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Through the Darkness: Stories of Hope - M. Handy

Collaboration in Motion

Thank you so much for letting me share my world with you today.

I am M. Handy an intrinsically innate partner in Collaboration In Motion #CIM.

Realistically, I am the initiate of the group. Thus, the reason we are here today is based on
the Project: Women Are Doing It For Themselves:

Collaboration In Motion

Through the Darkness ~ Stories of Hope
Note: "Window Shopping" keeps you on the other side of the glass and away from true or real intimacy.

First and foremost, I am an inspirational writer with the intentions of provoking thought and/or
encouraging my readers to elevate above or either outlasts their opposition. I believe that another set of circumstances is always available and my position is to encourage the steps necessary to achieve purpose and fulfillment. Therefore, I am excited about this collaboration on our book about hope.

I encourage every aspiring author to – “Write “it” until it makes complete sense to you. Write “it” until there is no doubt about the clarity of the intended message… And then you are ready to share it with the world.”

Let’s get the test question out of the way:

If you were stranded on a deserted island, and you could only have five books with you, what would they be?
  • Through the Darkness ~ Stories of Hope 
  • The Bible
  • A Bible Concordance 
  • Some type of cookbook on the complexities of Island Dining-Lol
  • How To Build A Fire and Send A Signal While Constructing a Raft! Lol!

There are so many authors to choose from this is why “I appreciate my reading audience allowing me into their head-space and hearts. Your connection to the characters that I develop proves that there is someone out there who relates to my message. For a writer, there is no greater stage, nor louder applause and I am grateful.

If you’d like to interact please reach out or”

While I was: I’m working on a this project; which is a collaborative effort shared by several women, entitled, Through The Darkness-Stories of Hope. I am also rewriting my first project, entitled: Chronicles of a Well Woman-The Bliss Fix.

Before this project I had an idea for a really bizarre story about pedophilia. I know very bizarre and based a sequel on this very idea. And… The Mirror Cracked is enshrouded in the foundation of an international child-sex trafficking ring. Feel free to grab a copy of that one too.

Everything intrigues me because I am a visionary who fell in love with words and the way they affect people. This, coupled with my creative nature left no other place for my gift to flow other than books and someday, films; this is why I became an author.

Although I’ve held a variety of jobs. The most recent being an editor, CSR, and focused visionary I find my solace in writing in these genre’s: Inspiration, Spiritual, Women’s Lit, Romance, Suspense, Humor, Mystery, Narrative Fiction. I have recently found I am “pantser”. I’ll get an epiphany and the inner wheels of creativity will start turning and I work until they stop.

I’ve always wanted to experiment with Erotic Romance… Being Christian, I’ve tested the waters but never quite plunged in. I’m drawn to the erotic side of romance because it is an area of sheer abandonment where two people can express themselves within the safety net of love, commitment and trust.

I mentioned being a Christian so the only book that I’ve ever read “over and over again” is the Bible because it is always current.

Other books I’ve read in 2016 that I love are:
  • The Girl On The Train
  • Various books on healing by Robert L. Bufkin
  • The Plastic Face: The Solomon Sisters and short pieces by Mark Hamilton Stevens 

I’m sure there are many many more, but since my preoccupation with editing and writing my recall is failing-Lol!

I currently have 28 books on my (TBR) “to be read” list the top five are:
  • The Two-Family House by Lynda Cohen Loigman
  • Incapable by Marie Skye
  • Monster by Ben Burgess Jr.
  • The Healer by Jeffrey G. Roberts
  • Through The Fire: Your Past Will Always Follow You by Taisha DeMay

These authors coupled with the need to understand and teach at the same time are my inspiration for writing. My mentors on the other hand are Bishop Noel Jones. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing him speak, and he has a grand command of the English language that he channels through a profound gift of being definitive. The man is a tireless teacher whose lessons teeter on the edge of verbosity and then draw back just in time for you to catch the revelation! He is, to say the least, boldly eloquent…

Although no one has ever complimented me that highly I have received a compliment that resonates in my mind “that my writing style is bold, unafraid and should be on the big screen. And, being gifted an honorary doctorate for contributions of Christian (Sacred) literature…” This statement motivates me as I continue to write. I have also received a particularly harsh critique back in the beginning of my Blogging days. I was told, “I could be repetitive” and I received a two-star review on Goodreads with no explanation. These critiques drive me to be a better author and simply inspire me.


In a world where challenges multiply exponentially by the second a group of women reach into their past pull out their inspirations and speak to the positive possibilities shrouded in ~ HOPE 


    OUR INSPIRATION Collaboration In Motion (#CIM) was established in 2016 by a group of women inspired by HOPE. 

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