Sunday, 31 January 2016

Cat Lady by Mary M Schmidt

Mary M Schmidt was a student in Rome during the '60s and came to know of the many colonies of feral cats living in the ruins of the empire. Today she is an author, poet, and has been a member of Poets Against the Iraq War. She shares her home near Washington DC with her cat Graycie.

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To the average tourist in Rome, Maria may seem to be only an eccentric old lady who tends a colony of feral cats. But things are rarely as they seem. Maria has an amazing hidden talent. The cats are enchanted, too.

Maria has been given an urgent request from the great Cardinal Mezzaluna. No one else could possibly handle this. On the surface it seems flat-out impossible. But things are rarely as they seem. For those who truly love another, and place their trust in Cat Lady, the idea of "impossible" is only an illusion.

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“Your family is a splendid scene,” 
Maria tells the feline queen, 
“How goes it on this day for you?” 
Queen Bast then sighed, “If you but knew! 
I feel as if I could just drop! 
These kittens here? They never stop! 
The Colosseum, in its day, 
Did never see such a display! 
They have no concept of decorum, 
Running wild all through the Forum, 
Through the Senate! Round the column! 
Thanks to them, there’s nothing solemn, 
Earth the noble Caesars trod, 
Is now home to a kitten squad! 
They even pounce, with rapid spurts, 
Those tourists, in Hawaiian shirts!

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