Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Through the Darkness: Stories of Hope

This week I'll be doing something a little different here on Renee's Author Spotlight. I'll be featuring a collaborative work by seven inspiring women. For the next seven days, I will feature one of the authors of the book, Through the Darkness: Stories of Hope.

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About the Book

Seven different women with seven different stories of Hope.

If you don't believe another set of circumstances is possible then you need the hope-filled stories shared by these seven seasoned and diverse female authors!

In my experience I have found that faith is the high road to all the good that is available to us, as opposed to a daily route of doubt that relies on what life "appears" to be. In order to enjoy the benefits of Faith's one must give credence to their hopes: Hope things will change, Hope God will hear us, Hope somehow, things will get better... "Hope" is the impetus that sets and stirs possibilities into motion...

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    A wonderful group of ladies on a mission to spread hope... congratulations on a successful project. I pray your sties go viral


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