButtonThere's only a week left to the tour, but there is stil plenty of time to sign up to the Facebook page. Tomorrow we have three hosts: Debbie Manber Kupfer, Ali Cross and RJ Mirabal. I will also be sharing an interview with Drevin from my Shadow Stalker Serial. Today Louise will be sharing a character interview with Ameria from her book, A Spy in the Sagax Vampires
Louise Findlay writes fantasy (generally short stories) and inspirational poetry. She enjoys reading and writing about mythological creatures such as angels and demons but has a soft spot for vampires. Louise is currently in the midst of writing a vampire novella about two vampire clans whose deputy’s clash in a big way, entitled A Spy in the Sagax Vampires.
She generally writes ebooks but she’s apart of a few anthologies which are in print and plans to release a print version of a collection of poetry at Christmas time this year.

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About The Magic Christmas Dragon & Other Poetry Tales

There was a dragon that hated Christmas because Santa never gave him any presents. Every year he tries to ruin it for everyone in Wintaru. Read the tales about fairies, elves and goblins who try and thwart this dastardly dragon.

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Louise Findlay - Dreamless RoadsAbout Dreamless Roads Anthology 

Join us on the Dreamless Roads where we step across the threshold into the unknown to discover words that have turned into worlds of imagination, legend and, of course, fantasy. Commune with your inner elf, or dwarf, quest with heroes and warriors, and cross the borders into the land of gods and dragons ~ and the past and future realms of possibility and adventure.

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About The Rogue’s Odyssey (Also included in Dreamless Roads anthology) 

Heroes with an edge are always fascinating and when the métier is poetic, the romance tends to rise exponentially because, after all, everyone loves a rascal who’s only a heartbeat away from being on the wrong side of the tracks, but who somehow always battles on to win the day, whether that’s fleeing from dastardly henchmen, or fighting a terrifying dragon.
The Rogue's Odyssey Cover Finished“Certain parts of the poem flowed B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L-L-Y where the commas were utilized to perfection” Review quote by Mr. Controversy at The Review Board.

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About A Spy in the Sagax Vampires

The Vampire Clans have been able to co-exist in relative peace (with a few bloodbaths here and there) but when a spy from the Fortis Clan infiltrates the Sagax Vampires, will Sagax fall and the spy get out alive or better yet, sane?
1 year later, an emotionally scarred deputy seeks out a human on a whim. Chasing her to a rooftop, the human mysteriously falls without any cause. Why?
Waking up, there is no response from her, even under torture. That’s something the Fortis Clan is happy to accommodate.
Spy VampireFinding out she has a seemingly incurable illness, helping the human takes Ameria back to the Sagax Clan. Leona, the vampire who hurt her is the only one who could possibly create a cure but will she help?

Discover Louise’s Progress
Read an excerpt

An Interview with Ameria from A Spy in the Sagax Vampires

Who is your enemy? What makes you enemies?
Well apart from the many people that are dead at my feet and the near entirety of vampires including some of my own clan, I would say Leona that slithering chameleon of a vampire. She should've been a Viavori. Her mental powers are at par with theirs and she has that ruthless nature. I helped eliminate the Viavori and I will end her.
Tell us a little about your world, and where you fit in?
I am the deputy of the Fortis clan. It is one of the most powerful vampire clans there is. While our main enemy is the Sagax clan we are at odds with most of our other fellow vampires, Viavori most of all. I keep a rein on the most dangerous of my clan and carry out justice where it is needed though that justice is usually execution.
AmeriaWhat are your goals? What would you like to achieve?
To get back to normal. I am weak and I should be strong. Getting rid of these headaches would be a worthwhile venture as well. Sagax should have an answer and I get rid of this ridiculous human there as well.
What is the most important lesson you've learned about life?
That skill with a weapon is vital. Being able to defend yourself is a crucial part of being a vampire. You were dead otherwise especially in the Sagax clan. The defenceless only survived in a weaker clan and the clan wars got rid of most of them.
Who has been the greatest influence in your life? Why?
Kozani, obviously. He is my sire, my mentor and the leader of the Fortis clan. He taught me the finer points of sword fighting and we used to spar him with his katar (claws) and me with my sword.
What is the greatest obstacle you have ever had to face?
Not running away from Kozani's suicide mission. It was volunteer only. It had to be. We did not expect to make it out alive. We were loosing clan members to the Viavori and we had to do something to deter them. We saw the bodies and I was horrified to the core. If you thought we were pyschopaths compared to the Viavori we were fluffy little bunnies. I am glad I went. We avenged our fallen comrades and brought a measure of peace between the Viavori and the rest of the vampire world.
Where is the best place to visit in your world? What places should visitors avoid?
It depends upon your allegiance though some vampire clans are more dangerous than others. The place that humans inhabit is the safest and if you dare go into the Viavori's liar... well you must have a death wish. Kozani and I did deter them but they will prey on anyone that comes near.
What kind of clothing do you prefer to wear?
Black and sleek. I could not part with my knee high black boots. Black is such a great colour. It is elegant and hides blood stains. I like blood but being constantly drenched in it is tiresome and ruins most only clothes.
What do you own that would be hardest to part with? Why?
My sword. My razor-edged sword forged with platinum. I have had it for so long and it has been at my side through countless skirmishes and wars and it was a gift from Kozani. Ameria, scourge of the Viavori was engraved upon it after our suicide mission together.
What was your greatest achievement?
Culling the Viavori. They are the vampires that frighten the rest of us even we Fortis. The suicide mission Kozani and I went on achieved a thing that no one else had ever done. Kill a Vivori. The Viavori are unspeakably bastards. Their skill with weapons rivals our own and with the mindset of the worst of us they are the epitome of murdering psychopaths with the skills to inflict pain upon a mind like a darkened heart of a Sagax vampire.
Name some of your bad habits.
Trying to carve my skull open when I have one of those mind shattered headaches. I think it is a remnant of that blasted Sagax vampire nearly breaking my mind.
What do you regret most in your life? Why?
Now, the needless deaths. Some of the people I murdered were necessary as they threatened me and mine but there were people I killed just for the hell of it. To feed my bloodlust and I had plenty blood. I gorged myself on it and some of it I did not even drink.
If you could change something about yourself, what would it be? Why?
Now, my entire life. Then, nothing. I am falling apart at the seams. Before I revelled in death and now I just cannot stomach it. Something that drafted Sagax vampire did to me no doubt.
Would you ever or have you ever lied? How do you feel about lying?
Of course I have lied. I am over a thousand years old for soul's sake. It is a necessity. I have been living a lie as a Sagax spy and that was deception at its highest. I do what I have to to protect myself and my clan.
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