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The Plastic Face by JESSie NW

A precocious child from birth, who rolled over at three months, walked at seven months, talked at 11 months; graduated with honors from high school at 16 and always knew what she did and did not want, whether she got it or not. It is no wonder that JESSie, who is an avid reader and pacesetter, began her writing career while in a mid-life crisis. Although she earned an AA in Fashion Design and a BA in Business Administration concentrating in Computer Technology, she has always made her own way, not asking anyone else to endorse her choices, but ever ready to be an endorser and supporter of others.

As the first born of three girls, JESSie has exampled independence, compassion, teamwork, sportsmanship, and citizenship to her siblings and friends. She has not always been a saint, but she has sought to become one in the last few years; and although her works intertwine bits of sensual, suggestive encounters it is her way of debriefing her thoughts during this spiritual transition.

JESSie has vocationally tried her hand at many things, which include, but is not limited to Head Hunting; Telecommunications, Project Management, Program Management and finally a Supervisor for Homeland Security, yet none has equaled the enjoyment and sense of fulfillment writing brings. She is generous to a fault, subtle, energetic, pointed, deep thinking, funny, sarcastic, and a lover of games. All of which is seen in her writing style and her approach to characters' development. Her wit and charm will entice you to read further into the adventures, which envelope her characters and will seduce your senses and challenge your intelligence. You will not readily put down any of her books but will rather develop a taste for the sensuous, delightful and sublime.

She is a name to be remembered, a force with which to be reckoned, a new kid on the block with stories that will move you for a lifetime!

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About the Book

The Plastic Face is a book based on fiction and narrated by Jessica Solomon, nicknamed Jessie. Jessie Solomon grew up with a mother and father that have sustained a strong stable relationship that has outlasted most connections. Part One of this work of art was originally released in June of 2013; now as of November 25, 2015, the complete story in paperback (or Kindle) is also available for holiday gifting.

On the surface her strength, success and wisdom are always aglow, but she knows what lies beneath it all. Will they still love and respect her once they know the truth? Can she count on their support through the upcoming trauma? Life is beautiful because they care for each other, until… there is always that “UNTIL”

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Keep reading for an excerpt:

On Wednesday September 1, Clarisse and Eddie left home around 8:45P to return movies to Blockbusters two days after the due date. Earlier the same day they surprised me by picking me up from work so we could ride home together as a family. Eddie could not understand why I was working so hard. He wanted me to delegate more. I didn’t argue with him anymore I just worked from home two days a week to alleviate his concerns. He was having trouble sleeping when I worked such long hours coming in after he was in bed. He said he needed me next to him so he could fall asleep. He missed me. I thought that was crazy 1) because he was snoring every time I lay down, 2) because he talked to me a hundred times a day. Reminding me to eat, drink my water, and take my vitamins and a plethora of other things. My promotion was so new I need to make a good impression. He acts as if he gets this when we talk about it, but he still tells me to slow down, cut my hours. 

“You are the incubator, you can’t move around so much; let my babies sleep once in a while.” 

I never felt tired and these kids do not sleep. However, when I lay down I drop into a deep sleep within minutes. 

Today I lay awake for hours trying to forget that night. 

But on this night Eddie pulled up to the ATM at our local bank located six blocks from our new house. Clarisse is on the passenger side. They have tried two other drive-up machines finding them out of money, why because it is the weekend. Finally, this third machine allows a transaction. Before Eddie can reach for the $20.00 dollar bill, a thug snatches the bill out of the machine while holding a nine millimeter automatic weapon in his other hand. Clarisse turns to see another thug standing to her right side attempting to open her door then the back door; he is smiling down at her through the glass. Now he steps slightly behind her speaking to the armed assailant. Eddie is attempting to negotiate with the fortified man on his side of the vehicle. See, there are five accounts at this bank, a joint account for family funds, one for the children, Clarisse and each of us holding individual accounts. We rarely keep any more than the minimum in the family account its only for bills and household junk, plus it happens to be the day before payday. Eddie just wants to go into his pocket and get another card for his personal account. The gangster doesn’t want to hear what he is saying and really doesn’t like his movements. Bang, bang, bang. The gun fires three rounds in succession then a fourth in the direction of Clarisse. Because Eddie never places the car in park when he pulls up to any drive thru teller, once the first shot hits him; the car starts to drift forward down the inclined driveway across the one-way street and on to a lawn of a resident. The second and third shots hit him in his back towards his heart and his right lung consecutively. Clarisse is hysterical as her father falls limp in her lap bleeding profusely. “I love you,” he says, his last words. When the car finally finds a landing on the foreign lawn the owner emerges to access the damage.


  1. you are so wonderful Renee, thank you for your assistance and the free PR... I will make sure I send all my colleagues to you. Most of all I will recommend you when I do my Facebook event in 2 days. <3 u oodddllleeesss

    1. You're very welcome! Hope it works out well for you, and thanks so much! :-D


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