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Through the Darkness: Stories of Hope - K.K. Harris

Collaboration in Motion

K.K. Harris - Let me start by saying, thank you to all of my fans who support my work consistently; I love you, and it has been an amazing journey!

Currently, I am working with a group of women writers on a project entitled Collaboration In Motion-Women Doing It For Themselves. Our first book is called, Through The Darkness-Stories Of Hope of which I not only contributed my writing skills but graphic designs as well. 

Through the Darkness ~ Stories of Hope

“Are you stalking me? How did you know where I lived?” 
WADIFTS - With so many genres in your literary repertoire, such as urban fiction, Christian romance, paranormal romance, and crime (just to name a few) we are all curious to know, just what inspires you and what is your process?

K.K. Harris - My creative juices are driven by my imagination and the overall love to create. As far as my process, I would have to say that I am not the traditional outliner. For instance, I can spend a fair amount of time outlining/planning a story and then, just-like-that, change 85% of it before the end! ...So I guess that makes me a bit of a "pantser". To expound, my creative mind is always open to inspiration from different sources-music being one of them-I love Jill Scott and she has this snippet of a song called "Crown Royal on Ice." One day while listening to it, I had a vision of a couples retreat centered around getting to love again. Some pretty interesting happy endings popped off in that tale... After all, If I could choose a mentor, it would be Romance author, Francis Ray.

WADIFTS - That sounds intriguing! Aside from that little brain-tease, what are you working on aside from Through The Darkness-Stories Of Hope?

K.K. Harris - A personal story that I named Never Enough. It will be seriously deep and possibly a tear jerker- but I have put it off long enough. I also own a janitorial service, but my most important and satisfying occupation is that of mother and wife.

WADIFTS - Your life sounds very well rounded and conducive for great story-telling. Speaking of which, are there any stories that you enjoy reading over and over again?

K.K. Harris - Well, thank you. And I would have to say that my life is conducive for great story telling because one of the greatest compliments that I ever received was, "You wrote my life story, I can relate to your characters."

...And selfishly, the stories that I enjoy reading over and over are a set of books entitled, The Crew
Series, which I began authoring in 2013. ...I know how they end, yet, I still cry when my main character cries. Lol... I'm a sap!

WADIFTS - If you were stranded on a deserted island, and you could only have five books with you, what would they be?

K.K. Harris -
  • Through the Darkness ~ Stories of Hope
  • Brock's Redemption - EJ Brock
  • Stealing Innocence - Sylvia Hubbard, D. 
  • Love Drug - K. K. Harris
  • The rest of the series to any book

WADIFTS - Have you ever had a particularly harsh critique? If so, how did you handle it?

K.K. Harris - I've had, who I considered to be, irrational reviewers who claim another book is better or there were too many errors... I simply responded with questions of my own, like "What were the terrible points?" "What could I have done different?" "Point out the errors"... But alas, no response.

WADIFTS - I commend you're patience and professionalism in those situations. Oft times readers don't realize what you pour into a story. Last but not least, Mrs. Harris, do you have any advice for other authors?

K.K. Harris - Grind hard, and when you think you have done enough, grind harder.


In a world where challenges multiply exponentially by the second a group of women reach into their past pull out their inspirations and speak to the positive possibilities shrouded in ~ HOPE 


    OUR INSPIRATION Collaboration In Motion (#CIM) was established in 2016 by a group of women inspired by HOPE. 

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