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Untamed: Demon Soul by Julie Anne Addicott

As a child Julie Anne Addicott had a vivid imagination and always loved to read and write stories and poetry. After the tragic death of her mother in 1997, Julie Anne started dreaming of angels and demons. It wasn’t until after the birth of her fourth child that she rediscovered her love of writing and completed her first unpublished novel.

Over the past five years she has written over forty novels, and one thousand poems which she hopes to publish in the future. Her poetry can be found on Facebook where she has a large following of dedicated fans, but her first love will always be writing about the angels and demons in the paranormal world that exists only in her dreams. Julie Anne lives in Victoria, Australia with her husband Dean, her four children who also share her love of books, and her four dogs who keep her company during the day.

Author Julie Anne Addicott’s novels take the adult reader into a paranormal fantasy world where demons, angels, shifters and vampires dwell. The recurring theme throughout her novels is that balance is crucial for life, and where there is balance, there must surely be hope.

Each of her stories are as unique as the characters and written from various characters’ points of view, taking you into their thoughts, their worlds, and their emotions. If you’re a fan of the paranormal world, fantasy, action and passionate romance you’ll be sure to find something you love in the written worlds that belong to Julie Anne.

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About the Book

Author Julie Anne Addicott's debut novel, Untamed: Demon Soul, takes you into a paranormal world with six immortal races created by Genesis, the overseer of both the immortal, and mortal worlds. With romance, passion, lust and sin, Julie Anne introduces the reader to an adult paranormal love story where dreams and reality collide into a fantasy world of angels, demons, shifters, and more.

Balance is crucial for life on earth, where there is balance, there must surely be hope.

Lola Thorne has spent almost ten years searching for answers to the brutal murder of her parents. Plagued by dreams of angels and demons she knows another world exists outside her own. The only problem is, no-one believes her, until in the middle of the night Lola is kidnapped by none other than the black winged demon of her dreams.

Lola's entire life has been one lie after another, all to protect her. But from what?
With courage, determination and hope, Lola's only goal is to stay alive and figure out what it is the demons and angels want from her. When Lola discovers she's the last remaining heir to the Throne of Arcadia, she's thrust into a world of immortals, where chaos and power reigns and the balance between heaven and hell is in her hands.

The one stone that controlled the balance between heaven and hell is missing. It belongs to Lola Thorne and she has no idea where it is.

Belial is a warrior. A trained hunter and the favourite son of Hades. He has one mission, to find and kill Lola Thorne. But the moment he sees her he knows there's something different about Lola. He's drawn to her, her eyes, her innocence and her ability to hold his attention like no other. When Belial discovers Hades' intentions are far more sinister than expected, he vows to protect Lola and find the truth about both their pasts.

Untamed: Demon Soul, contains adult themes and violence and is suitable for adults over 18 years of age.

Keep reading for an excerpt:

Chapter Twenty-Three

I sit on a small velvet covered sofa in a bedroom that must have be designed for royalty. There’s a fluffy white rug on the floor and ornate white marble furniture against each wall. Above one chest of drawers is a large, ornate silver framed mirror that makes the entire room look much larger than it is. The furniture and fixings are luxurious and from the ceiling an elegant chandelier hangs with tear drop shaped crystals.

The angel sits beside me as a child runs in. I stare in awe at the little girl with golden curls and shimmering silver wings. Above her head a round silver halo sparkles, it seems to be suspended mid-air like magic and follows her every move.

She runs to the angel and stops in front of her. “Lani, Lani, is she da morrrtool?” the little girl asks, pointing a chubby finger at me.

The angel who I know now is Lani, nods and takes the little angel’s hands. “Sera, this is Lola, she will be staying with us for a little while.”

“Hello Lola,” the little angel says.

I smile and give her little wave. “Hello Sera, you have a pretty name and such pretty wings.”

“Fank you, Lola, but you be smelling of somefing I not like here,” Sera says, scrunching up her nose. I can’t help but smile at her cherubic face, tiny pink lips and sparkling blue eyes.

“Shh,” Lani says, putting her finger to Sera’s lips. The angel gasps putting her little hands on her cheeks, her mouth opens to a little ‘O’ and her blue eyes are wide.

“Oh, a bad one is here in dis heaven?” Her nose crinkles and her eyes become darker, like a cloud of sadness has washed over them.

Lani takes her hands and speaks quietly. “It is quite alright, Sera. Belial will not harm any angel within the walls of heaven, do not worry now, off you go to mother she is waiting for you to return,” Lani says, kissing her head.

Sear waves her hand. “Bye, bye Lola, I hope you have so many days left,” she giggles and runs out of the room leaving behind a trail of sparkling glitter that swirls around as if it’s still searching for her.

“She’s gorgeous, Lani.”

“Yes, my sister is a beautiful little angel with much to learn.”

I turn to Lani hoping she will tell me something. “Lani, I don’t know what to do,” I say.

She puts her hands over mine on my lap. “It is your choice Lola, here in heaven we cannot sway your path. It is something you must find within yourself.”

I let out a quiet sigh. “Do you know I’m a half-blood?”

“The scent of mortals, and half-bloods is strong in heaven. It cannot be masked by purity alone. But Lola, you are more than that. You are unique and when you discover your inner being and find your balance, you will come to understand yourself. Ayla will tell you more, I’m afraid I cannot,” she says.

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