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The Way Knight: A Tale of Revenge and Revolution by Alexander Wallis

Alexander Wallis is the author of the dark fantasy novel 'The Way Knight: A Tale of Revenge and Revolution.' The novel was inspired by the problems facing young people, seeking love and meaning, in a narcissistic society corrupted by elites.

Alexander graduated from the University of Chichester, where he studied Youth and Community Work. He has supported many schools and youth clubs with his social learning approaches and thousands of young people have benefited from his mental health workshops.

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About the Book

Daimonia Vornir is a wild and impulsive girl, who fears she is unlovable. When corrupt politicians execute her brother, she travels to find her mother — the famous hero who abandoned her years before.

To survive the treacherous journey, she hires the Way Knight — a travelling warrior sworn to protect anyone who pays his fee, no matter how dangerous the journey, or hopeless their cause.

Together they will chance the battle-torn coast, pursued by the champion of the Secret God.

THE WAY KNIGHT is the terrifying tale of a girl’s journey from child, to woman, to goddess. It is a provocative story that will challenge everything you believe.

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Here's an excerpt:

Now she knew with absolute certainty. She was the Goddess of War. She was the avenger, chaos and death. She was Cere-Thalatte and the falling stars were a measure of her anger.
Daimonia, heroine of The Way Knight

As the heavenly fire descended, she raised her sword, light flashing on the bloody tip. Shadows took life and prowled the battleground, delineating the abundant dead. The Goddess had repaid greed with slaughter; a thousand lives shed for one. 

As the screaming stars rained down, her laughter became a haunting song. 

I am the crown of eternal stars, 
I am the armour forged from scars, 
I am the truth whose seed is doubt, 
I am the flaming sword that will never burn out! 

The song was carried to its conclusion by the theatrical players as the battleground became a stage and the stage little more than a hill upon which they had practised their craft. Falling stars became wooden torches. Bodies rose happily from the dead. Masks of virtue and vice were cast aside to reveal the cheery grins of actors. Having concluded their performance, the players bowed to the gathered villagers of Jaromir. 

Daimonia Vornir led the applause with all her heart. She had been so completely absorbed in the drama that she came back to herself with a jolt. She was no longer the heroine of the mythological saga but merely a wide-eyed girl cheering into the wind. 

‘Goddess, give me your certainty,’ Daimonia prayed, ‘for I am beset with questions and doubt.’ She blinked a swell of tears, her heart tired from the demands of the drama.

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