Sunday, 21 August 2016

Preparing to Write Settings That Feel Like Characters by J Lenni Dorner

J weaves fantasy with lore to unhinge your mind. Speculative Fiction, especially fantasy, is the focus of this author's quill. 

  • A Write Club 2014 and 2016 chosen competitor. 
  • Creative Writing Institute published one of J Lenni Dorner's short stories in December 2014 in WRONG!: A themed anthology 2014 (available on Amazon). 
  • Winner of the Write Edit Publish Now flash fiction "Youthful Frights versus Adult Fears" Halloween challenge 2015. 
  • Signum University's Mythgard Institute's autumn 2015 "Almost an Inkling" Popular Vote Winner in week 6. 
  • Operation Awesome Flash Fiction Contest 12 win in April 2016 went to J Lenni Dorner. 

When not writing or reading, J enjoys pinning dragon pictures and watching funny cat videos.

The best advice J has heard: "Even if you make a mistake, it's better than making no attempt at all."

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About the Book

This reference guide is a tool to help you organize your thoughts and ideas to obtain the goal of making a setting that feels like a character.

This valuable reference guide is useful in revealing a simplified way to create settings that feel like characters by using an organized sketch sheet. This practical approach will help focus your writing. The challenge of making a setting into a character is easily conquered with this informative guide. Make your story more interesting in today's competitive fiction market by giving your writing this edge.

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Keep reading for an excerpt:

If your setting is not on Earth, it becomes illogical to use Earth time measurements. In our own solar system, if one character is from Earth, and is 30 years old, and another character was born at the exact same moment, but on Saturn, the second character would only be 1 year old. This gets worse on planets that spin slowly. For example, if another character was also born at the same moment, but on Mercury, they could be 125 years old, but only 185 days old! Or suppose the setting is a generational space ship, and the characters have never been near Earth or our Sun.

For ancient historical fiction, be sure to research how time was measured during your setting. There were places that once used phases of the moon, rather than trips around the sun, to determine the date.

Minor details like this will make your setting more realistic for readers.


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