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Marriage, Mobsters, and the Marine: A #Romance #Novel by Kryssie Fortune

Kryssie Fortune writes the sort of hot sexy books she loves to read. If she can sneak a dragon into her paranormal books she will. Her paranormal heroes are muscular werewolves, arrogant Fae or BDSM loving dragons.

Kryssie likes her contemporary heroes ex-military and dominant. Her heroines are kick-ass females who can hold their own against whatever life - or Kryssie - throws at them.

Kryssie's pet hates are unhappy endings, and a series that end on a cliffhanger.

Her books are all stand alone even when part of series. Plot always comes before sex, but when her heroines and heroes get together, the sex is explosive and explicit. One review called it downright sensual.

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About the Book

Abigail Montgomery, a small-town schoolteacher with zero self-confidence, longs for the loving family she never had.

Each month she attends a masked BDSM club, but her next visit will be her last. If she doesn’t marry within the next year, her military brother won’t inherit Montgomery Hall. Desperate, she advertises for a husband.

Jared Armstrong, a former Marine sharpshooter and occasional Dom, needs $125,000 to get his family out of a hole. His solution - to marry Abigail Montgomery for her money. His only regret is his wife won’t accept his spanking lifestyle.

Soon, Abigail dreams of making their marriage real, but she promised Jared a divorce two-years after their wedding. Can they share some Christmas magic as their relationship faces extortion threats, a kidnapping, and an attempted murder? Or will Jared walk away and break her heart?

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Keep reading for a guest post by the author:

From Zero to Superhero – Well…US Marine

Run at over six miles per hour for twenty-eight minutes? You have to be kidding me.

How about 50 or more crunchies in less than 2 minutes? I’d be laid on the floor crying.

If you want to become a US Marine, though, the recruiters expect this and more.

Marines need to be strong, tough, and smart. Above I’ve talked about minimum standards. To achieve a top score, a candidate must manage a 3 mile run in 18 minutes, perform 100 crunchies in 2 minutes, and do 20 pull-ups.

That means running at 10 mph for eighteen minutes.

Just getting through that lot would kill me.

Training starts as soon as the recruit gets on the bus to the base. A drill instructor acquaints them with Military law and tells them they are now subject to it. Once they disembark, they line up on yellow footsteps painted on the floor. Here, they learn to stand to attention and have their uniforms issued. Next step, military haircut.

The recruits are issued with their rifles, have medicals, and vaccinations where needed. The whole receiving process takes about three days—usually without sleep, then the recruit faces the Initial Strength Test.

To pass, a male recruit must complete at least three pull-ups, 45 crunchies in two minutes, and run 1.5 miles (2.4 km) in 13:30 minutes or less. The female recruits must hold a “flexed arm hang” (hanging on a bar with their arms bent) for at least 12 seconds, complete 45 crunchies in two minutes, and run 1.5 miles in 14 minutes and 30 seconds or less.

All without sleep. I’d be a wreck.

The training only intensifies from there, with drill instructors constantly harassing the recruits to ensure they can cope with battlefield stress.

The recruits learn about teamwork, weapons, and fighting. One of the worst things a drill sergeant can yell at them is that they should have joined the navy instead.

Twelve weeks later, if you can meet the physical and mental challenges, you’re ready for the passing out parade. Only, for a Marine, it’s a passing out run past their families while shouting out Marine Cadences. They circle the base and assemble on a parade ground.

Once the ceremony is complete, the Marines are granted on-base leave to show their families around. After one last march the following morning, the recruit gets ten days leave.

I’d need ten years to recover from this.

If the recruit survives all this, he’ll get yet more training before he’s assigned to a platoon.

No wonder the Marines claim theirs is the toughest service to enter.

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Angels and Diamonds: A #Romance #Novel by TK Lawyer

Award Nominated Paranormal Romance Author, TK Lawyer has been writing since high school but it was sometime in 2011 when her writing blossomed into a career. Craving excitement and adventure, she jotted down a few notes for a book and never looked back.

Her books blend her interest in the paranormal and her love of romance.

Steamy, unique, fun tales of adventure with alpha males and feisty, curvy females are her signature. She writes what she loves: passionate, erotic, emotion-tugging novels that widen readers’ experiences and leaves them wanting more. No two books are alike and each one is a stand-alone novel ready for fans and readers alike to dive into and enjoy!

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About the Book

Angels and Diamonds spins seven heart-warming tales of finding love when you least expect it and the struggles of holding onto true love. Each fun tale depicts ardor, attachment and dedication while staying true to the theme of a Diamond and an Angel.

Puppy Love- Petra, an owner of a dog rescue group in need of financial assistance finds an unlikely funding source

Bride to Be- Diamond, a bridal shop owner meets a man who seems vaguely familiar. Little does she know he will change her future

Promise- Tauria’s relationship with an Archangel leads to her forgotten past

The Gift- Celeste’s gift is more than her Angel can handle

Hunted- Natasha’s encounter with a mercenary has an unexpected, mutually beneficial outcome

New Home- Marisole’s home search for a ‘friend of a friend’ thrusts her back into the life of a man she once craved. Sadly, he doesn’t know she exists

Make a Wish- Are Stella’s dreamy adventures genuine or vivid imagination?

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Keep reading for an interview with the author:

Why did you decide to be a writer?

I needed something more in my life. One day when I was frustrated with my boring, mundane, routine of a life, I literally shouted in my kitchen for something more. Then ideas started popping into my head and I wrote them down. I never saw myself as an author but I took a chance and here I am, six books later, published and happy.

What genres do you write?

Paranormal and contemporary romance with shifters and angels

Is there a genre that you've been wanting to experiment with?

I’ve thought about writing YA since it is such a popular genre but I’m not sure if I can get into the characters the same as I do with Paranormal romance. I would write Paranormal YA but the romantic parts would be completely different. It would be a challenge for me to write in a “teenager’s world” with subjects and concerns that they face that adults don’t necessarily think of but I’ve considered it and who knows, maybe one day I will have a YA book out?

How often do you write?

Any chance I can get which is not often. I usually have to sneak a half hour here or there to jot down scenes. It’s hard writing when you have a full-time day job but I try to do what I can and when I am in the mood. The hardest part is getting started but once I’m writing, it’s easy to keep going for hours.

What is the quirkiest thing you've ever done while writing?

Sometimes I will act out parts of my scenes, not only in my head but actually physically act them out because I need to see the actions that each character does in order to write it. I have literally sat at my computer and stated aloud a sentence a character says in the book so I can figure out how he would react when he said the sentence. In that way, I can add details of his facial features so the reader can envision what is actually happening at the moment.

If you could be one of your characters for a day, who would it be and why?

Tatiana Baker from Jasper, The Guardian League, Book One. I would love being with an actual live Guardian Angel and Jasper is such a loving, sweet angel who would do anything for Tatiana. The fact that he is so endearing but also assertive and protective is such a turn on. It would be great to experience day to day activities arm in arm with my own angel.

What is the oddest thing you've ever researched for one of your books?

For Apollo, The Guardian League, Book Three, I had to find out how much the going rate was for a lap dance. Let’s just say it was an interesting Google search and it brought up a lot more information than I wanted. Haha.

If you could choose an author to be your mentor, who would it be?

I would love to be mentored by Felicity Heaton, one of the first and best paranormal authors I’ve followed. The fact that she can publish eight to ten books a year (or at least it seems that way) plus keep up a newsletter and give gift cards away like they are going out of style fascinates me. How does she do it all? Where does she get the energy? I imagine she doesn’t have a full-time day job like me. How does she manage her finances in order to write full-time? I would love to get in on the secret and learn her tips and tricks that has helped her in her success.

When did you first consider yourself an author?

When my first book, Nightfall was published in 2014. Once it was available to the world in e-book form, I literally screamed out of pure joy. It’s hard not to consider yourself an author when you have a published work out there and it was one of the happiest moments for me.

What is the best compliment you've ever received as an author?

I have a reader who has become a close friend who disclosed to me that she had heard of Paranormal Romance but never read any books in that genre before me. She told me that I am the reason she loves Paranormal Romance. I tell you, what better compliment is there than that? I am so awed and humbled by her compliment.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Apollo (The Guardian League, Book Three): A #Fantasy #Novel by TK Lawyer

Award Nominated Paranormal Romance Author, TK Lawyer has been writing since high school but it was sometime in 2011 when her writing blossomed into a career. Craving excitement and adventure, she jotted down a few notes for a book and never looked back.

Her books blend her interest in the paranormal and her love of romance.

Steamy, unique, fun tales of adventure with alpha males and feisty, curvy females are her signature. She writes what she loves: passionate, erotic, emotion-tugging novels that widen readers’ experiences and leaves them wanting more. No two books are alike and each one is a stand-alone novel ready for fans and readers alike to dive into and enjoy!

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About the Book

Lauren was an assignment. He didn’t expect to fall in love.

From her birth, Apollo watched Lauren mature, witnessing all her milestones with a strong sense of pride. Advising, protecting and whispering loving words to her, Lauren is strong and perfect.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t want to live.

A drastic decision one day sets Lauren face to face with her own Guardian Angel- a being she never knew existed. However, he won’t leave her alone. He is relentless, encouraging her to better her life when he doesn’t understand what it takes to survive on Earth. Despite this “flaw,” she is drawn to him in ways she can’t explain and Apollo soon becomes as necessary as the air she breathes. He asks for only one thing- to be his, forever.

Will she allow Apollo to love and care for her when many have failed?

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Keep reading for an excerpt:

At twenty-two years old, Lauren was done with life. She rifled through the top drawer of her mother’s bureau and held out the bottle of psychotropic drugs in her hand, with a wicked glee of triumph. Her mom wouldn’t miss a few pills. Besides, she was never home. She took more of an interest in partying with men, giving them whatever they wanted to “take care of her” than she did caring for her own daughter. Lauren was, at best, an after-thought or more, an inconvenience. Love, affection, and responsibility weren’t words found in her mother’s vocabulary.

She stared at the bottle and cried over the bathroom sink. All the pain she endured by her mom’s drugged-out, wasted boyfriends meant nothing at all to the most important woman in the world, whose single duty was to protect her: her mom. The fact that Lauren was almost molested several times by her mother’s pathetic definition of “good men,” meant even less. Lauren swiped at her tears, angry for displaying her vulnerability. She’d never cry in front of her mother or her idiot boy toys.

She hated her mother but even more she loathed her useless life. There was no point in going on, living day to day with no end in sight when all she wanted to do was sleep forever. The strange part was that every time she thought she was at the end of her rope, gasping for air from being choked or kicked repeatedly by one of her mom’s trashy men or from her mom, herself, she survived. Why and how, she’d like to know because at certain times there was no explanation. One time a greasy male fondled her on her bed while she struggled underneath him, kicking and biting him and then suddenly he was dragged off the bed. He hit the floor, unconscious. She rolled the heavy body out into the hallway and closed her door, barring it from re-entry by lodging a chair underneath the doorknob. How was he dragged onto the floor? She didn’t know. However, she recalled his desperate screams and his attempts to claw his fingernails into the bed sheets for leverage. It was a failed, useless attempt just like her previous tries at suicide but this time she was sealing the deal. If some crazy being out there in the vast universe offered her reincarnation, she wasn’t coming back. That’s if something truly existed beyond her piddly life, which she highly doubted.

Whatever was out there, if there was a second chance, was better than living life on Earth. Lauren regretted only one thing, she never experienced real love. To her, love was a product of weakness but she yearned for it anyway. To have someone in her life who’d respect her, take care of her and want her would be…well…unreal but a wonderful experience. She turned the pill bottle in her hand. If only that man existed, but he didn’t. Her mother’s magic pills were her only way out.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Our Frail Disordered Lives: A #Horror #Novel by Mary M Schmidt

Mary M. Schmidt is a graduate of Notre Dame University in Baltimore. She spent time in Rome during the '60s, getting to know the feral cats. Her previous book, Cat Lady, is about that experience. Cat Lady won the Jaffalogue's Picks award for best long narrative published in 2015.

Mary works for a local hospice doing transitions, that is, assisting terminal patients with their end of life procedure. This is not in the least bit depressing!

Mary makes her home near Annapolis with her cat Graycie.

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About the Book

Larry Kavanaugh is an ordinary kind of guy. He’s got a nagging wife and two kids, both annoyingly gifted. No matter what he does, there is no end to what his family needs. What’s a regular, everyday guy to do? Well, he cuts a few corners, obviously – one very big corner. He sells his soul to the Devil.

Maybe it’s not the actual Devil, but Larry is ready to make a deal with one of the Devil’s minions. He meets some demon whose name he can’t remember. Funny, it was right on the tip of his tongue, a name of something you step on. Roach the Demon has sort of good intentions. He just wants a re-write of Dante’s Inferno with himself as the star.

Roach goes after Larry as a rogue operation. He needs to make a point to his boss, Satan, so he uses the body of a human to follow Larry around and stir up trouble. He offers Larry an airtight guarantee that nothing could possibly go wrong. After all, Larry does not feel like he has much to lose – or does he? Even Roach might be in over his head this time.

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Keep reading for an excerpt:

Grace then started to recite Canto 5 of the Inferno, pausing often for questions and comments. Kathleen went back inside as dusk fell and the street lights went on.

She tried to imagine what it was like, a place where the wind blew at 5,400 miles per hour. Simply beyond her imagination. Yet Dante had come up with it, so many centuries ago.

Jeanine said, “It’s a real place.”

It was hardly the sort of place anyone would care to visit. The fact that it was 63 light years away did not make it any less real.

A real place.

That night, Kathleen managed to sleep without the help of a pill. But she dreamed of Larry, in the den, signing a contract with a man who looked and acted like a normal person. But was not. In the background, Jeanine was saying, “It’s a real place, Mom, just like Dante and Virgil said. It’s a real place.”

It’s real. Even though you can’t see or touch it. Or it’s in another dimension. Or 63 light years away. Or you can’t imagine it. It’s real, Mom.

It’s real.

Monday, 3 September 2018

Centurion (The Guardian League, Book Two): A #Romance #Novel by TK lawyer

TK Lawyer has always had an interest in the strange and unusual and she’s a romantic by heart.

She writes passion-filled paranormal romance with Angels and Wolf Shifters- weaving tales of alpha males willing to do anything for the one feisty, curvaceous, strong-willed woman who has won their heart. Her alpha males will go to any length to please their mate, in and out of the bed.

She invites you to enter her world and be entertained. After all, she writes for you.

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About the Book

Centurion has it all. A talented charge, ladies at his disposal for a single encounter or more and access to all the coffee he wants once he lands on Earth. Plus, he’s second in command of the volunteer band of angels called the Guardian League. The one thing he never wanted was an intimate relationship with a human beyond the usual angel-charge boundaries.

So when he finds a woman as strong and hot as the human beverage that tickles his fancy, what else can he do but pursue her until he figures out what to do with her.

April loves her enticing, hunky angel but he’s a lot to handle. He’s cocky, unpredictable but most of all… incorrigible. What is she to do with a male who lives life by his own schedule?

Can April and Centurion form a compromise and allow love to bind them together? Or will Centurion’s inability to commit wedge them apart, forever?

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Keep reading for an excerpt:

Out of the thirty females gathered, only five were interested in her jewelry. The others twenty-five were interested in the stranger; some even asked April if she knew him or knew anything about him. Goodness! This was an art show, not a manhunt. You’d never know by the way these women were on the prowl.

She peeked at him in between helping her customers and each time she found him watching her. Her heartbeat picked up every time she caught him. Why did he continue staring at her? Oh god no! Was he a Ted Bundy? She had enough looney tune men in her life and wasn’t searching for another. She snuck a peek his way and found him. There he was again, looking at her. This time, he smiled. It should’ve been creepy but instead, it exhilarated her, had her insides quivering and her heart turning flip-flops. She swore every time he grinned at her, her toes curled and her inner thighs trembled. What was wrong with her? He was handsome, but good god! You’d think she was a virgin—which she wasn’t. Not that she had a sordid past complete with loads of sex but she wasn’t a prude either.

She turned to the strange male. “I’m sorry, uh–¬uh…”

“Centurion,” he said, holding some earrings up toward the overhead light.

“I’m not sure when I’ll be done.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll wait.”

He was tenacious, she’d give him that. There was some reason he kept hanging around but it wasn’t to buy jewelry and she wasn’t interested in dating. She hadn’t found the right man yet and she doubted this Greek god, this Thor among men was the one. He was probably “full of himself” expecting all women to cater to his needs because he was good-looking and desirable, just like her ex. He was in for a rude awakening.

She was finally able to break away. “Listen, mister.” She walked up and called out to him at the same time.


“Are you really interested in jewelry or are you interested in something else?” She placed her hands on her hips. He was laughing. How rude.

“I really like this one.” Centurion pointed to the first necklace he looked at. It was part of a set.

“What do you like about it?”

“The name of it is intriguing. Serenity, an Angel’s present. Tell me, do you believe in Angels?” Centurion leaned over the table.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Surrender Series: A #Romance #Novel #Series by Deanna Jewel

Deanna Jewel lives in the Pacific Northwest and has been writing multi-genre romance since 1991. She is married to a retired captain of the fire department. He’s also owned his own businesses for 28 years. They have two Siamese cats: Zoie and Sinbad, who keep them entertained. Deanna has enjoyed reading historical romance novels for over thirty years, gardening, and traveling.

She writes to draw the reader into the story to experience what the characters feel, to show both the hero's and heroine's points of view, and to take the reader away from their everyday stress to a place not yet visited.

A trip to Dubois, Wyoming, south of Yellowstone, inspired her time-travel novel. The landscape and town locations described in NEVER SURRENDER are real. Jon Daley, a professor at Boise State University, translated the Shoshone language that you will find in the book. This novel won an Honorable Mention in the 2008 Quill Awards at and in 2016 won the Marie M. Irvine Literary Excellence Award.

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About the Books

Is it possible for souls to travel through time and reunite more than one hundred years later? Does the soul continually search until somehow, it finds the one true soul mate even through time? Anything is possible when one believes in soul reincarnation. A half-breed warrior has entered into Kate’s dream, in search of her as his soul mate and doesn’t let her rest until she is reunited in time with her true lover from a past life. Kate and Taima endure personality clashes, jealousy and shapeshifters before they understand what the Great Spirit has planned for them.

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Brandon wears an heirloom passed down to him from his father and grandfather. From the time he began wearing the emerald-studded ring, visions of a woman appeared in his dreams. For years, he’s been on the search for her so he can get on with his life…and hers. Is it possible to reconnect with a soul mate from a previous life? Once he finds his dream woman, he’ll soon find the answers he’s been seeking!

Kate and Brandon have just met, yet their souls have reconnected from a past life each of them must now learn more about. Kate’s previous dreams are becoming reality as she talks with Brandon about her dream-travel back in time. She can’t believe the resemblance that Brandon has to the man in her dream-travel, nor the romantic feelings she has toward a man she’s never met.

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Keep reading for an excerpt from Never Surrender:

Keeping his gaze trained ahead of him, Taima strode past a group of giggling young girls, wishing Ahanu would catch up with him. He needed to talk with Sakima and inform him of Kate’s presence and why she was here, though the older man had probably seen her arrival in one of his visions. Sakima’s knowledge always seemed to astound Taima. For one individual to know so much of what the spirit gods sent their way proved fact enough that Sakima was their chosen shaman.

He sat cross-legged before a fire, wrapped in a buffalo hide. Wise beyond his fifty summers, Sakima’s dark eyes met Taima’s. Their gazes never broke as Taima sat across from him at the fire, next to Ahanu. The three sat in silence for a long time.

“You are troubled, my son.”

Taima looked into the fire, then poked at the glowing embers with a stick. “Noshi...father...capturing the white woman has disturbed memories I would rather not dwell on.”

“Sometimes the spirits know more than we do. Perhaps they think it is time you did dwell on your memories. Perhaps now, it is time to think of the past again.”

Taima gazed into the older warrior’s profound, dark eyes, not wanting to stir his own painful thoughts. “Noshi, please . . .”

The shaman nodded slowly. “ son...I, too, have memories of your mother. She came to mean more than life to me. But from the Great Spirits, I’ve learned we must often face the past in order to carry on into our future.”

Taima sighed and stared at the early stars. “Have your Great Spirits advised you how to deal with the sorrow of dredging up what’s better left in the past?” He glanced back at his father, trying to read his thoughts through the seasoned dark eyes that gazed back at him.

“Yes, Nechan...and you will always feel a tug on your heart whenever you think of your wife or mother. But you have dealt with these emotions before and though our group here is small, our people look to you for strength and guidance. You’ve never disappointed them in this task. Now it is your turn to learn to pull strength from those around you.”

This time, Ahanu poked the fire with a twig. Taima watched the tip dig through the glowing embers, feeling his heartburn with pain, as though the coals were within his chest.

He fought against the memories that never disappeared from his thoughts. The vision of his slender wife, her dark eyes gazing from a delicate, oval face, never disappeared from his mind’s eye or the memory of her hair’s silkiness when he ran his fingers through its length, nor the softness of her warm, naked flesh against his own. His heart ached to be with her, something he wished for daily. Because of the white man, he would never again see or touch her...and he could not allow a white woman to replace those thoughts and memories.

The white man had also robbed him of a mother with more tenderness and spirit than three women put together. Her loving blue eyes would forever haunt his dreams.

The fire before him blurred as Taima blinked away the tears that threatened to fall.

Kate was white...and beautiful, but that was not her fault, and he honestly couldn’t hate her for it. What he did not want was to fall in love with her, to have her memory invade his thoughts. Those tender thoughts were reserved only for his wife. He knew he couldn’t be around Kate but to release her into the wilderness after the raid would have been the same as murder.

Ahanu’s wife, Aiyana, could see to her training. Kate would be a needed worker, one to help with the meat and hides of the coming hunt. She would be kept too busy to cause anyone problems, especially him.

“Your anger and hatred are easily read in your eyes, Nechan. You must learn to control your emotions. I, too, am angry at the white man for taking my woman from me.” His father paused a moment before continuing. “How are you going to deal with this new woman?”

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Clandestine Volume 1: Loyalty - An #Action #Adventure #Novel by Morgan LionHeart

Today, I had a very interesting conversation come up when I was talking to someone who I consider a good friend. "What is your dream?" I think as we live and grow, those change and, that's OK. We're all following what I think we all consider sometimes to be "clumsy dreams"

My dream, might sound a bit clechè and just like words but here it is.

When I was about 16, and just beginning to appreciate anime. My cousin introduced me to "Bleach" those who have heard of it will think what you will but the thing I got most from it was perseverance.

Later, although I liked anime like that still, I found I was looking for something else. That's when I found "Kanon" What an incredible and interesting story.

It laid out some things very clearly

  • death
  • disease
  • depression
  • loss
  • malice

But it also showed something else

  • perseverance
  • joy
  • living each day happy even if you had no idea if tomorrow would come
  • family
  • comfort
  • never EVER giving up on those who matter to you, even if you're not sure sometimes why they matter
  • miracles (big and small)

I came across others with those same elements. Including. Anime from the same company as "Kanon" itself.

Here's the part that may seem a bit clichè and some might think a bit fake. I'm not afraid to say some might believe that.

I don't really care about the popularity or success of my books. Sure getting readers and likes, followers, shares, they feel good. But I don't really care if only one person reads. As long as they understand and it inspires them, like those anime did for me.

Some of my content is and will continue to be brash, harsh, hard to read but, in a world like we live in now. I believe it's necessary, putting these things in such a way that hard and stubborn hearts will understand.

That's my dream.

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About the Book

Three-year-old Kai's life was changed forever when his home was attacked one fateful day.

A shadowy figure stole everything from him. Until his saviour took him in and once again gave him a family. To this day, dreams of that tragedy plague him... Besides that, he lives a pretty happy life with that woman and her daughter, Himari..

When he was 15 years old his Foster mother brought him into the ranks of the V.H.A (Vampire Hunting Association) Their job, protect the humans from the supernaturals who try to do them harm and protect the ones that simply want a better life.

Now, he's the best of the best, but secrets, lies, and a new partner might take away everything they've built.

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You can watch the trailer here!

Keep reading for an excerpt:

A chuckle escaped the man's lips. "Kai, you're a daywalker correct?”

He nodded his head in response to the man's inquisition.

"That means you walk a sort of line. You live with that every day. Not one of them, but not one of the humans either."

Kai nodded. "So what's your point?"

The man simply sighed. “You really don't see it? She is a human born with the knowledge and power of a supernatural. It doesn't take much to see you both walk the tightrope along that very thin line between man and, well, something else."

Truth was, he had never thought of it like that before—all he really knew was how annoying she had been to him all these years. But hearing it like that really made him think.

Monday, 20 August 2018

Low level Laser therapy for Physical Therapists: An #AlternativeMedicine and #Wellness Guide by Malini Chaudhri

The author has published five books on Non-Fiction, based on statutes. She is an Ezine expert author and contributes articles on alternative medicine, law, and content curation. She has been a former certified Academy Manager of a British government cosmetology, spa and massage qualification in India and manages quality assurance.

She has lived in China and USA(sponsored) and obtained license to practise medical acupuncture, lymphology and sports massage.

She has been awarded a Library Thing medal.

Connect to the Author

About the Book

This is the Second edition of a popular practical book on Low-Level Laser Therapy dedicated to a technical skills development framework for all practitioners of medicine, sports, spas and cam. It releases new aspects of photomedicine in its support to gene therapy, lymphatics, sports and systemic diseases. It shows a segment of invention dedicated to treating malignancy also. The lymphatic section can support the prevention of diseases as breast cancer and correction post-cancer. This is Everyman's book. It is written in collaboration with Jan Tunér, who is a world famous editor, author and leader in this scientific field.

The book covers keynotes of Influencers and scientific leaders as Tiina Karu, Michael Hamblin, Pekka Pontinen, Oshiro, Nogier and Michael Weber.

This book is an illustrated guide for optimized therapeutic response with controlled SOAP.

It also shows the futuristic and absolute recovery potential of systemic disease, without drugs, which makes it a possible hope for the future of medicine.

The interior of this book provides technical and illustrated data on stages of therapy, anatomical approach, complementary and alternative sciences for plan of care. The book shows range in process and therapies, and covers pain management, sports rehabilitation, acupuncture, lymphatic drainage and reconstruction and even intravenous laser.

It covers all verified clinical and approved knowledge on acupuncture points undergoing in-nervation by laser. It covers reinforcement strategies through auricular master points and embryonic zones. It also shows rare aspects of physical rehabilitation through positional release and reciprocal inhibition.
The book maintains a parallel commentary which is the best support from the editor and his scientific network. This merges with the technical mapping of significant information for powerful and successful therapy.

This book applies to Laser in Medicine, Sports therapy, neuroscience, Lymphology, Acupuncture and alternative cancer therapies. It is recommended for physical therapists and for persons in debility in need of self-help support.

This book was listed in the Laser Annals in 2016.

Essential features of the book include:

  • Basics of Low-level laser protocols in physical therapy.
  • Safety awareness in laser applications and in occupational practise.
  • Futuristic trends of laser therapy as an advanced healing modality with genetic potential.
  • General principles that therapists must know as demonstrated by experts in effective practise.
  • Techniques based on anatomical considerations and applied physiological laws as in the case of positional release, and reciprocal inhibition, trigger points or myofascial dysfunction.
  • Techniques based on lymphatics, placement of nodes, oedematic deposits and direction of lymph flow.
  • Techniques based on essential clinical acupuncture points and micro-acupuncture points to innervate treatment zones and innervate embryonic tissues, involving the use of frequencies.
  • News of advanced systemic therapies based on intravenous laser therapy and Photo dynamic therapy.

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Keep reading for an interview with the author:

Why did you decide to be a writer?

I had a project to develop skills in therapies. I had to develop content.

Did you have a hard time sharing your work with the public?

My first project was arranged through a publisher who introduced me to Createspace where I could see book sales reports. A year later I updated the book. I was okay after the update.

Where are you from?

I am from India, with a masters degree in English. I taught English in a Chinese university for several years. Since then I have been in academics. Academics tutors writers because of large volumes of reading.

Do you have a "day job"?

Currently, I manage a Start-Up to promote my written content. That is a self-starter job. In India, women do not get jobs easily at a high level. The digital era has made matters worse.

What genres do you write?

Non-Fiction. Health-related

Is there a genre that you've been wanting to experiment with?

Non-Fiction, in my case, carries statutes. I maintain technical standards in my writing that are of value. I do experiment. My book has two threads. One belongs to technical description. The other belongs to editorial commentary from reknowned subject experts.

What is the quirkiest thing you've ever done while writing?

I have gone to Court. This has been a big buzz that actually improved my awareness of my rights as a citizen, as someone who owns intellectual properties. I hoped court would help avert the constant hacking, internet crashing and miscellaneous email issues invading privacy. However, I have ended up becoming a quasi-court in my own capacity.

Which authors have most influenced you?

I have been influenced by my mentor and editor Jan Tuner whom I met several times in laser conferences worldwide. I also follow others as Tina Karu, Michael Hamblin and Chukuka Enwemeka who have shaped the laser industry.

When did you first consider yourself an author?

Only recently, after two and a half years of witnessing successful sales on my Amazon member dashboard. I became a certified Ezine expert author for articles, and I appreciated the guidance on the short and long forms of authorship.

What is the biggest obstacle you face as an author and what do you do to overcome it?

I face threat. Some women are targeted in India both mystically and physically. There are agents that steal, deprive, harass and kill. I experience secret threats from groups that want my properties.

What is the best compliment you've ever received as an author?

I received the Library Thing medal. This absolutely made everything worthwhile.

What is your writing process?

I develop the skeletal structure first of the entire book and keep interspersing pages into it.

Do you have any advice for other authors?

My book Authors Digital Enterprise is free on the Internet Archives. I advise authors to read it. It marks the new era, changes in robotics and in satellites that influence authors works.

Friday, 17 August 2018

Legends: Catori - A #Romance #Novel by Maggie Adams

Maggie Adams is an Amazon Best Selling romance author. Her first book in the Tempered Steel Series, Whistlin’ Dixie, debuted in Amazon’s Top 100 for Women’s Fiction, humor, on November 2014. Since then, she has consistently made the Amazon bestseller 5-star list with her Tempered Steel Series. Her series has launched the tiny town of Grafton, Illinois, into international recognition with sales in Mexico, Ireland, Scotland, Australia and the UK. She is the recipient of various awards for excellence including Dayreader Reviews Best of 2015, the Readers Favorite Award 2016, the Indie Romance Convention Romantic Comedy Award 2017 and the 2017 New Apple Awards -Suspense

She also writes erotica, paranormal romance, young adult romance and women’s fiction. Maggie’s books can be found on eBook and paperback on her website and all book sites.

When she’s not writing, she can be found dancing, singing and cooking (usually all at the same time), and spending time with her family and friends.

Connect with the Author

About the Book

It’s hard to keep secrets in a small town…It’s even harder to keep a secret that could expose not only your family but an entire species. That’s what Frankie Cavanaugh must do. As the daughter of the leader of the Wisdom Council, it’s up to her to step into her father’s shoes until another leader is chosen.

Tanner Coalson is fresh out of college and ready to tackle whatever life has in store for him. First item on his to-do list is marrying the woman he has loved for years. He knows Frankie will balk at the notion because she’s fifteen years older and was his childhood sitter.

But convincing her they are destined to be together gets much harder when she is kidnapped by an old enemy. Frankie may have to reveal her secret, and Tanner may have to accept what seems impossible or reject the love of his life.

Get it Today!

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Keep reading for a guest post:

Growing up in Grafton, Illinois, situated between the Mississippi River and the limestone bluffs carved from it eons ago, the legend of the Piasa Bird is well known. There is even a rendering of the Native American bird on a bluff wall on the National Scenic Byway (or as we like to call it, the River Road).

The "Piasa" is a birdlike monster as large as a calf, with horns like a deer, red eyes, a human face, the body covered with green, red and black scales, and a tail so long it passed around the body. The creature was given its name by the Illini Indians, "The Piasa", a bird that devours men.

Well, I thought about legends, and how some have a basis of truth or religious belief attached to their stories. That got me to thinking about all the bedtime stories, campfire recollections, and folklore of the area, including the Piasa Bird. Now, wouldn’t it be cool if there really was some truth to the shifter tales we read about? So, I picked one area, Native American legends, and focused on that for my research.

I learned about power animals or “spirit guides” that many tribes believe come to them in dreams, especially on vision quests. They take many forms and appear for different reasons, but for purposes of my paranormal books, I decided to focus on the legends that have survived the test of time. The Hopi Tribe calls these special guardians, “Catori,” their name for spirit. That is the reasoning behind naming my first paranormal book, Legends: Catori.

I focused on the Great Horned Owl as my first paranormal book, rather than the Piasa Bird, because of the varying tales throughout the Native American Tribes. Some see the owl as a harbinger of death, due to its nocturnal habits; however, others see it as an indication of wisdom or a foreshadowing of the future. So, to get a deeper understanding of the folklore and because I’m a firm believer that there is so much more than what can be seen with the eye, I called upon the wisdom of the Great Horned Owl to be my first legend in the anticipation that it will herald a future of entertaining and enlightening paranormal romances for everyone to enjoy. Hopefully, the tale of death won’t mean the demise of my career!

Maggie Adams

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Tower of Babel: A #Fantasy #Novel by Carol Roberts

Carol Roberts is a freelance writer with particular interest in cultural myth. Originally from Vienna, she has spent all of her adult life in the Far North of New Zealand. Her work took her to several different countries, where she indulged her fascination with stories. 'Tower of Babel' is her second novel.

Connect with the Author

About the Book

An ancient text has corrupted the mind of King Ninus, Babylon 3000 BC. At the peak of his rulership there is one power he desires above all else, but it is not in his control, and his symbol of conquest (tower of Babel) lies incomplete.

A man has been seriously injured and is without any memory of who he is. The woman, who finds him, saves his life and hides him from the king until he has fully recovered and can start to retrace his steps. But as Rihat’s memory starts to release his name and fragments of his life, he becomes once again embroiled in the past, thereby putting her in great danger. Because like him, she is compromised by a destiny beyond her own will, and like him, she is not free to follow the calling of her own heart.

When he eventually re-lives the agony of who he is and why he has become that way, he is forced into choices that will affect both past and future.

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Keep reading for an excerpt:

It was past midnight when the sound of a horse’s hooves in the small outdoor patio woke her. It was highly unusual for anyone to visit at this hour of night, but she needed to know who had arrived, so she got out of bed and lit one of her oil lanterns. Before she had time to reach the door, however, there was a thump as though a sack of grain had been dropped off outside, and she decided to look out of the window first. She could only make out the tail and back of a horse, which seemed riderless, so she called out for the person to identify himself. There was no reply.

Carefully she opened the door and looked outside. She lifted her oil lantern and nearly dropped it when she saw a man lying on the ground in a pool of blood, which was quickly spreading. She started to shake and lifted the lantern higher to see the horse. It was a beautifully kept, strong-looking, grey stallion, but its eyes were rolling to the back of its head, it was frothing from the mouth, and it, too, was covered with blood.

She could not tell if the horse was injured or not, as there was only a thick, red streak on the horse’s side, where the rider had slid off and fallen to the ground. She stood frozen with panic, and her first impulse was to call out for help. Instead, she put her hand over her mouth to muffle all sounds, as she did not know where the attacker was. She had seen wounds and blood before, but this was the first time she faced it on her own. She knew she had to do something.

Monday, 13 August 2018

The Witching Well: #ChildrensFiction by S.D. Hintz

S.D. Hintz’s novel The Witching Well will be published by Grinning Skull Press in Summer 2018., as well as his novella Bauble by World Castle Publishing in October 2018. In 2017 he had 5 short stories, 1 poem, and a novel published. Vigilance & Vengeance (novel) by Solstice Publishing, Bellows by Dark Alley Press in Ink Stains, Volume 4, Housecall by MacKenzie Publishing in the Two Eyes Open anthology, Temporary in The Misbehaving Dead collection by A Murder of Storytellers, The Devil’s Embrace in the Beautiful Lies, Painful Truths anthology by Left Hand Publishers, Collingwood in the Scarlet Leaf Review, and Aspects of a Rose (poem) in the Cold Creek Review. He is the former Editor-in-Chief of KHP Publishers and extremely active on social media. He currently lives in Minnesota with his wife and two children.

Connect with the Author

About the Book

It's the end of the world…

…as Murray Macabe knows it. The security of his home life has been ripped out from under him when his mother was brutally murdered. Rejected by his aunt, Murray only has one place left to go, and that's to live the rest of his life with a woman he barely knows.

To Grandmother's House He Goes

At first, life with his grandmother doesn't seem like it's going to be that bad, but Murray soon learns his grandmother harbors dark secrets.

Double, Double Toil and Trouble; Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble

As bad as Grandma's secrets might be, they are nothing compared to the secrets held by the neighbors, three elderly women who have set their sights on Murray for their own dastardly purposes. Soon Murray finds himself fighting for his very life, and there's no one to turn to for help because everyone knows there's no such thing as witches.

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Keep reading for an excerpt:

Grandma stood with a slight groan. “Murray? Would you be a dear and go turn on the hose for me? The spigot’s on the side of the house, just off the path.”


“Thank you, sweetie.”

Murray turned and headed toward the path winding to the front yard. The roses flanked him momentarily, swaying, leaning after him. He stepped up his pace. He sighed as the garden receded like waves on a shore, the haunts failing to snag him in their undertow. He set foot on the sun-bleached bricks and hurried to the corner of the house.

The neighboring dreary dwelling came into view. A mighty oak cast the fenceless backyard in shadows. Dandelions and creeping Charlie dotted the ankle-high lawn. A rusted, chain link dog kennel begged for use beside an overgrown mulberry. The house itself — two stories tall, split-level, and stucco with shuttered windows. The slate half hip roof added to the overall resemblance of a giant tombstone. Murray figured it was either haunted or once served as a mortuary.

He spotted the white spigot protruding from the side of the house, fastened to the green hose. A trickle of water seeped from the connection and dripped below. Murray approached it and reached for the red handle.

A shadow flitted out of the corner of his eye. A guttural growl stopped him in his tracks, his hand frozen on the handle.

He turned his head and looked over his shoulder. A jet-black Rottweiler crept from the shadows of the yard. Murray’s first thought was Cujo, even though the breed differed. A brown streak curved from its hooked nose to the tip of its tail. It bared its fangs, snarling as it slunk between the oaks, pursuing its prey like a starved lion.

Murray’s heart somersaulted and his body broke into a sweat. He looked to his right. Grandma Anna remained in the backyard, out of sight.

He let go of the handle and backpedaled. He grunted as the spigot jabbed him in the calf. Cornered! His mind hurtled through corridors of past advice. He knew it wise to stand tall and allow a dog to sniff the hand. Yet with a hostile animal, did the same rules apply? He knew he could make a run for it, but doubted he would win the race.

The Rottweiler continued to approach, slowly, stalking through the shadows. It crossed the property line, which was divided by a sunray. Its gaze narrowed, full of rage, as if the mere sight of a child ruined its day.

Murray glanced about, eyes wide, praying Grandma Anna would show up, perhaps wondering what prolonged his departure. No such luck.

The Rottweiler sprinted toward him, barking breathlessly. It stopped a yard away and snapped its jaws. Murray cringed against the house.

Friday, 10 August 2018

The Lost Tayamu: A #Fantasy #Novel by Ben Cass

From a young age, Ben Cass was in love with the premises of fantasy novels and comic books: amazing creatures, fantastic heroes, and magical powers that existed right beneath our noses. He created detailed storylines to act out with his toys, often updating the stories until he was satisfied with the plots.

A native Floridian, Ben attended Florida Southern College, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, double-majoring in Secondary Education. Ben graduated in 1998, and has been working in the field of education ever since.

Ben lives in beautiful Broward County, Florida, with his wife and son, where he continues his career as an educator and is currently working on the second book in the Legends of Kiamada series, "The Uncrowned Queen".

Connect with the Author

About the Book

At 16 years old, Jen stumbled out of the forest and into the woods that fringe the small midwestern town of Groverton, remembering nothing about her life except her first name and age. She was soon adopted by the Aston family, whose young daughter Ellie was thrilled to get a sibling.

Now, twelve years later, Jen is living a good life as a news anchor, raising Ellie after their parents were killed in a house fire. Jen still can’t remember her past, but that doesn’t really bother her, since she and Ellie are in a good place now.

Things suddenly change when Jen barely escapes three attempts on her life, leaving the sisters shaken and afraid. Jen owes her life to the secretive new PE teacher, Coach Doyle, who has miraculously appeared to save her every time. Doyle has fighting skills fit for a martial arts movie and reflexes just this side of impossible, but how long can he keep them safe? And why does Jen feel like she should know him?

While Jen starts to fall in love with the charming Doyle, Ellie is shocked when she discovers something otherworldly in the coach’s barn, convincing her that Doyle is definitely not a PE teacher. Ellie does not like secrets being kept from her, and is determined to unravel the enigma that is Coach Doyle. The truths that will be revealed, however, will change all their lives forever…and just might help save the magical land of Kiamada.

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Keep reading for an interview with the author:

Did you have a hard time sharing your work with the public?

Very hard. I spent 13 years honing this book. There were stretches where I didn't write for several years, literally. I built up the courage in January after my grandmother passed away. The day after she died, I felt a push to post on the NaNoWriMo forums, in the critique partner area. I finally did, and within a day, had a response from somebody (the amazing Ava Larksen) who said she felt a push to reply to me. We quickly became friends, and her critique suggestions helped me nearly double the size of the book and expand on things that I'd just glossed over. I added other critique partners when I joined Twitter, and they were just as sweet and helpful. Ava and I have never met or spoken, aside from chatting online, but she is the first person I go to for this series because she's as invested in the characters as I am. Her reaction helped me get over the fear of sharing.

Where are you from?

I'm a native Floridian. I grew up in Central Florida, then moved to South Florida a few years ago. I have no idea about the writing community because I'm an introvert and don't really seek people out. My friends live several states away now, and I have a very difficult time putting myself out there, so I haven't sought out any other writers in the area.

Do you have a "day job"?

Of course, I do! I spent almost 20 years teaching middle/high school math, and then in year 20, left the classroom to become an instructional technologist. So, I now train teachers to use technology, run the LMS for the school, learn to use all the programs the director purchases, troubleshoot things for the IT director when he's handling bigger things...all that fun stuff. I love it, and have no intention of leaving my career. Besides....where else can you get such amazing research? I write a lot of teenage characters, and I'm around teens all day, every day!

What genres do you write?

Fantasy. I don't do high fantasy, though. No dragons, elves, orcs, dwarves, etc. I really do prefer contemporary fantasy, where the magic is in our world but nobody really knows about it. It's just more fun.

What is the oddest thing you've ever researched for one of your books?

Missed flirting clues. I'm probably the most oblivious person to flirting. My wife had to literally tell me she was flirting with me because I didn't understand that "Sure is cold tonight!" was code for "put your arm around me." (I was 20, almost 21, at the time, so there you go.) I have a male character with that same trait, so trying to write scenes where the girl is flirting and he's not getting it requires me to figure out potential flirting scenarios. Since I'm clueless...well, there you go.

When did you first consider yourself an author?

When I had multiple critique partners tell me the book was amazing and needed to be published. I referred to myself as an "aspiring author", as many others do on Twitter, but I saw a post that basically said "you're not aspiring, you're an author. You're just not published yet." I liked that, so I changed my profile to say "author" instead of "aspiring author".

What are your goals as an author?

I approach my writing the same way I approach teaching: if I only have a positive impact on one person, that's a victory and validates what I've done. In teaching, you have to realize that not every student is going to like you or be inspired by you or even going to do well in your class. It's the same with writing. Sure, some people may hate my books. Maybe most people will. But as long as I have that one person who says, "Ben, your stories make me happy and I love reading them!"....well, then as far as I'm concerned, I've made it.

What made you decide to self-publish?

I just wanted my story out there. I didn't care to wait for, possibly, years for a publisher to pick it up.

Do you write in first or third person, past or present tense, and why?

For this series, I write in third-person, past tense. I've tried first-person, but it just never works out well for me, in large part because I have multiple POV's. "The Lost Tayamu" is primarily told from Ellie's POV and Jen's POV, but we get some scenes from the others as well. Being in first-person would make it harder, in my opinion, to develop a distinct voice for each character.

Are you a pantser or outliner?

Pantser. I mean, I know WHERE the story is going, yes. I know the major plot points--well, most of them, at least--but I simply can't sit down and figure out everything that happens. Sometimes, the characters force me to go a different path, as Jerry did with his story arc in "The Lost Tayamu". So, so bossy!

How do you come up with the titles for your books?

For the longest time, this book was called "Saving Kiamada", but when I split that into multiple stories, it became "The Lost Tayamu". The title came easily to me; this book is about the lost Tayamu and his relationships with the two main characters. The sequel is called "The Uncrowned Queen", because it focuses--surprise, surprise!--on the uncrowned queen, who was talked about in the first book. I didn't even have to think about that one.

Do you write about real life experiences, or does everything come from your imagination?

Real-life experiences definitely play a part. In "The Lost Tayamu", the relationship between Doyle and Ellie is completely based on the relationship between myself and my wife's younger sister. She and I are closer in age (8 years apart) then Doyle and Ellie are (12 years apart), but most of their interactions are either things that happened between us (younger girl crushing on older sister's boyfriend, for example) or simply inspired by the way we act around each other.

Do you ever base your characters on people you know?

I don't base my characters on people, no, but I do take things (expressions, body language, ways of speaking, etc) from people I know and mash them all together to make my characters. So, you might see a bit of yourself in one character, but see a bit of my aunt in there, too. I've found that my characters are a lot stronger when I go hunting through my brain for character traits of friends and family.

What are you working on now?

I'm working on the sequel to "The Lost Tayamu", which is titled "The Uncrowned Queen". Hopefully, this won't take me 13 years to finish! I'm aiming to have it done by December, but we'll see how that goes.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Submission, Secrets, and the Soldier: A #Romance #Novel by Kryssie Fortune

Kryssie Fortune writes the sort of hot sexy books she loves to read. If she can sneak a dragon into her paranormal books she will. Her paranormal heroes are muscular werewolves, arrogant Fae, or BDSM loving dragons.

Kryssie likes her contemporary heroes ex-military and dominant. Her heroines are kick-ass females who can hold their own against whatever life - or Kryssie - throws at them.

Kryssie's pet hates are unhappy endings and a series that end on a cliffhanger.

Her books are all stand alone even when part of series. Plot always comes before sex, but when her heroines and heroes get together, the sex is explosive and explicit. One review called it downright sensual.

Connect with the Author

About the Book

Luke Roberts, a former army mechanic, has a new sub. She's shy and inexperienced, but willing. As he teaches her about sensation play, she fears he'll really hurt her and screams her safewords at him. Her reaction causes Luke to have a flashback. Although he's clawing his way back to normal, he suffers from PTSD. Determined to get well, he contacts a PTSD specialist in Westhorpe Ridge.

Kathryn Johnson has visited a BDSM club three times. When she hooks up with Luke Roberts, he unintentionally terrifies her. She swears off spankings and goes home to Westhorpe Ridge. The last person she expects to see there is Luke Roberts.

Circumstances force them to share an apartment. Can Luke protect her when danger threatens? Or is she just a temporary sub in residence?

Get it today on Amazon!

Keep reading for an interview with the author:

Why did you decide to be a writer?

In 2001 my heart valve collapsed. Prognosis - shocking. Surgeon - amazing. Recovery - miraculous. That's when I decided to chase my dreams. Writing topped my bucket list. It was a long learning curve, with more magazine articles than books, but I stuck with it. Loose id gave me a break, and fourteen books later, I'm still writing. Sadly, Loose id is defunct and my books are now self-published. They had the benefit of great editing, though.

Did you have a hard time sharing your work with the public?

Submitting work is scary, but it's impersonal. I can cope with that, but rejections hurt. I found it far harder to give a public reading. I needed a new outfit and every bit of courage I possessed. Knowing some of my good friends were in the audience helped.

Do you have a "day job"?

I'm retired. When I worked, I was lucky enough to work for Emmerdale, one of Britain's biggest and best soaps. They won a BAFTA last year, and I'm so proud of my friends that still work there.

What genres do you write?

Romance. The hotter the better. I started with paranormal, and it's still my first love. I've also written contemporary and historical.

Do you have a daily word or page count goal?

That's too regimented for me. Some days, I'm inspired. Some days, I'm not. I have a friend who writes eight or nine bestsellers a year. I'm doing well if I do three.

How long does it take you to write a novel?

The first draft can take anything from six weeks to six months. Then I spend at least two months tidying it up. I'm dyslexic, so my husband checks everything, as does a good friend of mine. I'm lucky to have a great support network.

If you could be one of your characters for a day, who would it be and why?

I'd be Harriet from One Knight Stand. She's a spirited, modern woman who takes things in her stride. Also, like me, she speaks without thinking and she's on a permanent diet.

What is the oddest thing you've ever researched for one of your books?

How to get away with murder.

What authors have most influenced you?

I fell in love with paranormal romance when I stumbled on Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark Hunter books. I had to read the entire series. The same happened when I read Kresley Cole. The other author I love is from back in the 1960s. My grandmother and mother read Mary Stewart. I did too. I love the romantic suspense in her stories. I like to write hot sex, but if the story doesn't measure up, it's meaningless.

If you could choose an author to be your mentor, who would it be?

Stephen King. His book, On Writing, is the best thing I ever read. The way he uses words is fascinating.

What are your goals as an author?

To have fun. I try to keep abreast of the market, but I don't see much changing. I love to write.

Does your family support you in your writing, or are you on your own?

My husband's a star. My daughter is incredibly supportive in private. Publicly, she's the head of a primary school. Admitting her mum writes erotic romance might upset some parents. My son and his wife are horrified that I write explicit sex.

Do you feel the support of family and friends is helpful to you as an author?

I attended a writers' conference and met the wonderful Ashe Barker and Jennifer Denys. We've been best friends ever since. We share knowledge of the writing world and support each other. Knowing these ladies is a delight.

What made you decide to self-publish?

My main publisher, Loose id, closed down and my book rights reverted to me. I'm proud of my books and wanted to keep them out there.

Have you ever gotten an idea for a story from something really bizarre?

My Heroes of Westhorpe Bridge was meant to be a three book series. Then I heard Hypnotist and behavior psychologist talking about PTSD. He's worked with university professors to refine the Havening Technique to control PTSD. I knew had to use it in a story. That's how I came up with Luke Roberts. The poor guy's military service has left him scarred inside and out.

The other "Heroes" book revolve around holidays, so it made sense to write one around Labor Day and a parade. That's how Submission, Secrets, and the Soldier was born. I think it's my best Heroes book.