Sunday, 9 November 2014

Release Tour – Angelic Confessions by Jan Marie

Today I have the pleasure of participating in Jan Marie’s blog tour for the release of her new novel Angelic Confessions Book 1. I have some information about her and her new book, as well as a guest post written by JanDSC09564called The Issues of Writing Well.

A Little About Jan

Jan Marie resides quietly in the Forest City of Illinois with her three little cherubs: Zachery(9) and twins Aidan and Zane. Oh! And their guardian kitty cats Kitkat and Heizey.

Connect with Jan

Follow her Tour on Twitter: #AngelicBlitz

Book CoverAbout Angelic Confessions

In a world where the Father created all, I was born…an angel. A new breed, I was meant to overthrow the children of heaven. To prevent this I was taken and raised as Father’s own. My memories wiped, the dark beast inside me caged. Memories never stay buried though…

Where you can purchase her book:
Paperback @ Amazon
Amazon Kindle

Issues of Writing Well

by Jan Marie
I write therefore I am. Do I write well? I’m not sure. I would like to think I do. There are two key issues to writing well in my book. One is having good grammar of course, and the second having magic with words to write something spellbinding.
Key 1: Grammar
The issue of if I am writing well in the grammar department is always on my mind. I have this problem with my brain going faster than my fingers can type, so yeah my rough drafts are a hot mess. The issue of if I am writing well can even kill my creative flow for I am constantly worried did I word that sentence correctly. Sadly I’m a C student in grammar,. My words are magic though. You sometimes forget I had a conjunction in that sentence!
I know the golden rule is not to worry about all that at first. The mission is to just write leave grammar to the wayside, just let the words flow from you. Once you have completed a chapter then you can go back and edit if you’d like, or you could end up like me with a terrible case of writers block!
Key 2: Magic with Words
The Second key to writing well is having magic with words, and a spellbinding story to share. You could have a polished piece, and it actually suck because it was not engaging. Everyone can write we learn to write in school. To be a WRITER you have to have an unnatural imagination, and way with words. Especially if you want to be a novel writer. For example say you want your character eating soup. Writing, “Sally eats soup.” is boring. As a writer we have to have this bond with words to make it spellbinding!
“Sally lifted the quivering spoon to her lips. The smell of chicken broth burning in her nostrils.”
I am not a structured writer either. I think I break every Writing 101 book out there. I just write. In fact I am working on book 2 of Angelic Confessions, and I really do not know how the book it going end. The story unravels as I write it. To be an article writer imagination is not much needed. You do though have to have that connection with words to make what your are talking about extravagant that someone want to read it, or read it and buy what you were writing about.

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