Monday, 9 July 2018

I Promise: A #Romance #Novel by Tonya Coffey

Tonya lives in a small town in southern Kentucky with her husband and two sons. They spend most of their time outdoors, discovering the beauty of the world. If she isn't reading or writing, you will find her sitting in front of a canvas, painting the landscape around her home.

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Do you remember your first high school crush?

Would he jump into danger for you?

Mine did...

My daddy warned me to not walk down Cider Avenue after school. I thought the threat on my life was nonsense, just like the other times before... But when arms engulfed me, tugging me into a van, on that very street, I wished I had listened.

My only hope is in the motorcycle club, Night Hawks. I couldn't deny, the son of the club's president had swept me off my feet. I was drawn to the boy with rugged looks and a heart of gold.

As my world collapses into chaos, will he pull me from the clutches of my enemies or will our families be drawn into a war of blood, guns and broken promises?

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Keep reading for an excerpt:

When my captures threw me in here, I was afraid I would take my last breath in this dirty, smelling place. I expected to hear the hammer click back on a weapon and feel the steal against my temple. Instead, my ties were removed and a door slammed shut behind me, causing me to remove my hood and take in my surroundings. My eyes worked around the small shed. When I saw no way out, I fell to my knees and tears filled my eyes. I wanted to cry but I didn’t. To stop them, I sucked in a ragged breath and scooted back into the corner.

My heartbeat steadied as I thought about Dad. He warned me and I didn’t listen. I had to let my hormones drive me. I had to defy him for a boy. It was my entire fault.

I nestled my cheek against my knee as I closed my eyes. The whistle of a train blew as it sped by. Every few hours another train rolled along the tracks alerting me to where I was. It was the only part of town where a road crossed the train tracks. It was the southern part, the worst part of our county. If it was the first time one laid eyes on it, it would remind someone of a deserted city. Large block buildings and overgrown concrete setting in the middle of fields. Repossessed homes, broken structures and forests were everywhere around me.

Each whistle made the time speed by, my stomach ached. It wasn’t because I hadn’t eaten since lunch. It had to do with the fear that grew in the pit. Right now it was a seed but with each minute a new root took shape. A new sprout formed, taking over my strength. I was afraid what would happen if it grew into my core. I won’t let it.

Standing, I refused to let the fear take hold, to grow into more. I wanted to squash it like a bug, so I paced, making the blood flow through my body and help my limbs not feel as cold.

Turning again, I faced the door. I stared at the wooden planks and broken beams. It was old but whoever had me in here reinforced the broken pieces in case the person inside tried to escape. Premeditated, I thought.

I made my way to the door. I stared at it as if it were a stranger. Slowly I raised my hand, holding it inches from the wood as if a fire roared on the other side and the door was too hot to touch.

I gripped the handle. The cool steal felt as if it burned into my flesh. Ignoring the feeling, I took a breath and pulled. It didn’t move. Placing my other hand against the door frame, for leverage, I tugged harder. Nothing.

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