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Portal of Vaal by Andrew Daly

Andrew Daly is a 16-year-old author of middle grade/young adult fantasy stories. Portal of Vaal is based loosely around his adventures within a Minecraft community server, and more specifically, the people inhabiting it. Andrew currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with his parents and dog Swiffer. He enjoys writing, reading, playing video games, Netflix binge-watching, and zip lining. He started writing Portal of Vaal at age 12 as a short story that culminated into a novel.

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POV Cover jpegPortal of Vaal

In the far off land of Vaalbara, a young hero awakens with no memory. He soon discovers his identity as Motorthud and learns that he must save Vaalbara from the Dark Ones. Along the way, he meets many allies: insanely smart Shiro, headstrong Furry, mysterious Neon, goofy yet tough Omalic and Yosh, the brains of the group. The young hero will need all of their help, as well as the blessings of Archlinder, an almighty and powerful deity, to destroy the Dark Ones and bring peace to the land. Follow along as Motor evolves from an awkward boy to the hero he was destined to be. Can motor save Vaalbara? Will he find out about his past? Find out the answers in Portal of Vaal. Portal of Vaal is based loosely upon the author's adventures within a Minecraft community server, and more specifically, the people inhabiting it.

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Excerpt from Portal of Vaal

Neon told me to pack light but with enough food to last us for a day or two. He said I could also bring a memento along with my weapon. I decided to bring a flower from Shiro's forest and a wristband from Furry in case I got "homesick". Before, they were just kind strangers. But now, to me, they were family.
I sighed, not knowing when, or even if, I would see them again. Since Ida said I was a hero sent to kill darkness, that meant I would have to make some sacrifices. Would one of them be my life? I instantly shook away the thought. I had to keep focusing on the positive.

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