Friday, 31 May 2019

Tales From Midhgardhur, Volume III: by Colin A Brodd

Colin Brodd grew up in the great state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations but currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona. His business cards read "Gentleman Classicist Extraordinaire." He has held many different positions in his life, but his main professional calling has always been a teacher of Latin and Classical Humanities. In addition to Latin and Ancient Greek, he enjoys working with Old English and Old Norse and other old Germanic languages. His favorite genres of fiction are fantasy and science fiction, and he has a great love of RPGs (role-playing games). His favorite nonfiction books tend to be classical and military history or linguistics and languages (especially the aforementioned Greek and Latin). He sincerely appreciates your interest in his work.

About the Book

More award-winning Norse fantasy short stories set in the world of Midhgardhur, with Swords & Sorcery adventures featuring Vikings and shieldmaidens, runecasters and monsters, wonders and horrors!

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Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Desires of the Flesh by Konrad Cowell & Jaylenne Austin

Konrad Cowell was born and raised in the city of Detroit. He is a former drug trafficker and ex-offender who spent nearly three decades in the department of corrections. It was there he would discover his gift and talent for writing. His first novel, "Through The Eyes of A Hustler" was based off an award-winning play he wrote and produced in prison. His writing gifts include poetry, music, editorial, plays, and screenplays.

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About the Book

Charity, the daughter of a world-famous preacher, was appointed to be the next Pastor over her father's mega-million dollar ministry, True Unity International Church. However, there those on the Church Board who oppose this decision and have their own aspirations of taking over the ministry. They devise an elaborate plot to remove Charity and her father from the equation. It is during this time Charity meets and falls in love with the thuggishly handsome, Kedar. He propels her into a world of sex and erotic pleasures beyond her wildest imaginations. Will she survive her torrid relationship with Kedar and the plot formed against her and her father, or will she fall prey to THE DESIRES OF THE FLESH?

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Monday, 27 May 2019

The Hand You're Dealt: A Urban College #Romance by Quan Williams

Quan Williams was born and raised in Flint, MI, and has always had a love for stories. His earliest inspirations come from having his 2nd-grade teacher read classic stories like The Hobbit, Charlotte’s Web, and Winnie The Pooh to him in class. Around that time, his parents supported his appetite for fiction by subscribing him to the Star Wars comic book series. A chance encounter with a ripped up Batman comic book on the way home from school (of which he collected all of the loose pages, took them home, and put them together in order) prompted Quan to shift from consuming stories to creating them.

Quan honed his writing craft at the University of Michigan, where he studied creative writing under the tutelage of novelists Jonis Agee (Strange Angels, South of Resurrection) and Tish O’Dowd Ezekiel (Floaters). He also found time to write and illustrate three comic books and work as an entertainment journalist for the Michigan Daily Newspaper for three years. It is while in college that Quan gained a passion for gaming, and sought to ply his talents co-creating the rules and design for Transformers Battlecards, a trading card game based on the popular toy franchise. This game was eventually opted by Hasbro and turned into Beast Wars: The Mutating Card Game.

Since graduating, Quan has jumped at every opportunity to bring his wild ideas to life. He wrote the short story “That Weird Kid” which was published by The web magazine, before writing the young adult novel The Leopard Man. He created, designed and self-published the Organized Crime-based card game Syndicate: The Underworld and took third place in a worldwide online fantasy short story contest. He wrote, illustrated and programmed two webcomics, one of which (The Seizure) was collected and published as a trade paperback. He wrote the business/family melodrama Double Entry which was published by Red Rose Publishing. His sci-fi horror novel, Godmode, was recently picked up by Necro Publications. and King Jewel Publications has published The Hand You're Dealt, a literary love story set between his Alma Mater in Ann Arbor and the city of Detroit.

Quan is currently seeking representation for two fantasy novels he has just completed; one being an Urban "Indiana Jones"-styled Fantasy Thriller, and the other the first entry of a High Fantasy Epic trilogy.

When he is not creating, he enjoys the company of his loved ones, whether it be playing card games with his wife, or playing Magic: the Gathering with his brother, or talking about the craft of writing with his Godsister, or discussing Comic Books, Sports and Pro Wrestling with friends. He loves working with children and strives to teach them and encourage them to express themselves creatively and pursue their dreams, no matter how far-fetched others might think they are.

About the Book

Jay is an ambitious, charismatic college student actively looking for love in Ann Arbor, MI. He is undeterred by past failures, and eventually finds Tika, a tough but beautiful coed with a big heart and an explosive temper. They meet, bond and grow their relationship over monthly games of spades with their eclectic circle of friends. Their love is put to the test early and often during their college years, and the tests get even tougher after they graduate. Jay lives in Detroit, and deals with the disillusionment and disappointment of dreams deferred while selling vacuum cleaners – and his blood – to pay escalating bills. Tika supports his now fragile ego as he desperately searches for a better job, but she has problems of her own: namely, coming to terms with the sudden appearance of a father who had been absent for her entire life, along with the dark family secrets his return dredges up. Tika's father makes Jay an offer he can't refuse, but Jay turns it down and infuriates Tika by not telling her why. This could be the one obstacle their time-tested love can't overcome and may send Tika moving back to her beloved Chicago without her soon-to-be EX-boyfriend.

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Friday, 24 May 2019

The Miranda Contract: A #YA #SciFi #Adventure by Ben Langdon

Ben Langdon’s stories reflect the collision between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

He has written for adults (Forget, to Live and The Scoundrel’s Wife) and for Young Adults (The Miranda Contract and The Adventures of Charlie Conti), as well as editing a couple of short story anthologies (This Mutant Life and Bad Company).

He teaches at a local high school and has presented at conferences such as OzComic Con, the Hero Round Table, Hero Town and the Kang O Meerteek Writers Panel. When he’s speaking, he usually tackles issues such as reflecting diversity in superhero fiction, the power of empathy, representing the local and universal in writing about place, the importance of identifying self in characters and the positive effects of reading for young readers and adults.

He lives in Geelong, Victoria.

About the Book

“’s about Mount Olympus-sized family expectations. But it’s also about love and respect and profound human connections.”
— Superhero Novels ("Twilight of the Gods")

“Gritty, bloody and altogether emotionally charged.”
— Amazon Review

Supervillain. Popstar.

Sometimes the life we’re given isn’t the life we’d choose for ourselves.

For the past five years, Dan Galkin has been lying to everyone about just how ordinary he is. But Dan’s the grandson of The Mad Russian: one of the world’s most powerful (and insane) supervillains. And Dan has powers too. He’s a living battery, able to absorb and discharge electricity with his mind. Normally he keeps his powers hidden, but when the old man returns with an offer to make his grandson heir apparent, any chance at an ordinary life is blown apart.

Miranda Brody thought she wanted to be a pop star, but now she’s got the international profile and the entourage, she doesn’t recognise the Miranda she has become. After getting caught up in the cross-fire between Dan and his grandfather, Miranda realises there’s more to life than being famous. Staying alive, for example, becomes a high priority. And not falling in love with the pizza boy comes a close second.

Labelled by society, trapped by expectation.

Dan and Miranda might actually be able to change everything.

As long as they don’t kill each other first.

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Thursday, 23 May 2019

Black Wolf: The Binding of Loki - A #Mythological Epic #Fantasy by Una Verdandi

Una Verdandi is a writer of science fiction and fantasy novels. When she is not exorcising her muses into a Word document, she is probably painting, embroidering, or pondering the meaning of life. (Just kidding—life is meaningless.) As a professional editor, she helps other fiction authors mold their demons into a marketable form and tidies up legalese and financial babble for corporate clients.

Una lives in Toronto with a very vocal tabby cat and at most one potted plant. She would like to keep more greenery, but the only thing she can successfully grow is her to-be-read pile because the cat eats her plants when she’s not looking. She has concluded that she should just get more cats and be done with it.

About the Book

Odin has established absolute dominion over the Nine Worlds, but he knows that one day a Jötun named Loki will destroy everything he has created. To avert a bloody war, he adopts the peculiar child and forges a bond of kinship with him. However, when a powerful seeress foretells the coming of Ragnarök, Odin and Frigg begin to redirect the course of their foster son’s life. As the future’s shadow grows longer, their measures grow more desperate.

Embittered by Odin's manipulations, Loki becomes ever more sly and secretive; when he discovers that his brothers have betrayed him at Odin’s command, he spirals into madness. Soon, Loki and Odin are circling one another, and the fate of the worlds depends on two men who will sacrifice everything to get what they want.

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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Wanted: Hired Gun - A #Christian #Romance by Ginny Sterling

Ginny Sterling is an avid romance writer. She lives to tell sweet, inspirational, tender tales that tug at the heart-strings. She enjoys reading and creating stories that leave the reader smiling, laughing or crying. She favors writing western or contemporary books – several of which are included in The Lawkeepers Series. Ginny is a co-creator of A Match Made in Heaven Romance Series with Jenna Brandt and Marie Higgins. She is also proud to announce that she will be participating in the Silver Pines Series in 2019.

Growing up, Ginny traveled extensively visiting family, seeing the sights, and learning that everything in life worth having revolves around love, faith and home. Having lived in several different parts of the United States, she and her family have settled in Kentucky. When not at work, she spends all of her free time writing, quilting, or shopping for coffee mugs to add to her collection.

About the Book

When Chicago actress, Posey Jones travels across the country to help an ailing relative- she is immediately thrown into town at the very brink of destruction. Losing her uncle, gaining a home, and her independence- she sets out to establish her theater… only to realize she needs something special to ensnare an audience! When several women send off for husbands, she joins in with a strange request…

Garrison is tired of struggling to find a place where he fits in after a tour in the military. After several months at home, he is mistakenly arrested and sentenced to hang when the ultimate answer to his prayers is thrust into his jail cell: a letter. Now, bound for Oregon – he finds himself married to an outlandish woman that is constantly putting on an act, but when the real Posey shines through… he is fascinated with his new bride and the possible new life that lies ahead of him.

Posey and Garrison also face the herculean task in overhauling the empty building into a theater. He is mortified that his wife expects him to perform a stunt in the show that makes his blood run cold. Can the strong personalities of Garrison and Posey find a way to work together to make the budding theater and their relationship a blossoming success?

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Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Heart of the Vampire (A Redcliffe Novel): by Catherine Green

Author of British paranormal romance series The Redcliffe Novels, Catherine Green was raised on books from a young age and has happy memories of Saturday mornings spent in her small local library, devouring the contents of the shelves. Catherine has always been fascinated by the supernatural world, and it feels natural for her to write about vampires, werewolves, witches and other mystical creatures in her contemporary stories.

More recently, Catherine released her contemporary English Gothic novel, Vampire of Blackpool. These novels will show you the darker, sexier side of our favourite British seaside resorts! Catherine is currently working on a new series of novels featuring vampire hunters that work in and around Manchester and the North West of England.

Known as SpookyMrsGreen: The Pagan Housewife, Catherine runs a pagan lifestyle blog chronicling her adventures in mothering and magic, with a series of non-fiction books to follow, when she finds time to write them!

About the Book

It is almost Halloween in Redcliffe, Cornwall, and Jessica Stone is not the woman she used to be. Her summer was hijacked by werewolves, she fell in love with a vampire, and now she is learning how to be a witch, and what it means to celebrate Samhain with her new coven. Her vampire boyfriend, Jack Mason, is busy at work as a police detective, and his identical twin brother Danny, the werewolf alpha, refuses to let go of the woman he has chosen to protect his pack.

Jessica must learn about control, power, and the love that she truly feels for her vampire boyfriend and his brother.

The Redcliffe novels series follow the adventures of bookshop owner Jessica Stone as she meets a man and falls in love, only to discover the hidden werewolf secrets of her close friends. That includes Simon Bunce, manager of the Ship Inn, who turns out to be lieutenant to the Redcliffe werewolf pack, and lover to the wolf alpha Danny Mason. He fights to protect his master from the ethereal animal familiar who threatens to claim their pack. Who knew the Cornish coast could be so deadly?

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Monday, 20 May 2019

The Beast Within: A #YA #Paranormal #Romance Novel by Charlotte L R Kane

Nerd, Geek, Writer, Editor.

About the Book

Keyanah never wanted to be a Wolf, but she was born into a world of Shifters. She denies her heritage and defies the laws and rules of the pack. She would do anything to stop the Wolf from emerging - even risking her own life.

Her father is the Alpha and must punish his daughter for not accepting the Wolf. He exiles her into the human world, forcing her to learn and understand the rules of the human world.

Enter Callum, a twenty-one-year-old coffeeshop owner who finds Keyanah and offers her a job. But there is more to him than meets the eye.

Keyanah finds herself attracted to Callum, but she doesn't know why. When she moves into his apartment she learns the truth about him. And herself.

Can she allow herself to love Callum or will the threat of the inner Wolf become too much for her?

Inspired by the Many Lives series by Laxmi Hariharan.

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Friday, 17 May 2019

Nanny for the Billionaire: A #Billionaire #Romance by Jenna Brandt

Jenna Brandt would love for you to follow her on Amazon. Just click the above follow button. She is a Christian historical fiction author and her books span from the Victorian to Western to WWI eras with elements of romance, suspense and faith. You can find out more about her any time at and sign up for her newsletter

She has been an avid reader since she could hold a book and started writing stories almost as early. Jenna has been published in several newspapers as well as edited for multiple papers and graduated with her BA in English from Bethany College where she was the Editor-in-Chief of her college newspaper. She's an on-going contributor for The Mighty Website and her first Blog was published on Yahoo Parenting and The Grief Toolbox as well as featured on the ABC News and Good Morning America websites.

Writing is her passion but she also enjoys cooking, watching movies, reading, engaging in social media and spending time with her three young daughters and husband where they live in the Central Valley of California. She's active in her local church where she volunteers on their first impressions team as well as writes for the church's creative team.

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About the Book

Nanny for the Billionaire

Roger Boswell is a newly reformed playboy. It's hard enough to change his life for himself, but suddenly his world is turned upside down when his secret son is literally left on his doorstep. He has no idea how to take care of a four-year-old child so he turns to a friend of a friend for help.

Celeste Allen knows exactly who Roger Boswell is because he nearly destroyed her best friend's relationship. Yet, in the past few months, she's seen him change for the better, so when he asks for her help to find a nanny, she agrees. When no one fits the bill, Roger asks Celeste to fill in temporarily.

As the trio start to form a life together, friendship blossoms into something more, but it could be ruined before it has a chance to fully bloom.

Can Roger find a way to be the man they all need? Will Celeste decide that being with Roger and his son is what she really wants? And what will happen when the mother of Roger's son returns?

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Thursday, 16 May 2019

Shifter Shorts: A #Paranormal #Romance by TK Lawyer

Award Winning Paranormal Romance Author, TK Lawyer has been writing since high school but it was sometime in 2011 when her writing blossomed into a career.  Craving excitement and adventure, she jotted down a few notes and never looked back.

She writes what she loves with a realistic twist:  fiery paranormal romance with curvy girls and alpha, protective, possessive males.  Each unique tale is standalone with a guaranteed HEA.  She loves to hear from her fans and invites them to contact her.  New readers are encouraged to open one of her books and dive in, enjoying the fantasy worlds she builds solely from her imagination. 

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About the Book

Shifter Shorts

Love shape shifters?  These whimsical tales are sure to captivate!
Six stories in one amazing book.
All shape shifter paranormal romances waiting to entertain you!

Elorah can’t seem to shake Rowan’s amorous advances.  In their cat and mouse game, there is no question who has the advantage.

The statue atop the bank building fascinated Terra from day one.  But was it truly inanimate or was it alive?

Lorena awakens to a room in Hell but when the alpha Hellhound announces she belongs to him, can she escape his watchful eye?

A unique mix of two species, Draco seeks more from his best friend, Esma.  He will stop at nothing to prove to her she is the one. 

Jax howls for his delectable Harlot- Ivy- but pursuing her is too dangerous for both of them.
Walker seeks forever with the gorgeous scuba diver; however, instead of treading water, she is swimming away.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Demons of Time: A #SciFi #Thrille by Varun Sayal

Varun Sayal is an engineer and M.B.A. with a background in analytics and machine learning. He is also a voracious reader of Hindu mythology and modern psychology. His genre of writing is predominantly science fiction fantasy blended with ancient legends and a sprinkle of the gruesome actualities of life. In his own words:

"I live by the quote, 'a true art calms a disturbed mind and disturbs a calm mind.'"

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About the Book

Demons of Time

India, 3077 BC.

Tej wants to see justice done to Kumbh, the time-demon who tortured his mother years ago.

But the demon is trapped inside a prison with no concept of time.

Rigu, the sage who once fought Kumbh and saved Tej's mother, visits him twenty years later.

Kumbh has escaped to the future, 2024 AD, and is planning an apocalypse.

Tej has a chance to make his own justice or forever burn in fire of revenge.

He races against time as he has only seven days after which Kumbh will be invincible.

And if he fails, billions of innocent lives will be lost.

You will love Demons of Time because it is a gripping time-travel thriller about revenge, justice, and the power of human will.

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Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Reservations: A #Political #Thriller by Richard Paolinelli

Richard has been writing in one form or another since 1983, starting out as a freelance writer in Texas. He then embarked upon a near 30-year career as a sportswriter from Texas to New Mexico and California. After retiring in 2011 he began writing fiction and has published several novels and short stories.

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About the Book


Book 1 of the Del Rio Series. 


Who – or what – is killing members of the Navajo tribe? RESERVATIONS, the first book of the Jack Del Rio political mystery/thriller series, is set near Gallup, New Mexico, where the Navajo, Hopi and Zuni reservations lie adjacent. Three tribal leaders have been murdered - murdered in a fashion that suggests the deeds were carried out by COYOTE, a legendary supernatural evil trickster feared by many Native Americans.

The tribal president contacts an old friend in the FBI for assistance in solving the crimes and preventing more murders. Star agent, Jack Del Rio, is dispatched to New Mexico where he finds a situation tangled in political intrigue. Jack must work his way through those issues on his way to solving the mystery. Sparks fly as Navajo police officer Lucy Chee is assigned to assist him in his quest.

Question is can Del Rio and Chee solve the mystery and find the killer before he strikes again? Because the killer is on the hunt and he has his sights on Del Rio himself.

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Monday, 13 May 2019

The Secrets of Hawthorne House: A #YA #Paranormal #Mystery by Donald Firesmith

A geek by day, Donald Firesmith works as a system and software engineer helping the US Government acquire large, complex software-intensive systems. In this guise, he has authored seven technical books, written numerous software- and system-related articles and papers, and spoken at more conferences than he can possibly remember. He's also proud to have been named a Distinguished Engineer by the Association of Computing Machinery, although his pride is tempered somewhat by his fear that the term "distinguished" makes him sound like a graybeard academic rather than an active engineer whose beard is still slightly more red than gray.

By night and on weekends, his alter ego writes modern paranormal fantasy, apocalyptic science fiction, action, and adventure novels and relaxes by handcrafting magic wands from various magical woods and mystical gemstones. His first foray into fiction is the book Magical Wands: A Cornucopia of Wand Lore written under the pen name Wolfrick Ignatius Feuerschmied. He lives in Crafton, Pennsylvania with his wife Becky, and his son Dane, and varying numbers of dogs, cats, and birds.

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About the Book

The Secrets of Hawthorne House

Fifteen-year-old Matt Mitchell was having the worst summer imaginable. Matt's misery started when a drunk driver killed his mother, and his father moved him and his sister to a small town in rural Indiana, as far as his grieving father could get from the ocean that Matt's mother had loved. At the new high school, three bullies were determined to make Matt miserable. And to top it off, Matt learned that the recluse in the dilapidated Victorian mansion next door was none other than Old Lady Hawthorne, the town’s infamous witch and murderer. Matt’s terrible summer was turning into an awful autumn when something quite unexpected happened. Old Lady Hawthorne’s niece and her three children moved in next door, Matt met Gerallt, and his life changed forever.