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The Fallen by Melissa Barker-Simpson Now Available for Pre-Order

Pre Order ButtonThe start of another awesome series by one of my favorite authors, Melissa Barker-Simpson. (I can say that even though I haven't read it cause I haven't read anything she's written that I don't like...including genres I don't normally read.)
After the Demonic War, a battle which devastated the mortal realm, hunter cells were established across the globe to serve and protect every living soul. Maddison Wood is part of an alpha cell in the north of England. But Maddison has a new role now; her responsibilities as Watcher. She belongs to a legion of warriors assigned to serve the Fallen; guardian angels afforded the privilege of residing on Earth.
When Maddison is drawn to the city by an event which resonates hundreds of miles away, she is thrown into the path of a newly fallen angel. But Obadiah is no ordinary angel. He is a Prime, and his presence symbolizes a new threat. There is a war coming, and Maddison must form an alliance if she has any hope of winning this first battle. After all, the Fractured are a formidable enemy; a group of lost souls - powerful creatures of darkness who crave to destroy those who belong to the light.

MelAbout the Author

Melissa Barker-Simpson has been writing since  she was knee-high to a grasshopper. Melissa often looks back on those earlier stories, and apart from laughing at the heavy-handed drama, or cringing at her inexperience, she is reminded that she has always lived in other worlds.
Her first novel was published in 2008, and Melissa loved nothing more than working on a new project. The voices inside her head invariably pull her in different directions, so although she tried to work on one thing at a time, those who know her would tell you it doesn’t always work!
She works a full-time job, which does not involve writing per se, incorporates her love of language. As a British Sign Language Interpreter, Melissa gets to translate information between two languages which is (mostly) fun.
She also has two beautiful daughters who bring her great joy. They keep her grounded,  otherwise she would be stuck in the clouds permanently!

Connect with the Author

Now for an excerpt from The Fallen!

THE FALLEN_SW_EB_COVER_6-21Donovan led him through the front, out onto the road and down another side street. They made it a hundred yards before they ran into Maddison, and she had company. Four demons circled her, their grotesque features lit by a beam of light coming from her braid. Obadiah recognised the species, but couldn’t pinpoint a name. His memories were incomplete. Pushing the thought aside he concentrated on Maddison. Her hair had a life of its own; suspended in the air to her left, rotating in what he could only describe as a taunt.
“Stop playing with them, Maddy,” Donovan said. “We need to go.”
She laughed, but didn’t turn, which was a good thing because the demons moved in unison towards their target.
As Obadiah watched the elegant dance in front of him, he tried to search his brain for the missing pieces. They didn’t come. From his room in the tower, Obadiah had watched the world; monitoring progress within the mortal realm. He decided he hadn’t watched Maddison enough.
Her training was evident in the way she anticipated her attackers. Her braid struck the demon closest to her with enough power to lift him off his feet. But Maddison did not rely on her hair alone, she had a blade in each hand, weapons which moved so fast they were but a blur of motion.
It took less than five minutes, when all he could hear was the clashing of metal and the sickening crunch of bone, and four became one.
“Witch!” The curse lost its effect the moment the demon began to whimper like a cornered dog.
“Is that meant to be insulting?” she crooned, and Obadiah shivered against the sound.
He watched as her braid wound itself around the demon’s neck. “You’re going to tell me your secrets.” Maddison laid a hand against his forehead, chanting softly.
After a moment the hair dropped away, and Obadiah realised she had bound the demon with gold.
“Congratulations, scumbag. You just won an all-expenses paid trip to the abyss.” The moment Maddison released him, he disappeared.

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