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The Time Shifters Chronicles Episodes 1-5 by Shanna Lauffey

Shanna Lauffey is a native Californian currently living in Europe. She spends her time between homes in Sweden, France and the UK. She writes Time Travel Science Fiction and Urban Fantasy in her spare time between attending university and travelling.

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The Time Shifters are in danger. Someone wants what they have and they're willing to kill if necessary to get it.

A time travel Mystery... and a time travel love story replete with time travel Physics. The Time Shifters Chronicles will take the reader through an exciting journey through time and space with Akalya, a nomadic spirit who only wants to live invisibly among the ordinary people of Los Angeles. Through an apparent accident of fate, she becomes the only one of her people who can save them from the enemy who hunts them and she must risk everything, even her life, as a sacrifice for the greater good.

The physical blends with the metaphysical in this saga where a time traveler can revel in the comfort of a simpler era, the excitement of the golden age of rock and roll or an unknown future with hidden dangers. All of this and more awaits Akalya in The Time Shifters Chronicles!

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Keep reading for an excerpt:

"I'm still a day and a half out of sync with my natural time," she added quickly. "I need to return to it as soon as possible and stay grounded for a while. Have there been any... developments yet?"

Marcus nodded and continued the conversation as he walked towards the kitchen.

"I've had an answer machine message from Julia, but I haven't responded to it yet. Coffee?"

"Yes, please. One sugar and milk, or honey if you have it."

Marcus looked around the wall at her quizzically.
"Honey? In coffee?"

Akalya shrugged.
"A habit I picked up from some second generation hippy friends in the nineties," she explained briefly.

Marcus disappeared into the kitchen again, but soon returned with the steaming drink. The fragrance told Akalya that it had come from a freshly brewed carafe rather than from a jar. It had a rich aroma, like a good quality Columbian blend.

As Marcus stood close to Akalya to pass the steaming cup to her cautious fingers, she looked up into his soft brown eyes and the image of him lying next to her in his bed his bare chest showing the naturally lean muscles of a man who kept in shape flitted across her memory. She blinked and took the cup, carefully avoiding the touch of his fingers and hoping that he wouldn't notice the slight tremble in her hands.

"There's something I need to ask you," Akalya began carefully as she turned away to tentatively sip at the hot liquid. "Can shifts be tracked?"

"Not time shifts," Marcus answered quickly. "But there is some research in progress now about infra-red ghosts where distance shifts have occurred within a short time. Luckily the people doing the research don't have access to government satellite imagery, or they would already know you were here."

As if on cue, the sound of a van quickly pulling up outside broke the pause before Akalya's next question. As if they were of a single mind, Marcus and Akalya moved to either side of the window facing the street and peeked through narrow slits as they moved the curtain.

"Go, now!" Marcus ordered urgently.

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