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Rooter: Sophie's Obsession by Teiran Smith

Teiran's days are filled with writing. When she's not writing, she's reading. She can get so lost in a story, be it one of her own or someone else's, that she won't even break away to eat, drink, or take a bathroom break. By the time Teiran gets up from a story, she's usually dizzy from low blood sugar, suffering blurred vision, and hunched over from a painfully full bladder. It's safe to say the written word is her life.

Whenever Teiran's not writing or reading, you will find her working out, enjoying outdoor photography, partaking in a little wine (okay, okay... a lot) with good friends.

Teiran resides in Grand Haven, Michigan with her husband, Scott, and their four legged child, Sasha.

Connect with the Author

More About the Author

Why did you decide to be a writer?

Because I can't not write. It's that simple. It's my passion. It's what I live to do.

Do you have a "day job"? If so, what do you do?

I am writing full time. My husband has been gracious enough to let me take the time off to focus on my writing career and to make my dream of becoming a published author come true.

What authors/books have most influenced you?

For the New Adult genre, I have to say it's a toss up between Jamie McGuire and Colleen Hoover.

But the very first author who inspired me was Edgar Allen Poe followed by William Shakespeare and then Jane Austen.

When did you first consider yourself an author?

Just recently while working on publishing my debut novel.

What are your goals as an author? Where do you see yourself in five years?

My number one goal is to create an escape for my readers. So hopefully in five years time I will have built a strong readership.

What is the biggest obstacle you face as an author and what do you do to overcome it?

The biggest obstacle procrastination. That and editing. I'm not a fan of the editing process, but it is a necessary evil.

What is the best compliment you've ever received as an author?

I received my greatest compliment from a reader who told me my book, Rooter, was her escape from caring for her terminally ill father. That reading my story got her through his passing.

Have you ever had a particularly harsh critique? How did you handle it?

Not yet, but I'm sure they're coming. Ha! I'm not sure how I will handle it, but I hope to use it as constructive criticism to improve my writing.

What is the best writing advice you've ever received?

Hands down, the best writing advice I have ever received was to "just write." Don't worry about how bad it is, just get the story out while it's in my head. I can edit it later.

What do you enjoy doing aside from writing?

Aside from writing, I love, love, love to read. When I do manage to tear myself away from writing and reading, I enjoy landscape photography and this year started abstract painting.

How many books do you have on your "to read" list? What are some of them?

Right now I have 45 book on my to read list. I want to read the Flicker Effect Trilogy by Melanie Hooyenga. She's an author who lives in the same town as me. I also want to read Point of Retreat by Colleen Hoover and Where She Went by Gayle Forman.

What made you decide to self-publish?

I did a ton of research on traditional and self publishing. I did query my dream agents and a couple publishing houses. I decided if I couldn't land one of them, I would do it on my own. I was never all that keen on traditional publishing to begin with. I am a bit of a control freak and like being in the driver's seat. With self-publishing, I'm writing my own destiny.

What fears do you have about writing and being an indie author? How do you cope with your fears?

I don't have any fears, believe it or not. Writing is a part of me. It's my dream to be a published author. I realize there will be people who hate my work, and hopefully there will be people who love it. I have extremely thick skin.

Are you a pantser or outliner?

Is it possible to be a combination of both? I sometimes write a general outline, but I'm much more character driven and I always know my beginning and ending before I start writing. I like to let my characters take me on their journey as I write. I do however create very detailed character profiles before I get started.

What are you working on now?

I am currently working on the second book in the Double H Romance series, Rooter - Possessing Sophie. It's Sophie and Rooter's story told from Rooter's perspective.

Do you have anything specific you'd like to say to your readers?

Yes. I want to thank each and every one of you for spending your valuable time reading my story. I know how finite and precious time is and am honored you spent it on me.

About Teiran's Book, Rooter: Sophie's Obsession

At twenty one, Sophie has already endured enough pain and heartache to last two lifetimes. All she wants to do is create a normal, comfortable life for herself. She goes to college, works part-time, and leads a quiet, ordinary routine. So why is she so obsessed with Rooter, the alleged “vicious criminal” next door? She watches as he comes and goes. Watches him play with his pitbull. Watches him hang out in his backyard with other alleged criminals. 

After Sophie is attacked by her roommate Rooter swoops in to her defense. She quickly falls for Rooter, though he makes it perfectly clear she’s better off not knowing him. He's the worst kind of guy. Dangerous. And she is a good girl who deserves better. To Sophie’s chagrin, Rooter adamantly tries to put distance between them. 

When a pair of dangerous thugs break into her house and assault her in the middle of the night, Rooter comes to her rescue yet again. She is elated when Rooter finally confesses his feelings for her. They embark on a passionate relationship, but his deep, dark secrets, controlling tendencies, and crazy, pregnant ex-friend-with-benefits threaten to tear them apart. 

Just when it seems things can't get any worse, Sophie is accused of a brutal crime which pits Rooter against her. So when she gets attacked yet again, will he be there to protect her?

You can get the book today on Kindle and Paperback!

Available free on Kindle from the 15th to the 17th of October

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