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Tompkin's School: For The Extraordiarily Talented by Tabi Slick

Tabi Slick was born in Chanute, Kansas, and grew up in the country where she was home-schooled for the greater part of her childhood. In middle school, her family moved to Davis Oklahoma where she attended public school for several years. Here she began her writing adventure and soon the world of Tompkin's Academy came to life. After graduating from high school in 2008, she spent a few years in Puerto Rico and wound up in Texas where she graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Linguistics from the University of Texas at Arlington. She was born with an immense appreciation for literature and continues to dedicate her time to her passion of writing.

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Izara Torvik thought her life was over the moment that her father sent her and her twin brother to a boarding school in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma. She soon discovers that the school is not as ordinary as she thought and finds herself thrown into a battle against her inner demons that only have one desire...the desire to kill.

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Keep reading for an interview with Kain Torvik from Tompkin's School: For The Extraordinarily Talented:

Where were you born, and what was it like growing up there?

I was born in Scarsdale, New York. Probably like anyone else growing up in the suburbs, everyone parading around like they’re in a masquerade.

Did you have a close relationship with your family?

With my mom, before she died. She was amazing. But my father...Varin Torvik is a different story. He um he’d do this thing where he would down play what you had to say, or just straight up not believe you because if your age. As if nobody but him could see the truth. Anyway, we’re not close.

Who was your best friend growing up?

My twin sister Izzy for sure.

Who do you normally hang out with at school?

I’m not really a huge social kind of person, but I mostly hang out with Lee and the other guys on the basketball team.

Who is your enemy? What makes you enemies?

My roommate, Amadeus, I don’t know why but whenever I’m around him he just makes me want to punch him in the face and makes my blood boil. He also causes my sister these weird headaches. I don’t know if I’d call him an enemy, but it seems like we have an aversion to him. I think my actual enemy is myself or whatever darkness that is inside of me. I feel it trying to take over.

Tell us a little about your world, and where you fit in?

Before being sent to the Academy, my father would send me off to different places so I never really got a chance to fit in anywhere. But now I’m at this school, in the middle of the Arbuckle Mountains, and it feels right. Like I’m meant to be here, or something.

What are your goals? What would you like to achieve?

Something in the music industry. I’ve got an internship coming up in the summer as a music journalist back in New York. It sounds like a cool gig. I’ll get to go to some concerts and stuff. But I’ve also been taking these programming classes so maybe I’ll do that. Or a mix of both, who knows.

Where is the best place to visit in your world? What places should visitors avoid?

There’s not much around Tompkin’s School, but I would definitely check out the “Little Niagara”. It’s this swimming hole filled with freezing spring water in the Chickasaw National Recreation park. It’s a fun place to dive and trust me the water really is cold. Everywhere seems pretty tame in Oklahoma compared to New York, but I’ve heard that Ardmore is the most dangerous place and that’s about a half hour from the school.

Do you have any hobbies? What are they?

Listening to music, basketball, weightlifting, the usual I guess.

Do you have a secret you've never told anyone? Would you tell us?

I know what happened to that businessman...Timothy Bradshaw, was it?...shouldn’t even be telling you that much. Sorry. Next question?

What do you own that would be hardest to part with? Why?

My turntable and vinyls. I’ve grown quite a collection, covers an entire wall at home. I have all the digital copies, but there’s just something different about vinyl. It might be partly nostalgia, but analog just sounds better to me. More raw.

If you had one day left to live, what would you do with your last day?

I’d definitely spend it going to concerts of all my favorite bands, like the RX Bandits, The Struts, Fruit Bats, and The Strokes, to name a few.

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