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Indecent Pawn by K. K. Harris

Kanika K. Harris was born and raised in Little Rock, AR. She attended and graduated from the historical Little Rock Central High School in 1999. Kanika is married to her wonderful husband of ten years and mother to three children. Wanting to be an urban fiction novelist was a dream of hers and finally in 2013 she self-published ‘Love Drug’. The first released novel only increased the hunger to see what other plateaus she could reach.

The passion to create soon trickled over to creating unique book covers. As an author, the need to express the text inside with the perfect perception on the cover is very crucial and Kanika aims for her covers to speak volumes. Although the writing process can be trying at times, she is looking forward to many more stories to come.

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What price is too high to pay for another person’s debt?

Allison Myers was married to an amazing, successful African American man with a strong case of alpha male syndrome. This man swooped in and saved her when her life was near an all-time low. Growing up in foster care, the finest of things was never within her reach. Meeting Derek Myers was like a dream come true until reality struck. The wealthy and successful don’t always have it all together.

The monster within her dear husband reared its ugly head before the ink was dry on the marriage certificate. Violence, cruelty, and humiliation makes fighting for independence a bust seeing she had no one to turn to for guidance nor assistance. One dreadful night rocked her world to the core being snatched from her home and introduced to a man far more dangerous than her husband could ever dream of being.

The man whose last name she carried had just sold her soul to the devil.

For what purpose would be later determined.

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Keep reading for an excerpt:

“You should really leave.” Antonio finally said after about ten minutes of silence. Allison had sauntered over to the opened patio door, looking out over the sea.

“No.” It was true what they say about alcohol being liquid courage because she had just grown a pair of balls speaking to ‘The Don Mucciono’ that way. “Are you ready to eat now? Let me take care of you.”

“…” He only chuckled darkly void of any humor. “How, you can barely take care of yourself.” “You can slang out insult after insult but I’m only trying to help not hurt you further. I know…”

“You don’t know anything!” He shouted.

“…” Allison shut up quickly. “You’re right I don’t know. I have never lost anyone close to me because I am the one lost, lost to myself. They say my mother was a crack head who overdosed on the delivery table, no other family. Never in one place long enough to love anyone or for anyone to love me. Who would want to love a useless waste of space? I was an easy prey for an evil man like Derek.”

“All the hurtful insults you can think of to throw my way go right ahead. They are all true. Through it all I am still a good person and I’m trying to be there for you.” Allison pleaded. “Just lay it out. No one has to know.” Allison laid all of her cards out and waited for what was to come next. When Antonio slowly strolled in her direction, her first thought was to abort ‘mission help Antonio’ and run for the hills.

“You want to help me?” Antonio asked.


“How far are you willing to go?”

“How far do you need me to go?”

“That’s a trick question.”

“No, a real one,” she confirmed.

“You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.”

“No, I don’t but I’m not backing down.”

“You should.”

“I’m not afraid.”

“You sure about that,” he asked in grave tone.

“…” Allison only stared him square in the eye not budging. He smirked cryptically in response.

Since she only slept in a pair pajama bottoms, a skimpy tank top, and no undergarments she wore a robe to cover herself. Antonio untied the robe, never removing his eyes from hers as if they were playing the staring game to see who would flinch or look away first. The robe pooled at her feet and the breeze from the water grazed her exposed skin. A tremble caused her breath to come out in a shudder.

“Changed your mind?”


“You shivered.”

“It’s cold.”

“Last chance,” he offered.

“…” Allison bit her lower lip but said nothing nor did she make a move to leave.

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